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Ms. Jordan Knight was sad when she saw the looks on the students' faces. After meeting up with the object girls (and guy), she felt sad.

Object Academy 5(1) by jaybirdking85
Katherine: "Um, Ms. Knight? We have a problem, half of our class has gone missing."
Ms. Knight: "As Your Co-Teacher of this school, I would like to hear what happened to your classmates."
Object Academy 5(2) by jaybirdking85
Katherine: "Well, I see some students look strange, and acted too "perfect". They are also acting as if they know "Battle for Dream Island", well."
Katherine paid attention to the teacher, and Ms. Knight understood everything that she explained. Katherine does not want to become one of the "Infected".
Object Academy 5(3) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight: "Brainwashed? Transformed? No, That can't be. Why would anyone do this?"
Ms. Knight is lost in thought. This was not a school, this is a Brainwashing Facility. Academies were supposed to teach you how to think, enlighten you with good ideas, and help students do better, and let them keep their flaws. Academies were not supposed to teach people what to think, brainwash you, transform you, and make you "perfection", and get rid of flaws. Whoever was behind this, must be stopped immediately. Ms. Knight became angry about the whole ordeal.
Object Academy 5(4) by jaybirdking85
"This is not right, and it should not be tolerated in this school. Academies are supposed to let students express themselves, not lock students' individuality!"
Ms. Knight got her computer out, and started to type out a file called "My Concerns".
Object Academy 5(5) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight: "I'll type these concerns, just incase I want to sue Headmaster Mono-Erika for taking away MY students' individualities. This won't be tolerated."
Ms. Knight typed up her concerns, so she could save it for a meeting on the School Board. The School Board has not paid attention to the actions Mono-Erika was doing. The torturing, the brainwashing, and the make-overs. Mono-Erika was forcing students to conform into some weird nature, called Goikish. Ms. Knight used to love working here, until she heard that students were becoming permanent students that looked like a combination of Object Show Characters and Students from Japanese Private Schools. Mono-Erika does not care who she transforms. It did not matter what race, what age, what gender, or how much money the victim had. Mono-Erika will transform anyone, and everyone. Mono-Erika even doesn't care about consequences of doing immoral actions such as torture.
Object Academy 5(6) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight: "Ok, just if you know. If you want to be safe, you must not get in trouble, don't hang out with those strange looking students, don't go to their parties, and don't accept their offers!"
The remainder of class 81 shook Ms. Knight's hand, making them make a promise to her.
Object Academy 5(7) by jaybirdking85
"So, if you don't want to get in trouble, read the handbook that you were given out, at the beginning of the year."Object Academy 5(8) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight Pulls out a copy of the handbook.
Ms. Knight: "Well, It's good if you have your handbook, because this comes in handy. I've read it, and you are not allowed to be violent against your headmaster, or disrespect her. I can't risk your safety, so good luck surviving. If you survive, tell any underclassmen that they should not hang out with the strange students, go to their parties, or get in trouble."
Object Academy 5(9) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight smiled as she wished the other half of Class 81st luck.
Ms. Knight: "See you later, and if you have anymore problems, then let me know."
The students walked off and head into the halls, where the strange looking students were lurking around.
Object Academy 5(10) by jaybirdking85
Neko-Chan: "We better stay away from those girls, the thick light blue girl, the short light blue girl, the white and blue boy, The green and blue girl, the red girl, and the gray girl with glasses. Is that right, Chara?"
Chara Dreemurr: "I hear you loud and clear, but I don't know where I could find chocolate."
Neko-Chan and Chara were wandering around the halls, and they saw 2 girls that looked strange walk by them. As they walk by, the orange skinned girl with pink hair grabbed some lollipops.
Object Academy 5(11) by jaybirdking85
She looked over Chara and Neko-Chan.
Object Academy 5(12) by jaybirdking85
Pencil-Chan: "Would you like a sucker, it's chocolate. It's recommended if you say "yes"."
Pencil was holding 2 lollipops, one chocolate, and one orange flavored. The two non-infected girls looked at the lollipops and their expressions had changed.
Object Academy 5(13) by jaybirdking85
Chara could not resist chocolate, but Neko-Chan was trying to survive.
Neko-Chan: "Don't give me the lollipop, I know what you are up to. I'm going to make sure that Everybody knows what you and YOUR kind is up to!"
Chara: "Sure, I love chocolate. I could not resist the chocolate!"
Chara starts to go for the chocolate lollipop.
Object Academy 5(14) by jaybirdking85
Chara: "Mmm... I got it."
Chara grabs the chocolate sucker, from Pencil's hand. She decided to suck on her lollipop.
Object Academy 5(15) by jaybirdking85
Chara begins to suck on the lollipop, as she starts to lose awareness of the world around her. She loved chocolate, especially chocolate bars. She begin to feel light headed.
Pencil: "Wow, this is working better than Ayano's lollipop."
Neko-Chan *Offscreen*: "Ayano? They were doing this?"
Object Academy 5(16) by jaybirdking85
Chara's eyes started to glow as her dark mind starts to get controlled. Chara starts to fall asleep, as she feels more and more hypnotized by the second.
Pencil: "See Match, I told you it'll work on her. She loves chocolate, no woman could resist chocolate."
Match: "Like, I agree with you."
Object Academy 5(17) by jaybirdking85
Neko-Chan starts to get worried as Chara's eyes turned a pinkish color.
Neko-Chan: "Chara! No!"
Object Academy 5(18) by jaybirdking85
Neko-Chan runs away, crying, as she goes find Ms. Knight to report what she had saw.
Neko-Chan: "Why Chara? Why she had to accept that Pencil Girl's Offer? Why?!"
Object Academy 5(19) by jaybirdking85
Match: "We like, succeded in the hypnosis part. Now, like we need to put Chara into the like, reeducation and make-over room, like now."
Pencil: "I agree."
Mono-Erika: "That's what you should do. Send her there! Prompto!"
Object Academy 5(20) by jaybirdking85
"This is Mono-Erika, and that short woman over there, that's Chara Dreemurr. By the way, Chara is 18 years old, so don't you dare do anything bad to us, Deviant Art. I would like to say that Chara would become one of the infected."
Chara was sitting on the chair, and she was hypnotized. She was listening to Mono-Erika's voice.
Object Academy 5(21) by jaybirdking85
They shaved Chara's Head Off.
"Ok, we shaved her head off. UPUPUPU! We are going to inject some mind control fluids too."
Object Academy 5(22) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika grabbed some men over as stubbles grew onto Chara's Head.
"Upupupu! Her hair is growing back, as we implanted bigger breasts."
Chara's breasts grew a cup size. Chara was growing too.
"Chara is going to become a beautiful young woman, and those breasts, they are not your normal breast implants of yesterday, they are natural. They are stem cells that will become natural."
Object Academy 5(23) by jaybirdking85
Chara's skin was starting to become yellow too.
"And yes, she is not becoming unhealthy, her skin is just taking on an alien tone. She is also having her hair grow out real quick, yes you could choose her hair style. After that, just shave the old hair style, and let the new one grow out."
Object Academy 5(24) by jaybirdking85
"Her skin had finished becoming yellow, and her breasts grew even bigger."
Object Academy 5(25) by jaybirdking85
"Ok, now that makes me really impressed."
Chara, no, Flower was injected with health serums. Flower is now be immortal, and she could have as many lives as she wants. She could stay this young forever, and even when she dies, she still looks this beautiful.
Object Academy 5(26) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 5(27) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 5(28) by jaybirdking85
"We now fitted her into her new uniform."
Object Academy 5(30) by jaybirdking85
She even gained make-up.
Object Academy 5(31) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 5(32) by jaybirdking85
Object Academy 5(33) by jaybirdking85
Flower: "I'm beautiful... I'm Amazing... If anyone calls me ugly... Then I'LL CRUSH THEM!"
Flower got her true personality back, and she did promise to Mono-Erika that she'll get rid of the humans.
Object Academy 5(34) by jaybirdking85

Neko-Chan: "Oh my God! Flower!? You turned my friend into Flower!"
Katherine looked at Flower. Flower wandered what man would find her attractive.
Flower-Chan: "Do you think I look beautiful?!"
Neko-Chan and Katherine were speechless, but they don't want to become one of them... Suddenly Ms. Knight came in.
Object Academy 5(35) by jaybirdking85

Ms. Knight: "Well, I'm here, and- OH MY GOD! Why is this keep on happening? Why?"
Neko-Chan: "B-but I saw Chara licking lollipop, and they captured her..."
Ms. Knight: "That happened?"
Neko-Chan: "Yes! It's True!"
Object Academy 5(36) by jaybirdking85
Ms. Knight: "Ok, Get out of here! I don't want your safety to be at risk!"
The girls run away, and Ms. Knight decided to call her pretty, and put her with the others.
To Be Continued...
Survivors Remaining by jaybirdking85
Survivors Remaining: 7
(A/N: I had to put myself as a teacher since I don't want just Mono-Erika Enforcing the rules...)



Lori is owned by Chris Savino
Ketta is owned by Gary Doodles
Chara is owned by Toby Fox
Samus Aran is owned by Nintendo
Info-Chan is owned by Yandere-Dev
Twilight Sparkle is owned by Lauren Faust
Pencil, Match, and Flower is owned by Micheal and Cary Huang
Rest of the cast is owned by me

Ms. Jordan Knight: 54**aa7.

Flower: 54**aa21.

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