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"Upupupu! I am waiting for my 16 students to arrive, I'd love to see my 16 students right now!"

Object Academy 0(1) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika San was waiting for her 16 students to arrive, It was a beautiful day at Karostane Object Academy, and Mono-Erika was waiting. Her first set of students had arrived. They had consisted of young adult women, no younger than 18.
Mono-Erika: "Upupupupu! This is my first half of my class."
Teyuni: "You are one of those Monobots! Don't try forcing us into killing each other." *To the viewers* "Just in case you viewers don't know, my name is Teyuni Mastra. I'm your average girl."
Brenda: "Greetings, well, you might know me as Brenda Lewis!"
Tyoko: "I'm so proud that I'm going to enroll in this school, without guys. I'm so proud that I'm in an all girl school!"
Mika: "Hi, m-my name is Mika Uni, and I-I would l-like to say hello, and I promise I would keep you s-safe."
Ayano: "I can't believe I have to attend school away from my senpai! This makes me upset, but I can't feel anything."
Hali: "Where is the food! I need to eat! I saw your brochure, and I saw there's going to be a huge buffet!"
Saki: "I came here because I want to go to the fitness room!"
Candi: "OMG! I'm like, enrolled in this, like school! I must be like, lucky!"
Mono-Erika: "Ok, ok! I know that the next batch is coming up!"
The next batch walked in!
Object Academy 0(2) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika saw more people, and they were familiar.
Samus Aran: "Hello, I am Samus Aran. Why did you brought me here?"
Mono-Erika: "You know, the creator is a fan of Nintendo.
Chara: "Greetings I'm Chara!"
Info-Chan: "You must be Mono-Erika, I know everything about everyone."
Katherine: "Whoa ma gosh! Did I just got into this school? Why?"
Neko-Chan: "Well, I like this school!"
Lori: "I literally just got into this school, away from my Boyfriend, Bobby. But, I am also away from my 10 younger siblings."
Tara: "Hi, my name is Tara Spark. Do you know where the library is?"
Keisha: "Damn, I'm going to love this school for real baby!"
Mono-Erika: "Upupupupu! I'm now ok with introducing myself with those weirdos! Now time to introduce my (plan)."
Object Academy 0(3) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika Starts to explain who they were, why they were there, and what's going to happen here at Object Academy.

"Ok class, you guys are the class 81. You may be all girls, but you were chosen based on your character, popularity, or the creator's imagination. You are here to attend this school, and you'll have some good times, maybe some bad. But that's ok, because Headmaster Erika knows what's going on. Those people who I picked out, some you might know, some you might not. They will become your classmates, your best of your friends, or your even worse of enemies."
Object Academy 0(4) by jaybirdking85
"Here's some rules you might want to follow."
1. Violence against headmaster will result in punishment. (I won't kill anyone, but I would change them as punishment)
2. All students have their own dorm rooms, they must be in their own dorms at nighttime. (Nighttime is 8 pm to 6 am.) 
3. Leaving the school without the consent of the headmaster is unpermitted.
4. Don't question the authority of Headmaster-Erika.
5. No littering
6. No Loitering
7. Lights are out after 9:00 pm.
8. Don't communicate with the infected students, you'll get infected too!
9. Stay away from the infected students! That also could get infected.
10. More Rules may be added if needed...
"Ok, that rule about the infected students. This means you need to resist the power of the academy, if you want to survive."
Object Academy 0(5) by jaybirdking85
"In order to get out unchanged, and alive is... Good old resistance. If you don't want to survive, then do what you can to get infected. Upupupupupu! Good luck my students! You might need it!"
Object Academy 0(6) by jaybirdking85
"So what do you say...? Are you in for the game of survival, luck, and transformation!?"
The look on students' faces changed.
Object Academy 0(7) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 0(8) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 0(9) by jaybirdking85
Teyuni: "What?! We are enrolled in this school for this?"
Object Academy 0(10) by jaybirdking85
Survivors Remaining by jaybirdking85

Survivors Remaining...: 16

(A/N: I did not want to copy Dangan Ronpa's Intro, so I started with Mono-Erika, the Headmaster. The Transformation Game will be called "Transforming Academy Life".)


This is inspired by Danganronpa and MaddiesChanges own "Stepford Academy" Series. If she could transform multiple girls into Stepford women, then I could transform multiple girl (Canon and OC) into Objects.

Teyuni Mastra: 54**aa7.

Brenda Lewis: 54**aa25.

Mika Uni: 54**aa7.

Tyoko Migani: 54**aa7.

Ayano Aishi: 54**aa7.

Hali Yohe: 54**aa7.

Saki Hyruka: 54**aa7.

Candi Bambi: 54**aa31.

Mono-Erika San: 54**aa43.

Samus Aran: 54**aa7.

Chara Dreemurr: 54**aa33.

Info-Chan: 54**aa7.

Human!Ketta (Katherine): 54**aa7.

Neko-Chan: 54**aa41.

Lori Loud: 54**aa11.

Human! Twilight Sparkle (Tara Spark): 54**aa7.

Keisha Henderson: 54**aa35.

Ketta and Lori belong to Nickelodeon
Samus Belongs to Nintendo
Ayano and Info Chan belongs to Yandere Dev
Twilight belongs to Hasbro
Chara Belongs to Toby Fox (Chara is Depicted as an 18 year old female in this.)
The rest of the cast C) Me

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DarkMidnight176 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Student General Artist
THEN I can turn multiple girls into CPU miis.
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018   Artist
DarkMidnight176 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm working on it though.
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018   Artist
Its-Paige-Of-TIM Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Jay. I am worried that both our art trade and your ARC aren't finished yet.

Sorry if I am being impatient.
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017   Artist
Sorry about that, I'm thinking about it though.
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