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Object Academy 2(1) by jaybirdking85
Ice Cube waited for her party guests to arrive. Only 4 out of 15 of them had arrived, less than a 3rd expected.
Icy: "Wait, why is most of class 81, not here...?"
Saki: "Ayano is comforting Mika, Mika is crying over Brenda, and Candi is too busy playing with her dolls. They'll be here shortly though. know that Group B is hanging out with each other...!
Icy: "Well, If that helps, I don't want them to miss out on this."
The girls follow Ice Cube, only to find themselves in the brainwashing room A.
Icy: "See you guys..."
Object Academy 2(3) by jaybirdking85
Their eyes start to glow and change color.
Object Academy 2(4) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 2(5) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 2(6) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Upupupu! Icy, you did a good job. I told them to stay away from them..."
Object Academy 2(7) by jaybirdking85
"We should get them to..."
Object Academy 2(8) by jaybirdking85
"The reformation, reeducation, and make-over room this instant! We could make them permanent students here in Object Academy."
Icy: "Ok..."
Object Academy 2(9) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "Upupupupu! Look at those 4 girls, we are going to turn them into the perfect, permanent students of this academy. Upupupupu!"
Object Academy 2(10) by jaybirdking85
"See, we need to put them in a stoic position. So they don't resist. To resist, is a violation for Object Women and Men, Mostly Women. Object people are supposed to enjoy their forms, and conform to this Goikan society."
Object Academy 2(11) by jaybirdking85
"Let's strip them of their clothes, this is required to mold their bodies into an Object Person's."
Object Academy 2(12) by jaybirdking85
"We shaved them Bald too, since we are going to inject them with some fluids. Those Fluids would make the victim's brain reprogram itself."
Object Academy 2(13) by jaybirdking85
"Now, do you notice how their skin colors start to change, and stubbles have already grown from their shaven heads."
Mono-Erika was right, the girl's skin colors were changing, as their skin was becoming inhuman.
Object Academy 2(14) by jaybirdking85
"See their hair growing out, That is a good sign that it is working."
The machine continued to work on the 4, their skin colors had completely changed. Object Academy 2(15) by jaybirdking85
"We also expanded their assets, these aren't your asset implants of yesterday. These are stem cells, and they grow really fast. At the end of the day, the new breasts will be natural. And we noticed that their nose and ears disappeared from sight. They could still hear and breathe."
The 4 girls feel their bodies grow out, mostly the breasts and butts.
Object Academy 2(16) by jaybirdking85
"I injected the second fluid that'll make their brains reprogram itself even more, we would turn them into Objects, that could be multi-purpose. That means they'll have more than 1 purpose."
Their brains begin to alter, new memories begin to flood in, and they start to feel wonderful. The changes were filling them with so much pleasure, that they began to enjoy the changes.
Object Academy 2(17) by jaybirdking85
"Their hair had grown long enough, That means we could restyle their hairs now." Object Academy 2(18) by jaybirdking85
"We are going to put them in uniform, Ice Cube, You do the honors. This is self explanatory..."
Ice Cube came in and started to put the clothes on them.
Object Academy 2(19) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 2(20) by jaybirdking85
Grins formed on their faces, as they enjoy the changes even more.
Object Academy 2(21) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 2(23) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "And Voila, we have successfully turned the 4 victims into Ruby-Chan, Bubble-Chan, Match-Chan, and Pencil-Chan. Icy-Chan, showcase them to the classmates of class 81."
Icy-Chan: "Ok..."
Object Academy 2(24) by jaybirdking85
Later... Icy-Chan showed the new object girls, to Yandere-Chan, Mika-Chan, and Candi-Chan.
Candi: "Like, where did our classmates go? Like, I don't, like understand what's like, going on."
Object Academy 2(25) by jaybirdking85
Icy-Chan: "Well, they are gone, they must have run away from school..."
Icy was definitely lying.
Mika: "Ice Cube! Y-you are definitely lying to us!"
Object Academy 2(26) by jaybirdking85
Icy-Chan: "W-well, I guess that I need Book-Chan with me too, who is it going to be?"
Icy looks at Ayano.
Object Academy 2(27) by jaybirdking85
"Ayano... May you join us...?"
Object Academy 2(28) by jaybirdking85
Ayano gives Icy a dirty look.
"No, Ice Cube, I won't join your little party. Coming to think about it... This is not an academy, this is an lab that turns INNOCENT PEOPLE, into Objects."
Object Academy 2(30) by jaybirdking85
"I won't take any of your circumstances anymore!"
Ayano starts to get her knife out, which she snuck with her.
Object Academy 2(31) by jaybirdking85
Object Academy 2(32) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 2(33) by jaybirdking85
"That is it!"
Match-Chan: "Like, no, don't like, do that?"
Object Academy 2(34) by jaybirdking85
Ayano: "This won't be taken much longer!"
Object Academy 2(35) by jaybirdking85
"Upupupupu, You must be found..."
Object Academy 2(36) by jaybirdking85

Object Academy 2(37) by jaybirdking85
Mono-Erika: "GUILTY of Disrespecting the infected... You know what that means Ayano..."
Object Academy 2(38) by jaybirdking85
"We would make her one of them as punishment, in the next episode."
Object Academy 2(39) by jaybirdking85
"Upupupupupu! See you guys next time!"
To Be continued...Survivors Remaining by jaybirdking85
Survivors Remaining: 11
(A/N: Ayano's Punishment will arrive next episode.)


Match, Icy, Pencil, Bubble, and Ruby are owned by Michael and Cary Huang.
Ayano is owned by Yandere Dev
The rest of the cast is owned by me

(Sorry if there's no codes in this one.)
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GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Kisekae, how do i get it?
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017   Artist
You go to KisekaeFans and you click on one of their links. You don't need money, all you need is the internet.
GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you best friend *hugs you, then match, then Ruby*
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017   Artist
No Problemo.
GMQUilmataalpha Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
*is still hugging ruby*
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