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Photo 2016-07-22 09-58-59 PM by jaybirdking85
Story by JaybirdKing85
All characters go to their respective owners...

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy was walking around the land of Equestria. The Mane 6 then found the portal to another dimension, this time it did not change you during the transition there. It changes you as you try to adjust to it. They decided to leave Spike to babysit Applebloom, Applejack's sister, Scootaloo, Dashie's fan, and Sweetie Belle, Rarity's sister, also he was petsitting all their pets named Owlicious, Opal, Winona, Tank, Angel, and Gummy, along with the animals. They went to the portal and lost consciousness. It's sure a lucky thing that Twilight has all the notes from Princess Celestia. They also have saddle bags too! When they woke up, they found themselves no longer in Equestria, but a very strange water based world. 
"What the hay!" Freaked Applejack.
Fluttershy got scared of this new place.
"I'm afraid to get my hooves dirty in this mucky grass!" Rarity criticized the ground.
"This place needs to be 20 percent cooler!" Proclaimed Rainbow Dash.
"Yay! I like exploring strange places and meeting new ponies!" Cheerfully exclaimed Pinkie Pie.
"I think this not Equestria anymore, This is Pondgea!" Twilight declared.
The mane 6 was freaked out until some magic was in their eyes, metaphorically. The first victim of the magic is Twilight Sparkle. Twilight tried to use her magic, but she failed when it got into her horn. Twilight's magic started to weaken.
"Twilight!!!" Her friends panicked.
Her ears shrink. Her front hooves started growing four stubs on each, as the purple fur was turning green and more featherlike. She called her front hooves hands now. Bones in her hand were cracking as they became the proper bone structure for hands. Her hands became less feminine. Her back hooves grew three stubs as they became webbed, which they can't see. The fur on her feet fell off to reveal a orange color. She grew a bit taller. Her arms became slimmer along with her legs. Her eyes turned from purple to a dark blue green. The rest of her fur became green feathers. Soon she did not have any magic, thus the horn breaking off her for head. Her mussle became a orange beak. Her eyelashes flew away one by one. She had no eyelashes. Her equine breasts shrink into nothingness. 
"Twilight, what's happening to you?" Asked Pinkie Pie, desperate for her female friend back.
Speaking of female friend, Twilight's crotch was inverting into that of a male, along with HIS reproductive system. He felt his tail become shorter. The cracking in his spine was that in fact that he can't handle being on all fours anymore. He stand up upright on two feet. The horn was gone without trace. He felt his neck dissapear and his head became big and round. As his dark blue hair turned blonde, some parts fell away, making it messy and uneven. His flat teeth became round. Twilight's voice changed to Swaysway's. His eyes were now just black pupils with white sclerae, and bigger. Seeing female ponies, he decided to cover himself up. White and blue underwear appeared, he put it on, thought he could feel better, but it did not, he put on a white V-neck T-shirt on. It kinda showed his belly, but he was okay with it. He puts on blue shorts, he felt great. He put on his socks, and he was quite satisfied. He put on Swaysway's sneakers, it reminded him who he is. Some female voice keeps on telling him that he is really a unicorn pony named Twilight, but that wasn't true for him anymore. He was now SwaySway. He put on blue Breadwinners hat. He was a Breadwinner. His cutie mark faded.
"Twilight?" Applejack asked.
"Twilight?! She... is... gone! I'm now SwaySway. It's good to be back!" SwaySway replied with a crazed laughter.
"Where did you hid Twilight!!!" Rainbow Dash yelled.
"Me, hide your precious little unicorn bap!" He replied, laughing at Rainbow Dash.
Later that evening, Twilight's friends tried to settle in and tried to comprehend  the new and improved Twilight, who goes by the name SwaySway.
"I used to be your friend, SwaySway." Entered a disembodied voice.
The magic left SwaySway, targeting Pinkie Pie, whom is cheering up the others from the lost of one friend, as its next victim. It hit her and she felt sick to her stomach. 
"Pinkie!!!" Panicked Pinkie's friends.
"We can't afford to lose you too!" Applejack panics.
Pinkie Pie's four friends were doing their best to take care of her. Pinkie was glowing red soon, she felt warmer than usual. Her forehooves started form four digits on each. Her pink fur was turning into green feathers. Hand like structure formed on her changed hooves. Her pink fur continued to turn into green feathers, as her back hooves became orange duck feet.
"AAAAAAGH!" She screamed as her cutie mark fades.
Her tail becomes shorter as they became tail feathers. Her equine breasts shrink. Her neck dissapear as her head blends in with her body, having her take on a ball shape. She was soon able to stand on two feet. Feeling a bit angry about this, she never felt this much anger in her life. Her hair turned blonde and her bangs were gone. She decided to cover her naked body, as soon as her mussle turned into a orange beak, with a blanket, and red and white underwear. She was so lucky that she had underwear on now. Her eyelashes flew away. Something grew in HIS underwear, making him blush. Bones cracked. His blue eyes turned dark green. His voice became Buhdeuce's 
"Buh! Who am I?"
He decided to wear Buhdeuce's clothes. He became a lot shorter. He even wore the red hat. His ears were gone,and now he is Buhdeuce.
"Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash asked.
"Who are you Calling Pinkie!!!" Replied Buhdeuce with a angered tone.
Rainbow Dash wanted her female friend back.
Swaysway and Buhdeuce duck hugged. They all decided to run out of this place. 
"One by one, us are transforming into those characters..." Applejack was honestly declaring.
Rarity then got hit in her horn, her magic started to weaken. 
"Not you too, sugar cube." Applejack panicked.
"Darn it, not the element of genourosity!!!" Rainbow Dash freaked.
Her forehooves hooves started growing four fingers on each. Her white fur turned into red feathers, as her cutie mark faded. Her ears shrink an rounden. Her majestic blue eyes became yellow. Rarity freaked as her back hooves became yellow owl feet. The rest of the ponies cried. Her white fur became red feathers completely. 
"What... is... h-happening... to... her...?" Fluttershy quietly studders, Rarity's gender has changed to male, making HIM blush. His mussle became a yellow beak. His teeth stayed flat. 
"What the hoot is going on-" he was cut off after saying something he wasn't used to. He realizes that he was a bit shorter. His tail became red, as in the same color as his feathers, tail feathers. His mane turns red and shortens, until it could be hidden by a top hat. His spine cracked and he could no longer walk on all fours stablely. He stood up to help the pain subside. His voice changes to T-midi's. The horn broke off and the hole for the horn, closed and the bump shrunk into nothingness. He had no magic. He also had put on T-midi's clothes on. His memories changed into that of Talonious C. Midi. He was now T-midi.
"... Rarity?" Shyfully asked what used to be Rarity Fluttershy.
"I have enough of you low lives! Get away you nasty low lives, from me." T-midi yelled at the mane 3.
"We better... RUN!!!!!" Yelled Rainbow Dash.
"Let's hide in in here!" Applejack replied.
They hid in the lower yeast side, where all the bad guys are at. 
"These bad boys need a lesson!" Rainbow Dash proclaimed. The magic continued to spread to the rest of mane six, Dashie was its next victim. It zapped her in the wings.
"What the-" Rainbow Dash freaked.
"Dashie!" AJ and Fluttershy freaked.
"You can't afford to lose me too!" Rainbow Dash proclaimed. Her forehooves started growing four fingers each. Her light blue fur started falling off, revealing orange toad skin. Her back hooves became toad feet. Soon all of her fur fell off. Her tail started to lose its hair and it becomes nonexistent. Her equine breasts became one small pair. Her cutie mark fade away.
"Not Awesome!" Dashie freaked.
Her Rainbow mane began to change. Her red part of her mane becomes larger and larger until orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple was gone. Her wings turned white with red on the bottom.
"What the heck?!" Complained Dashie.
Rainbow Dash picked up a tadpolice uniform. Her magenta eyes became reddish brown. Rainbow Dash wore the uniform and her wings harden, They became a jetpack with straps. All eyelashes excluding 2 on each eye were absent. 2 were on the bottom. Her back ached and enabling  to stand on two feet. Her cheeks permanently blushed as her mussle was gone, no nose, but a mouth. Her memories were replaced by Rambamboo's as her voice changes into Rambamboo's. She flew off to arrest criminals.

"Now great! We lost four of us, there is only two of us, Fluttershy!" Applejack lectured.
"The... magic..." Fluttershy cowarded.
The magic came toward to its next victim, Fluttershy, who is scared.
"Fluttershy no!" Applejack warned.
But it was too late, Fluttershy was already changing. Her mussle started to turning into a richer shade of yellow and then the fur faded from it. Her forehooves started to grow four fingers each, making her scream softly. Applejack couldn't believe she is witnessing a Anthropomorphic swan TF in real life, and the victim was her friend. Her wing feathers fell off and then the bones receeded into the spine. The holes shrink until nonexistent. Fur recovered her back. Her back hooves turned into swan feet. Her cyan eyes turned brown. Her yellow fur became white feathers. She was thinner. Her equine breasts became smaller and only one pair. Her light pink tail became white tail feathers. Her ears shrink into nonexistance. Her spine cracked, allowing her to stand up on 2 feet. Her mane turned curly and orange. There was a yellow hair pretty, she put her hair up in a bun. Her eyes were bigger. She only had 2 eyelashes on each eye. She put on Ketta's clothes, even the purple helmet. She grew a bit taller. She put on Ketta's rocket skates. Purple wristbands and kneepads were on too. Her voice changed to Ketta's. Her cutie mark faded away.
"Whoa ma gosh!", Ketta yelled.
Her memories changed to Ketta's. She is now Ketta.
"Ketta?" Applejack asked...
"Whoa ma gosh, who are you?" Ketta asked.
"I'm Applejack, from Equestria." Applejack replied.
Ketta grabs Applejack and takes her to what used to be AJ's friends, she, AJ, was knocked out. When she woke up she saw that she was back at Equestria.
"Guys, I had the worst dream I've ever had, I dreamed that you turned into Breadwinners characters." Applejack declared.
"It's OK Applejack, it's just a bad dream..." Twilight responded.
"Uh, really?" Applejack asked 
"For a little pony like you!!!" Twilight replied.
Suddenly they reveal their true forms as Breadwinners characters, Applejack was tied up, with her mouth taped shut. 
"Put her in bed!" Swaysway demanded.
The four of the Breadwinners characters put Applejack on the couch, putting metal on her too. She couldn't speak.
"We always need the 6 to be complete, that's where you come in!" Buhdeuce mentioned.
"Here comes the magic!" SwaySway added.
"It too late for you to regret this." T-midi added.
"You're next Applejack." Ketta added.
The magic came to its last victim, Applejack. It hit her.Her forehooves grew four fingers. Her orange fur became white feathers. Her back hooves became orange stork feet. She was wearing Mr Pumpers' clothing. Her eyes turned from green to brown. Gender switched, which made HIM blush. His mussle became a orange stork beak. He grew taller. His body structure was Mr Pumpers' now. His ears shrink. His cutie mark faded away. His blonde tail became tail feathers. His mane turned from blonde to black. His eyelashes were gone. His eyes were bigger. His hair was shorter and bald on the top. Facial hair grew. He finally remembers that he is Mr Pumpers. He was now Mr Pumpers.
When they untaped Mr Pumpers mouth,he declared,
"Boom Yummy!" In his trademark voice.
The Breadwinners main six lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile at Equestria,
"Come on Twilight you could make it back!" Spike actually encouraged.
The mane six never came back to Equestria, Ever!

The end

SwaySway(formerly Twilight) and Buhdeuce(formerly Pinkie Pie) deliver bread up in every beak in Pondgea. When they crash, they come to Ketta(Formerly Fluttershy), she fixes the rocket van. The Breadwinners also come to their number one customer, T-midi(Formerly Rarity) to give him bread. Mr. Pumpers(Formerly Applejack)' diner was back in business. Rambamboo(Formerly Rainbow Dash) was arresting criminals, including biker ducks, oonski, and the Breadwinners. Equestria remained defenseless without the mane 6 and the elements of harmony. Equestria ended up in destruction by Tired, Sombra, and Chrysalis. Equestria ended up as a wasteland, all because of the dumb decisions of Twilight Sparkle.
This is not for the faint hearted and MLP fans.
Don't read this if you Don't want to see something happen to The mane 6.

Breadwinners © Nickelodeon, Viacom.

My little pony Friendship is magic © Lauren Faust, Hasbro.
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Thedoctor2121218 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
Okaaaay....This was harmless....But why though.....
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017   Artist
Mai waifu told me to do it!
Thedoctor2121218 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
Who might this WAIFU be, hmm?
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017   Artist
Mai Waifu from Yandere simulator.
Thedoctor2121218 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
How does the game know of this? Apparently Yandere simulator is controlled by skynet....
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017   Artist
She sneaked in my studio.
Thedoctor2121218 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
Meh. I like my explanation better.
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017   Artist
Oh you prideful.
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