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Object Academy 6(1) by jaybirdking85

Neko-Chan went into Ms. Knight's room to talk more about the object problem.
Neko-Chan: "Ms. Knight, It's a pleasure to talk with you. I don't want any more of us to transform into those object creatures."
Ms. Knight: "I'm glad that you came, and still standing in this school."
Ms. Knight typed in her concerns, and the information about the problem that's going on.
Neko-Chan: "Well, Headmaster Mono-Erika was trying to turn us into Object Creatures, when did she came in?"
Ms. Knight: "She came in this school a few months after I got this job."
Object Academy 6(2) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight finally saw what was going on, by delving into the heart of Neko-Chan. She understood everything Neko-Chan spoke. It was really true, the Class 81st were Ms. Knight's students, and Mono-Erika took them. Ms. Knight finally made her decision.
Ms. Knight: "Please Leave this room, I'm sorry that I have to say that, but I can not put your safety at risk. It's going to be okay, and you'll be able to exit the school peacefully, and unchanged."
Neko-Chan: "But, Mono-Erika. She said that Escaping the school is against the rules."
Ms. Knight: "I don't care what Mono-Erika has to put us through, just warn all the remaining survivors, and you will all get out alive, and unchanged. Do what you can to survive this Transformation game!"
Object Academy 6(3) by jaybirdking85
Neko-Chan was relieved when Ms. Knight gave her advice. Neko-Chan felt relieved.
Neko-Chan: "Thank you for brightening my day up, well see you later, Ms. Knight."
Ms. Knight: "No problem, my lovely Pupil."
Neko-Chan was free to roam the halls, and she walks out of the classroom. Ms. Knight started to feel bad for her students.
Object Academy 6(4) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight: "Being a teacher at this school, it's not what I expected here. I don't know if this is a school at all. What if..."
Ms. Knight gasped, knowing that this was not an academy all along. It was a trap. It was a prison, a correctional facility, and an alien creation lab. Academies were supposed to teach people how to think, enlighten them with great ideas, let the students exercise their rights, and allow everyone to coexist with each other.
Ms. Knight: "Well I better start on the convincing resignation letter."
Ms. Knight started to type an convincing letter, until an familiar, sultry and childish voice could be heard on the intercom.
Object Academy 6(5) by jaybirdking85
Voice of Mono-Erika: "Ms. Knight, may I have your attention. Upupupupu!"
Ms. Knight: "Yes, Ms.?"
The voice belonged to no other than Mono-Erika herself, she was the source of the powerful voice.
Mono-Erika: "This is Headmaster Mono-Erika speaking, Ms. Knight, Please direct your attention to the board in front of you..."
Ms. Knight looked at her board, and saw a hypnosis screen on her smart board.
Object Academy 6(6) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight looks at the smart board, and saw an orange hypnosis screen. Why it was not pink? Maybe it was just Headmaster Mono-Erika's luck.
Mono-Erika: "Ms. Jordan Knight, I must say. I'm quite pleased about your work ethic. It's quite a shame that you are letting your students turn into what's called "MY" students."
Ms. Knight: "No... I warned them not to turn into Objects before they reported to the gym to meet you!"
Object Academy 6(7) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight's eyes stayed on the smart board screen, as she noticed the words that were being spoken by Mono-Erika's voice.
Mono-Erika: "Brenda, also known as Ice Cube, disrespected me and called me a name, my quick discipline had saved Ms. Brenda from potentially dropping out. Now Ms. Icy works for me, and me only."
Ms. Knight could not look away from the screen, and she was speechless.
Object Academy 6(8) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight's eyes became blank, losing reflection. She was being hypnotized.
Mono-Erika: "And then Icy-Chan decided to throw a party, and invite all of your students, but only four had came. Those were Hali, Saki, Teyuni, and Tyoko. Those girls shown up, only to become brainwashed. Now Pencil, Match, Bubble, and Ruby now work for me..."
Ms. Knight felt no concern for this, since she was being brainwashed.
Object Academy 6(9) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight's eyes began to glow even more, as it started to turn orange.
Mono-Erika: "The very next thing I knew is that Aishi, now Book-Chan, had threatened and held a knife that she snuck with. I let the 5 brainwashed girls do my business. They added her to MY group of terrorists, by feeding her a lollipop while tied up. Upupupu, the party, and the punishment was very inspired."
Object Academy 6(10) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight started to feel hot, as Mono-Erika continued to coax Ms. Knight into becoming an object. Ms. Knight's pupils disappeared completely.
Mono-Erika: "Well, then the 6 mind slaves shown themselves, and they scared off Candi and Mika. Mika and Candi attempted to escape, but they failed, and Mika was tortured first, and became Pen-Kun, the first male student in the school, and Candi was tortured next, making her into the intelligent and bossy Golf Ball. Now they work for me..."
Object Academy 6(11) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight had lost all control of herself. Mono-Erika had been proven unstoppable, as if she had took down the teacher.
Mono-Erika: "And Finally, we got Chara Dreemurr, who is now Flower Chan. She failed to resist the chocolate lollipop, and she was hypnotized by the sucker. She turned into Flower, and now she works for me."
Ms. Knight was fully brainwashed.
Mono-Erika: "Well done, Ms. Jordan Knight, well done. This deserves you a promotion to a permanent teacher that is willing to help me make this world MY utopia. We will reeducate you, and we will give you a brand new look. This will take place at the reeducation and makeover room. Report there for your promotion physical. Upupupu!"
Object Academy 6(12) by jaybirdking85
The Young teacher was standing there, in her underwear. She was waiting for her make-over. Due to Ms. Mono-Erika San's Patience, she walked with several adult, muscly men.
Mono-Erika: "Ok men, this is Ms. Jordan Knight, and she is over 18, so Deviant Art won't ban us for what we are about to do. She is going to be our newest teacher of Karostane Object Academy. It's a pleasure to get you to watch Ms. Knight be welcomed to Our Terrorist Society, or what I like to call it, My Utopia. If you want to join in the "fun", She is over 18, and is quite Single. She is also Bisexual, all of my objects are Bisexual."
Object Academy 6(13) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight's eyes twitch as injections go into her shaven head, as Mono-Erika continues her pitch, while the buff men watch.
Mono-Erika: "See what's happening to her? The compliance injections are taking effect. We here at Object Academy believe that the best communities are the most violent, most immoral, and most importantly, seductive. While morality and humanity is necessary for humans, such as yourselves, that is troublesome for the Object Humanoids. Objects also love to compete."
Object Academy 6(14) by jaybirdking85
Stubbles start to grow on Ms. Knights head, as the machine continues to work on her. Thousands of injections were put into her scalp, and breasts. The big change was the breasts, which will grow several cup sizes.
Mono-Erika: "See? Darling Ms. Knight is being given the premium package of the lifetime, by us because I want to show you guys what it looked like. Even the viewers understand. I believe that being above 18 is a good age for her. Let's give her the life to enjoy. We want to give her the best chance to find someone to cherish and love everyday."
Object Academy 6(15) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight's hair grows out and she felt an muscle tightening serum go into her body.
Mono-Erika: "Most cheaper packages use wigs, but that's over with. We used the premium package for many times, and this uses advanced stem cell therapy, and tone enhancing serums too. This will remold the lucky people into Fit and Sexy Objects, ready to turn everyone's eye into their 90's."
Object Academy 6(16) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight's Breasts grows even heavier as she felt her body become really hot.
Mono-Erika: "Those breasts are really natural, and they are not surgical ones. Advanced stem cells were injected into her mammary tissue, they may start out fake, but they will be real at the end."
Ms. Knight felt contentment start taking over her mind, coloring her thoughts, giving her memories of the respective object she was becoming, she felt that if she died today, then she'll die content.
Object Academy 6(17) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight began to enjoy the changes, as her abs tightened, she looked down at her new body, and was amazed.
Mono-Erika: "See, Ms. Knight is starting to be more like Ms. Flame. She looks beautiful. She could live as long as she want, and as many times as she want. She won't die at all."
Object Academy 6(18) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame gets a new uniform, and new underwear.
Mono-Erika: "This gets her to be Waifu material, this will be your waifu, if you want. Upupupupu!"
Object Academy 6(19) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame still felt a new flame proof uniform form on her. It was very appealing, and her hair was growing out.
Mono-Erika: "We are almost done with her uniform, and we are going to give her a new hairstyle."
Object Academy 6(20) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 6(21) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "See, that was not that bad, once she got used to it."
Object Academy 6(22) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame started to feel real good about herself, as she posed.
Mono-Erika: "And this lasts a lifetime, so she'll never change back into the lousy Ms. Knight."
Object Academy 6(23) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 6(24) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame was free to go, as the make over was done.
Mono-Erika: "Ms. Flame is now free to go, as a permanent teacher of this school."
Object Academy 6(25) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Fiona Flame read the detention papers, and all the beautiful and handsome people's names. She wonder how many she could lust for. She can't wait to marry someone who'll cherish her and love her everyday. She can't wait to get rid of humanity, and start the object race revolution.
Neko-Chan *Knocks Door*: Ms. Knight, may I come in, I did what you say, and I warned everyone about the strange things that was going on."
Ms. Flame did not want to be called by the name "Ms. Knight".
Object Academy 6(26) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame: "Sorry, but Ms. Knight is long gone. From now on, I, Ms. Flame is teaching this class room."
Ms. Flame told Neko-Chan to come in.
Ms. Flame: "Please Step in my room this instant, Ms. Neko-Chan. I have a bone to pick with you, and not a good one..."
Object Academy 6(27) by jaybirdking85
Neko-Chan: "Yes, Ms. Flame. Not Ms. Knight too!"
Ms. Flame: "I know that Headmaster Mono-Erika hired me to help you with your flaws." Giggles, "But, I have something to tell you-"
Neko-Chan: "Oh, what is it?"
Object Academy 6(28) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame: "I was informed by Headmaster Mono-Erika that you were spreading lies and rumors about the school brainwashing students, including your classmates. This here, is a detention slip. Our detention works differently here."
Ms. Flame pulls out a detention slip, as she grew angry towards Neko-Chan.
Object Academy 6(29) by jaybirdking85
Neko-Chan: "W-what? But the rumors are true, they brainwashed you! They Brainwashed my best friend, Chara. They brainwashed the other half of the students. If I lose! Then Everyone loses!"
Ms. Flame: "That's Mono-Erika's plan, and my plan also. To get the whole world to be full of Objects. I made into that orange boy's mother, and now I get to make you his bride. Have you heard of my son, Firey?"
Neko-Chan: "I saw him walking by, but who is his bride?"
Object Academy 6(30) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame: "You'll find out soon enough, and you'll love being who you'll become. You'll love my son! So DEAL WITH IT!"
Neko-Chan: "N-Nooooo! I don't want to change!"
Object Academy 6(31) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame: "Ms. Flower Blooms, may you do the honors and tie Ms. Neko-Chan up, please."
Flower: "Ok, fine!"
Flower-Chan ties up Neko-chan.
Object Academy 6(32) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame: "Let's put a blindfold in here, so she does not know where she's at when she wakes up."
Neko-Chan then Passed out.
Object Academy 6(33) by jaybirdking85
Flower put a blindfold on Neko-Chan's eyes, as she was fast asleep.
Object Academy 6(34) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Flame: "Good, now my son will love to see his love interest, and she will be his bride, and have babies with him."
Ms. Flame grinned as she laughed maniacally, Ms. Flame would now take Neko-Chan down to the remediation room. There will be no escape from her this time.
We wonder who will Neko-Chan transform into? We might have to stay tuned for Episode 7 of Object Academy.
To be continued...
Survivors Remaining by jaybirdking85
Survivors Remaining: 7 (1 Captive)
(A/N: Sorry if this had ended with Neko-Chan being tied up, but I had to do this since I want to keep the story line running smoothly. There will be a planned order.
Here it is.
Episode 7: Neko-Chan
Episode 8: Keisha
Episode 9: Samus
Episode 10: Info-Chan
Episode 11: Katherine
Episode 12: Tara Spark
Episode 13: Lori Loud
Sorry if I had to spoil the victims.)



New Codes:
Ms. Flame (Firey's Mother): 54**aa29.

Firey and Flower are owned by Michael and Cary Huang
Everyone else is owned by me.
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GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
This actually makes me very mad and sour,.....I feel a lot of hate right now, i want to attack everyone at this school, MORALS ARE IMPORTANT, HUMANITY IS SOMETHING YOU CAN'T LOSE! I HATE GENOCIDE!!! I HATE IT! *Quinn is mad and ranting, sorry*
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017   Artist
"Quinn, no ranting in this school" Ms. Flame said.
GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
*i grumble*
Me: "Thank goodness Teb is working on a plan" I say silently also due to my insanity i can't be transformed by their ways of doing so
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017   Artist
GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Me: "He is a ulimatadarus you know, which means he keeps order, he wants peace, not forceful transformation"
Teb: "Exactly!" he says phasing into the room
(for atmosphere:… )
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017   Artist
"Oh, but that's Mono-Erika's plan, and she has infinite copies."
GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Me: "There must be a way to stop things"
Teb: "I have a idea, but i need the Main Her in front of me NOW"
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017   Artist
Mono-Erika comes in. "Upupupu!"
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