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S2 Logo by jaybirdking85
[Warning: This is just a Fanfiction season, and I don't own the majority of the characters in this story!]


Mix of All (Survival, Thriller, Adventure, Romance, HORROR, Slice of Life, Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, etc)


After the 16 students of class 81 (Read Object Academy: Prolouge for more information) had disappeared, the majority of the citizens of Jaybirdking85 City was furious because that they missed their family and friends. 

Nine years had passed since then, and it is all up to Leni and the crew to stop Mono-Erika, once and for all. Read as our protagonist, Leni Loud, a ditzy, yet kind-hearted woman who had given up being a fashionista to tend care for her younger siblings, tries to fight for the sake of herself, her family, and most importantly, her hometown. Leni's quest is to rescue her sister, Lori Loud, a woman who disappeared from sight for 9 years. Despite the fact the whole class 81 being nothing but mind-controlled humanoid objects by now, not all humanity had became those creatures. For Example, all cartoon characters had became Kisekae Characters. None of the transformed victims of the first part of the tragedy are not able to return to normal, without the aid of a trigger, due to some robotic pink kitty hiding their SOULs in a place where they'll never find it. 

The Tragedy is about to bloom even harder, as the whole town is going to be trapped in a dome, meaning no escape by car or anything. The entire population is convinced to survive another transformation/brainwashing game, which is bigger. The real Jordan Knight had teleported from across the fourth wall, only to get involved. Mono-Erika will see that the one that Ms. Flame used to be, was actually a clone of herself. 

Class 81st had graduated, and now is serving as the Remnants of the Inanimate, or Master Level Object. These guys are looking for more people to join them. Needle is assigned to be an agent to spy on the townies, for any misbehavior. Yurki Li King, who has been reincarnated as a human being, had woken up from her 9 year nap, and was shocked to see what damage had the inanimates had done. The whole town is still wondering what happened during the span of 9 years. With no explaination, they have to find out why this tragedy had occured.


Main Characters

  1. Leni Loud (Main Protagonist)
  2. Luna Loud (Secondary Protagonist)
  3. Lincoln Loud (Tertiary Protagonist)

Main Supporting Cast

  1. Luan Loud
  2. Lynn Loud
  3. Lucy Loud
  4. Lana Loud
  5. Lola Loud
  6. Lisa Loud
  7. Lily Loud
  8. Me

Sub-Supporting Cast

  1. Neko-Chan B
  2. Zoe (Human Zoona)
  3. Ronda (Human Roni)
  4. Suponja (Female Human Spongebob)
  5. Spongebob Squarepants
  6. Frisk
  7. The Real Dora the Explorer
  8. Florence "Fluttershy"
  9. Peggie "Pinkie Pie"
  10. Rachael "Rarity"
  11. AJ (Addison Jackson) "Applejack"
  12. Rainey "Rainbow Dash"
  13. Burgundy Bruce
  14. Kasey Henderson
  15. Green Mist Flyer (GMF)
  16. Gene-Rice Nina-Race
  17. Pink Mika
  18. Alternative Paulie (AU)
  19. Complementary-Irma
  20. Sans the Skeleton
  21. Peachy Fan Chan
  22. Kokona Haruka 
  23. Ronnie Anne Santiago
  24. Peyton Baker
  25. Paul Greene
  26. Victori
  27. Kati
  28. Lydi
  29. Riley Anderson
  30. Clyde McBride
  31. Antagonist-Kun (Apoxalypz)

Minor Cast

  1. Freddy Fazbear
  2. Bonnie the Bunny
  3. Chica the Chicken
  4. Foxy the Pirate Fox
  5. Balloon Boy
  6. Blossom
  7. Bubbles
  8. Buttercup
  9. Papyrus the Skeleton
  10. Undyne
  11. Alphys
  12. Toriel
  13. Asgore
  14. Flowey
  15. Makoto Naegi
  16. Kyoko Kirigiri
  17. Hatsune Miku
  18. Stacey "Starlight Glimmer"
  19. Sam (The Loud House)
  20. Mario
  21. Luigi
  22. Princess Peach
  23. Princess Daisy
  24. Bowser
  25. Sandy Cheeks
  26. Patrick Star
  27. Squidward
  28. Mr. Krabs
  29. Pearl Krabs
  30. Sheldon J Plankton
  31. Gary the Snail
  32. Inkling Girl
  33. Monster Kid
  34. Temmie
  35. Mettaton
  36. Taro Yamada
  37. Hanako Yamada
  38. Amai Odayaka
  39. Osana Najimi
  40. Mida Rana
  41. Osoro Shidesu
  42. Asu Rito
  43. Kizana Sunobu
  44. Oka Ruto
  45. Megami Saikou
  46. Muja Kina
  47. Riley's Mom
  48. Riley's Dad
  49. Anthro Bluescreen of Death
  50. Samuel (Human SwaySway)
  51. Brad (Human Buhdeuce)
  52. Jacqueline (Human Jelly)
  53. Gumball Watterson
  54. Darwin Watterson
  55. Anais Watterson
  56. Riley's Emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger)
  57. Timmy Turner
  58. Bendy
  59. Paulie
  60. Shyenne Raticulus
  61. Mavibird
  62. Ducillineo
  63. Steven Universe
  64. Garnet
  65. Amethyst
  66. Pearl (Steven Universe)
  67. Tracer (Overwatch)
  68. Leonardo (TMNT 2012)
  69. Donatello (TMNT 2012)
  70. Raphael (TMNT 2012)
  71. Michelangelo (TMNT 2012)
  72. April O'Neil (TMNT 2012) 
  73. Illena Osi (Apoxalypz)
  74. Hara Sea (Apoxalypz)
  75. Yurki Li King (Humanized)
  76. Marble (Yurki's Sister) (Humanized)
  77. Sara
  78. Britney
  79. Zack
  80. Raanan
  81. Tara Mei
  82. Joyce Graham
  83. Alisa (Humanized)
  84. Rambamboo (Humanized)
  85. Zandrai Royale
  86. DayDream
  87. Alex
  88. Kira
  89. Alexandra Stuarts
  90. Lucas McClain
  91. Kat
  92. Elizabeth (FemSurvior)
  93. Kiara
  94. Mia
  95. Paige
  96. Zach the Good Boy
  97. Axina (Apoxalypz)
  98. Tamara
  99. Arpalite (Apoxalypz)
  100. Amber (OC)
  101. More Maybe Added if necessary.

Background Characters

I might list your OC to be in the show, but I need your permission.

Rival Side

  1. Mono-Erika
  2. Mono-Monica
  3. Mono-Stevie
  4. Mono-Payton
  5. Mono-Emily
  6. Mono-Reina
  7. Ice Cube
  8. Bubble
  9. Match
  10. Pencil
  11. Ruby
  12. Book
  13. Pen
  14. Golf Ball
  15. Flower
  16. Ms. Flame (Fake Clone of Me Transformed)
  17. Firey
  18. Leafy
  19. Teardrop
  20. Pin
  21. Dora (BFDI)
  22. Puffball
  23. Coiny
  24. Needle (May be attending this game)


This contains some disturbing content, that some younger viewers might not want to see, viewer discretion is advised.

This is the second season of the series called, Object Academy. This is called, "Life with Leni" because it has Leni as the protagonist.
Some alternate titles
Object Academy Season 2: The Object Invasion
Object Academy II
Object Academy Another Episode: Ultra Inanimate Girls.

These titles were not official since I don't want to risk copyright for titling my story.
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November 29, 2017
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