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Object Academy 4(1) by jaybirdking85
Candi: "Like, are we at the exit."
Mika: "I think so..."
Object Academy 4(2) by jaybirdking85
Object Academy 4(3) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "No escape!"
Object Academy 4(4) by jaybirdking85
Mika: "Noooooo!"
Object Academy 4(5) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Come on, you are going with me..."
Mika: "Nooooooo!"
Object Academy 4(6) by jaybirdking85
Candi: "Mika! Like, no! I don't want to be like, alone."
Object Academy 4(7) by jaybirdking85
Mika found herself sitting on a chair, it was strangely harder to move too. She was tied. She was forced to watch BFDI for 5 hours straight.
Object Academy 4(8) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(9) by jaybirdking85
The room suddenly went dark as Mika felt more despair than before. She was tied up, yearning escape.
"Upupupu! Welcome to the process of reeducation and make-over, in this school, you'll be accepted as an OBJECT.
Object Academy 4(10) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(11) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(12) by jaybirdking85
"Upupupupu! Wait, why is hypnosis not working."
Match: "It like worked on Ayano."
Mono-Erika: "Then try something else..."
Object Academy 4(13) by jaybirdking85
"Book, may you do the honors..."
Book: "Yes, Headmaster Erika." She reads her manual of brainwashing. "If the brainwashing does not work from the inside, then try accessing the changes from the outside..."
Mika: "No! Stop it! NO!"
Object Academy 4(14) by jaybirdking85
Mika started to scream as her body starts to change.
Object Academy 4(15) by jaybirdking85
Mika's hair begun to shrink, as she was stripped of her clothing. Her breasts feel off too.
Mika: "NOOOOO! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
Object Academy 4(16) by jaybirdking85
Her eyes glow, as she felt her breasts start to dissolve. Her hair was even shorter that before. Was she going to become a guy?
Object Academy 4(17) by jaybirdking85
Book continued to dig into Mika's skull as her hair became a deeper shade of blue.
Mono-Erika: "Since this is permanent, she will have infinite lives."
Mika started to feel her thoughts begin to wander, her personality was changing too. Mika started to enjoy the changes as her skin gets paler, and more plastic-like.
Object Academy 4(18) by jaybirdking85
Mika's breasts continued to shrink, until she was flat chested. her assets were changing. Her body was taking on a masculine shape. Her skin was now really pale.
Object Academy 4(19) by jaybirdking85
Mika was now flat-chested, no breasts in sight. She, or should we say he is now a male. Mika felt some strange feeling in her lower section. HE was becoming a male.
Object Academy 4(20) by jaybirdking85
A school guy's outfit appeared on him.
Object Academy 4(21) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(22) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(23) by jaybirdking85
A cap also appeared on his head, indicating that Mika was now Pen.
Object Academy 4(24) by jaybirdking85
His nose and ears faded from sight too.
Object Academy 4(25) by jaybirdking85
Pen relaxed his body, after the brainwash. He remembered himself as a cool guy, and he started to embrace the changes.
Object Academy 4(26) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(27) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(28) by jaybirdking85
Object Academy 4(29) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(30) by jaybirdking85
Pen felt great to be himself again...
Later, they kidnapped Candi, the 8th victim.
Object Academy 4(31) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(32) by jaybirdking85
They started to brainwash her, as her reflection started to fade away. Her makeup started to disappear too.
Object Academy 4(33) by jaybirdking85
Her eyes glowed, and turned gray.
Object Academy 4(34) by jaybirdking85
Her head was shaved bald, as she was put into new underwear. She also gained freckles/dimples too.
Object Academy 4(35) by jaybirdking85
The process continues as she'll start to enjoy the changes.
Object Academy 4(36) by jaybirdking85
Her skin continued to get paler...
Object Academy 4(37) by jaybirdking85
Until it became a light gray.
Object Academy 4(38) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(39) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(40) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(41) by jaybirdking85
Her mind had returned as something else. Instead of the ditzy one we know, it became a more bossy and intelligent one. She even sounded like a boy. The infected gave her a new uniform.
Object Academy 4(42) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 4(43) by jaybirdking85
Along with glasses.
Golf Ball smiled as the changes had finished.Object Academy 4(44) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Well, I have transformed the first half of the class into objects, now time to find group B. March on."
To Be Continued...
Survivors Remaining by jaybirdking85
Survivors Left: 8
(A/N: I'm going to make the other 8 appear in future episodes.)


Pen, GB, Pencil, Match, Bubble, Book, Ruby, and Ice Cube Belong to Michael and Cary Huang.
Rest of the cast belongs to me...

Pen: 54**aa25.

Golf Ball: 54**aa15.

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