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Object Academy 3(1) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Ok, Last time on Object Academy, 4 of the students went to Ice Cube's Party, and they turned into objects. They were now Ruby, Pencil, Match and Bubble respectively. Ok, where we're we? Upupupu! Yes, we have a special punishment for Ayano Aishi. So, Let's give it all we got! It's... PUNISHMENT TIME!"

Object Academy 3(2) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika raises the Hammer, and...
Object Academy 3(3) by jaybirdking85
Hits the button with the hammer. There will be a red screen.
Object Academy 3(4) by jaybirdking85
Yeah, remember this is self explanatory.
"So, we'll just have to let the game explain itself! UPUPUPUPU!"
Object Academy 3(5) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(6) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(7) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(8) by jaybirdking85
"C'mon, Ayano, this way! Upupupu!"
Object Academy 3(9) by jaybirdking85
(This Plays.)
Ayano woke up in a strange room, filled with five people. It was strangely harder to move, but why?
Object Academy 3(10) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(11) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(12) by jaybirdking85
Ayano was tied up.
Mono-Erika: "Upupupu! Girls you are going to do the honors. The Honors of Punishing this girl."
Object Academy 3(13) by jaybirdking85
Match sticks some tape onto Ayano's mouth, rendering the latter's speech as muffles. The former smile
"Yeah, muffle her mouth already, so she could not scream at all."
Match-Chan: "Like, yeah, we are like, taking over."

Object Academy 3(15) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(16) by jaybirdking85
"Ok, Ayano, are you ready to transform into her...?"
Ayano: *Muffled* "No!"
Object Academy 3(17) by jaybirdking85
Ruby-Chan: "Let's give her a lollipop, so she could embrace it."
Bubble-Chan: "Yoi, I can't wait for her to coime back!"
Object Academy 3(18) by jaybirdking85
As Ayano started to lick the lollipop, her mind starts feel light, as if she is going to be put under a trance.
Mono-Erika: "See, to resist Freesmarts, is against you. Go ahead, delve into your true self that is lost. Upupupupu! See what you have lost inside. You can't hide what's inside forever, Ayano."
Ayano: "I must... delve into my true self... I must... not be concerned for my Senpai..."
Mono-Erika: "Good Girl."
Object Academy 3(19) by jaybirdking85
Ayano's eyes becomes a greenish color, as she delves into her true self. She discovered new things about herself, that she did not know about herself her whole life.
"You're a multi-purpose book..."
Mono-Erika was helping the girls entice her into the other side, the "good" side. Ayano wondered why all this time, she was yearning for some man. She even began to regain her true self, as the falsehood named "Ayano", began to fade away.
Object Academy 3(20) by jaybirdking85
Ayano was stripped of her clothes (She is 18 in this), and she will have her underwear changed soon.
Mono-Erika: "It's not bad to be an object, once you get used to it."
Object Academy 3(21) by jaybirdking85
Ayano's hair was even shaved off, because the girls were injecting the mind control serums into her body.
Ayano: "I...will...embrace my true self..."
Mono-Erika: "Well, we shave her head off since it's required to put some serums in the body."
Object Academy 3(22) by jaybirdking85
Ayano's hair starts to grow out.
"See, this will last forever, and there will be no need to change back, because this is her true self.
Object Academy 3(23) by jaybirdking85
"And, this will help cleanse the world of humanity, returning this world to its former glory."
Ayano's assets have expanded too.
Object Academy 3(24) by jaybirdking85
"Yeah, let her grow into her true self."
Object Academy 3(25) by jaybirdking85
"Doesn't feel good to be your true self, Book-Chan."
Object Academy 3(26) by jaybirdking85
Ayano's nose and ears disappear from sight.
"Well, you don't need your nose or ears anymore, but you could still hear and breathe."
Ayano's skin even finished taking on an alien tone, she almost looked like Book.
Object Academy 3(27) by jaybirdking85
Pencil-Chan: "Let's start to doll book up, girls."
Object Academy 3(28) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(29) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(30) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Ah, that's good."
Book: "This actually feels nice."
Object Academy 3(31) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Now as a permanent student of this school, Book, do you promise to be the perfect student in this academy, and to cleanse earth of humanity."
Book-Chan: "Yes, Headmaster Mono-Erika, I promise."
Object Academy 3(32) by jaybirdking85
Book smiled with glee, as she started to think about cleansing the world of humanity, and making this world into an object utopia. This was not right for the rest of Class 81, but it did felt right for the brainwashed.
Object Academy 3(33) by jaybirdking85
Mika: "Ayano! Not you too?"
Mika was lost in thought. This was not right, this was not truly an academy. This was an Object Reeducation Center, filled with torture, and brainwashing. Academies were supposed to teach people how to think, and enlighten people with good ideas, not brainwashing, reeducating, and teaching them what to think. This was all messed up fraud. Obviously, Mika and Candi don't know who to trust anymore.
Mika started to feel woozy.
Object Academy 3(34) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(35) by jaybirdking85
Candi: "Mika, like, no!!!"
Object Academy 3(36) by jaybirdking85
"Oh no! This is like, not good at all!"
Object Academy 3(37) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(38) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 3(39) by jaybirdking85
Mika: "Well, where was I? Oh, yes."
Object Academy 3(40) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Upupupupu! You must not run away, because I know everyone's secrets!"
Object Academy 3(41) by jaybirdking85
Mika: "Run For Your LIVES!"
Candi: "Like, ok"
So the duo tries to run away. Would they ever escape from the hold of Mono-Erika herself? Find out in the next episode of Object Academy!
To be continued...
Survivors Remaining by jaybirdking85
Survivors Remaining: 10
(A/N: We had to end this Episode when Mika and Candi were starting to escape, because I want the continuity to remain smooth.)


Ayano Belongs to Yandere Dev.
Book, Ice Cube, Ruby, Pencil, Match, and Bubble is owned by Michael and Cary Huang.
Rest of the cast is owned by me

New Codes

Bubble: 54**aa13.

Match: 54**aa17.

Pencil: 54**aa13.

Ruby: 54**aa11.

Book/Dictionary: 54**aa11.

Updated Candi: 54**aa15.

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lila-the-fox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
this is why i'm glad i'm not human
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017   Artist
(Thank god, but object communities are coming here, even in your city.)
lila-the-fox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
also which website are you using to make those characters?
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017   Artist
Kisekae 2, go to KisekaeFans to find the link.
lila-the-fox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
where do i go on the group website to find the link?
lila-the-fox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
nvm i found it
lila-the-fox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i have read all of the episodes and i like them alot :3
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017   Artist
Ok, episode 4 is coming up.
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