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This has Ideologically sensitive material, TG, Graphic Transformation, Strong Language, Suggestive Scenes, F2F, F2M, M2F, Age Regression, Mental Changes, and Mind Control. If you don't like that kind of stuff, go to "Breadwinners Lolipop Crew hexafusion", this will relieve you of these following transformations. 
If you want to read the previous tale, look up this "JBK85 tales: MLP Mane six TF TG 6 BW Characters" So see you at the end of the story... 
Louds by jaybirdking85
Jaybirdking85 tales #2: In the Loud House... (Lori/Leni/Luna/Luan/Lynn/Lincoln/Lucy/Lana/Lola/Lisa/Lily Multi TF/TG/AR/MC)

Written by Jaybirdking85

"Damn it!" Simonette yelled, all pissed off that the Loud Kids had dissapeared, she had broke the bad news to Mr. and Mrs. Loud, who are grieved from their kids' death. She decided to bring back the Loud kids, in a very strange way. She told the parents that their children's souls were still in the house and in their respective items.
(At another place, somewhere at Huntington, West Virginia.)
Hi, I am Christina, I'm 24, I was at the park, near a fast food restraunt, with my 10 friends. Didn't you know that I received a letter from Someone at Michigan. I know the last name was "Loud". It said.
Dear Christina,
Our 11 kids had died over the last week, we invite you and 10 other people to visit us...
And so on...
Zach, he is 23 years old, and never has a phone on him, he hated phones, and he was a very quiet and submissive one.
Tara, she is at the age of 21, she goes to church with me, and she is intelligent too, never the hazy one.
Julie, she is 22 and she is a nonmusical one.
Thomas, a 23 year old man, he is a very depressed man, he has no sense of humor.
Samantha, she's 27 and she is not active at all, that's why she is overweight.
Carol, she is a happy to go 19 year old, innocent and never has dark thoughts.
Wendy, she is afraid to get dirty, and she cleans with a bubble suit and gloves sometimes, she is also 20
Shane, he is 20 too, he is suffering poverty right now, he is a very untalented man.
Timothy, he is 19 years old, he is a very ignorant, and he does not realize any chemicals in anything.
Ian, 65 years old, he is an elderly man that has a cane, his back is aching from age.  

These were my friends, we decided to pack our stuff to go up north at Michigan. We needed a lot of stuff. We went into the car, we stuffed 5 people in the middle row and 4 people in the way back. Ian and I was at the front row. We drove off to Royal Woods, Michigan. It took almost 7 hours to get there. Our smoking was terminated when we got there, since there's no smoking there. Thomas was very upset that he can't use tobacco. We were at the Loud residence. We were welcomed by two adults, Mr. and Mrs. Loud. My friends and I were shocked that there's a trap hidden in the living room, the couple went into the kitchen. Tim, not knowing what he was doing, accidently stepped on the trap, thus sending us down a maze, we fell unconscious. When I woke up, I couldn't see my friends at all, meaning that we were separated. I knew then the maze would change me, for all eternity.
Zach was walking in the blue part of the labyrnth, he was very scared, until he heard a text, he knew that it was that, he followed the text, as if he was following the dog. He touched the phone, despite his mind not wanting to. The sprit of bossiness and phone-obsession had possessed him.
"Your past is mine!" The spirit said.
His black pants turned into brown shorts. His black hood became a light blue tank top.
"What the hell are you doing to me..." Zach cried.
His socks disappeared as his black boots became blue flats, his tan skin became a Caucasian color.
"" He cried as his body hair fell. His hair turned blonde as SHE felt her penis shrink into her body, it became a vagina. Blue eye shadow appeared as earrings pinched her ears, eyelashes appeared. Her age regressed to 17.
"Oh my..." She was silenced as she fell down and her eyes turned black. By the look at the mirror, she could tell that her eyes were black. It was like she had no irises. B cup breasts grew on her chest, making the mental changes ensue. Her memories went from playing Mario Kart 8 with friends to calling her boyfriend and turning people into "human pretzels". She passed out as if she couldn't remember her name at all.
I was exploring the longest part and connected with other sides. A girl with pointed high heels came, she was towering me.
"Well, well, well. If it isn't one of our guests. Let me tell you something... your phone hating friend, Zach had lost the game. There is only 10 of you left. You want to see "him"?"
She made a door way, only to show...
"Lori Loud..." I cried, thinking that Zach had ran away.
"What is your name?" I asked the shade of gray woman.
"I am Simonette." She wickedly smiled.
"If you want to see your friend again, go through this maze." She did it again, and faded away, as Lori faded away.
"This is only the beginning."
Tara was exploring the light green path, she knew where she was going. She walked to a light teal box called, "Leni". She looked at the sunglasses with white frame. She put it on, her black hair started to become blonde, as her IQ was dropping. Her short hair became longer.
"Like,no..." She said. Her eyes turned black, as her pants and t-shirt became a teal and white dress. Her shoes became teal and white flip flops. She felt a pinch as she felt earrings. Her C cups went back to B cups, making the mental changes ensue. Her memories went from writing anime fanfics to fashion, and being Leni. Age regressed to 16. She passed, not knowing who she was before.
I continued exploring, following my determination.
"Tara had lost, and now there's nine left!" Simonette yelled, she opened up the light teal path, showing Leni Loud, still fast asleep.
"Leni Loud, I think I'm hallucinating." I thought. Her body faded away, and she was gone.
"Why won't you take me?!" I cried. I did not know where Lori and Leni go. I continued journeying, as Simonette disappeared back to a mysterious place.
Julie was walking in the purple path, there was a small window up on the room, where the purple box is. I looked into the small window, I saw a note, it said...
"The one who picks up the guitar will get the surprise."
Weird, I did not expect that at all. I tried yelling at her not to pick up the guitar, but I was too late when I notice the window dissappear and me going back down.
"No! No! No! Please be okay, Julie." I cried. Her blonde hair turned brown as it shortens, her clothes turned purple. Her long skirt became shorter as it gained stripes, horizontal and vertical. Her long sleeved shirt became a short sleeved shirt with a skull. Bangle bracelets came on both arms, as her flats became boots. White belts appeared. Her ears felt a pinch as earrings appeared there, purple eye shadow appeared, Her breasts dissolve into an A cup. Her eyes turned black. Freckles appear, as the brain altering ensues. Her memories went from being a very quiet and shy person, to loving music. Her age regressed to 15. She stayed awake, but couldn't remember her name.
I cried hopelessly, never having Julie come back. Simonette came back, and she mocked me again, saying...
"Oh, boo hoo, did you miss Julie? It'd be probably be too late since she LOST!" She opened up the wall, showing who was Julie now...
"Luna!" She used her magic to make Luna fade away, and she was gone.
"What you did to her?! Bring Julie back!" I yelled.
"One, I won't tell you... and two, no." She patiently replied, she faded away, as the wall reappeared. I continued to journey into the labyrnth.
A depressed Thomas was walking the yellow, funny path of the intricate maze. He was leaving a trail of tears. He saw a yellow box. 
"How could a cardboard box be yellow?" He thought. He saw some comedy props. The comedy props floated up and said...
"What's the matter, Thomas." Said the flower.
"Cheer up, man!" Said the puppet. His eyes turned into different shades of yellow, and swirly. He was being hypnotized and the 3 flowers came and attached his black shirt and shoes. His black shirt lost the sleeves as it turned white, and his black sweat pants became yellow skirt with black, thin stripes, horizontal and vertical. His black shoes lost its laces, and became brown. His hair went from black to brown as it grew longer and was tied into a pony tail, with a yellow scruchie. His ankle socks became longer and yellow and black. Small breasts appear as braces materialize on HER teeth, and she is now female. Her brain began to alter. Her memories went from doing drugs and suicidal thoughts to doing pranks and comedy. Her eyes became black. Her age regressed to 14. She was lying on the ground, laughing to hard to even remember her name.
I sense another loss of a friend, I heard a girlish laughter. I closer to the wall, as the sound got louder. I notice the wall segment fade away.
"Luan Loud!" I yelled with disbelief. I walked away as far away as possible, Ms. Simonette came and ruined it again.
"You can't run away from the dissapearance." She said, as Luan faded away, and she was gone. I wondered where she went?
"Ok, damn, if you want to know what's happening in this maze, I would let you witness this coming up change." She told me, as she faded away, and I continued to journey. A window opened at my right, was that... her. Aw damn no!
Samantha was walking toward to the red box, and she picked up a base ball bat. A spirt wanted to play sports with her. Samantha unwillingly said yes. I started to notice her dirty blonde hair become brown, and being tied into a pony tail. Her fat started to go away, and I see a bit of muscles. I wonder what's happening to her. Her tan skin becomes Caucasian white. Her striped sweater became a red and white jersey with the number one on there. Her yoga pants became red and white shorts. Her shoes became black cleats, as her socks became white high socks with a red stripe. She regressed to 13. She gained freckles, her breasts dissolved into small ones. Her brain begin to alter, her memories went from overeating and being lazy to being active and participating in sports. Her eyes turned black. I was scared now that I knew what Simonette was doing, she was tricking my friends into turning into The Loud House characters. I knew Sam became Lynn Loud.
The door opened and Lynn came out, she suddenly dissapeared before my eyes.
"Dude, what did you do to her!?" I angrily asked.
"You saw it with your very own eyes. You'd never guess who's next?" Simonette did that malicous smile again. She went off, not telling me who was next...
Carol was walking at the darkest path, she had a torch on her hand. She notices a black box. She sees a gothic poetry book, she opens it up as the torch's fire goes out. She couldn't see in the dark. Her bangs start to grow, until it covered her eyes, giving her a perfect view of her blonde hair turning black. Her African American skin begins to become a very pale color. Her indigo sneakers became black shoes. The sweater became slightly longer as the pants merged with the socks, and the part where they were covered, were gone, the sleeves split from the shirt. Both the long arm things, and the socks turned white and gained black stripes. Her tank top underneath also gained black stripes as the former sweater turned black. Her frown became almost permanent. Her mind begun to change, so soon that thoughts of having fun became thoughts of poetry and gothic stuff. Her age regressed to 8. The woman named Carol ceased to exist.
I notice the wall open up a pitch black room. No one in there. I think it is too late, but when I heard breathing, I knew it was not.
"Lucy..." I saw her...
"4 of your friends remain?" Simonette returns again, preparing to make Lucy "disappear", like the other 5 I saw "vanish".
"What the hell did you do to Carol?!" I screamed. Simonette ignored me and left me.
Wendy walked in the dark blue path, she saw gross stuff.
"Ill, what is this shit!" Said Wendy, she saw a dark blue box. She sees a red cap. She puts it on, as her black hair turn blonde, and was put up in downward pigtails. Her t-shirt turned into a murky green color. Her eyes turned black, like the rest of the victims. Her pants became overalls, and her shoes became white sneakers with blue stripes. Her age regressed to 6, as her front two teeth receded back in the gums. Her mind starts to change as she screamed, thoughts of cleanliness, and hating germs soon became thoughts of fixing stuff and filth. Not remembering who she was before, the girl named Wendy ceased to exist.
 I couldn't believe what's happening to my friends, the walls revealed a tomboy 6 year old girl.
"Lana Loud..." I was shocked that I lost wendy, I only have 3 people left to save. Simonette came back, preparing to give the new Lana a "Game Over". She made Lana "Vanish"... and just like that, another friend lost.
"Here's a challenge, if you would manage to save at least one of your friends, I would take rest's souls out of the Loud Kids' bodies, and make them solid human beings, but if you don't... you'll find out. You've been warned by me." She maniaclly laughed as she left. I continued to journey in this labyrnth.
Shane walked in the pretty pink maze, too girly for his gender, male. He saw a pink box, it has a tiara in there, he put it on, as his filthy brown hair started to change, growing longer. When his hair reached his shoulders, it detangled itself. When it reached the upper back, it got rid of all dirt. When it reached the lower back, it became blonde. His rags started to change too. First the shirt begin to look neater, then the shorts. The patches now match the fabric of the clothes. Next, the shirt and shorts merged into one piece. Third, it turned pink as his sandals became girly dress shoes. The sleeves broke off as it covered his hands, which had became more dainty. The sleeves became gloves. His eyes turned black. He felt a pinch as earings appeared. His adams apple was gone. His one piece garment was still changing. It turned into a dress, and grew longer, until it reached the floor. His front two teeth shrunk back into the gums. A pagent sash appeared on his sash as his penis shrunk into a girlhood, making HER blush. Her teeth whitened. A pearl necklace materialize on her neck as her age regressed to 6. Her mind begins to alter, soon thoughts of being dirty and gross, all became winning beauty pagents, being beautiful, and being a tattletale. Makeup appeared as the man named Shane, ceased to exist.
When I got to the path of the maze, a wall opened up, only to reveal a princess-like 6 year old girl.
"Lola Loud..." I was shocked that I lost another friend.
"Well, you only got two left, better step up yo' game!" Simonette manically laughed. She made the new Lola "disappear". She was gone. I continued to run through this maze.
Tim was running in the green path, he saw a green box. He saw glasses, he put them on, but he couldn't see anything. The changes ensue. To begin with, his vision begin to falter, making the glasses be seen through clearly. Next, his hair turned from blonde to brown as it became chin length. His tank top turned green and it gained sleeves, his IQ begun to raise. His shirt became a sweater. His pants turned
red. His shoes become brown. He becomes stotic as his age regressed to 4. His gender changes into female, whom SHE was now. Her eyes turned black. Her brain continues to alter, soon thoughts of goofing off at Mario Kart became doing "poop studies" and spending time at her lab. The man named Tim ceased to exist.
I was still exploring the maze, the walls opened as revealed a 4 year old genius herself.
"Lisa Loud..." I was shocked that I lost again. Simonette appeared again.
"Well, there is only one friend left you need to save, so you better hurry up. Time is ticking." She grinned evily, as she made Lisa "vanish". She walked away as I continued to go journey through this labyrnth.
Ian was walking in the light purple path, he saw a baby box. he saw a adjustable diaper, he took off his underwear and pants, putting on the diaper, he felt himself getting younger, smaller. His grey hair begins to turn blond, and one baby tooth grow in. His eyes turn black, and his wrinkles faded away once he reached his 20's. At 12, SHE turned into a girl. At 9, she had slightly shorter hair. At 5, she's very small. At 3, she starts losing memories of existence. She stopped geting younger at 1 year, 3 months. She looked like a baby. Her brain begins to alter, soon thoughts of reading books, listening to classical music, and watching old cartoons became constantly pooping her diaper and saying "poo poo". The old man named Ian was gone, forever.
I was still walking in the Labyrnth. I saw another wall open, only to see a cute little infant girl.
"Lily Loud..." I was shocked that I lost my last friend. Simonette came back.
"You had lost now head this way to the orange path to recieve your prize, or continue wondering hopelessly in this maze, alone, forever. You choose." She prompted me to my ticket to seeing my friends again.
"Good Luck! I need it!" I said as Simonette went into the orange dead end. I run there, having my body ready to make my surprise. I saw Simonette in her bikini with a see-thru skirt. She was still wearing heels. She is wearing latex gloves. She was doing a suggestive pose.
"Hello, you made the right decision, you were always loyal to your friends, who are now what are you going to become's sisters. Orange box is over there. Claim your prize, and accept that your friends are replaced by 10 amazing girls, who are desperate for their brother back. Come on, make the 10 girls happy." She introduced the plot.
"If you want to know where your friends went, claim your prize. If you even want to know the truth, here it is. I already captured all 10 of the lost souls, inserting the bodies into the Loud sisters' bodies. One-by-one, they all went away and now here is I, standing before you in a sexy outfit, waiting to see your transformation!"She continued.
"Transformation!? You may turn my 10 friends into Louds, but i'll won't hesitate to fight you!" I yelled at her, wanting to fight her.
"Oh, you are a very fiesty one, but you seem to be the perfect canidate for the Loud sibling, ready just for you! Over a 2 weeks ago, the loud siblings died, and now, we brought back 10 Louds to life thus far. UGH! SCREW IT! NGGAH! Your continued existence as a 24 year old woman has been a threat to Royal Woods' society! Touch the comic books already and wear the gloves now, so the comics will not be ruined." She yelled.
I touched the comic books after putting the gloves on. I begin reading the comic books as one of Simonette's vines wrap around my ankle. My long, straight teal and purple hair begins to get shorter, as it turns snow white. My camisole begins change fabric, and gained sleeves. I also notice it turn orange, as it gained a collar and a button. My body begins to shrink into that of an 11 year old. I felt my hands become more masculine but smaller. My breasts and butt shrink, my chest was now flat. My white stockings, shrink a bit and turned gray with red and blue stripes. My eyes turned black. I felt a lot of pain. Despite the pain I was feeling, I was still focusing on reading comics. The larger changes came in when I felt pain in my crotch. My vagina was gone and replaced by a penis. My flats becomes white sneakers with red stripes. My long skirt became blue jeans. My dark tan skin become fair skin, and then 3 by 3 freckles appeared.
"Oh no..." I cried as my front teeth starts grow into a overbite, thus making it bucked, it also became chipped. I cried hopelessly. I feel the want to read comics in undies. It was getting hot in here. I felt visble bags. My make up was gone. My head is a perfect circle now. My age had regressed to 11. My mind begins to alter, soon thoughts of fighting Simonette, and being a girl, became reading comics in my undies, playing videogames, and watching TV, my memories also were replaced by Lincoln Loud's memories.
"I... I'm... No! Lincoln." I remembered. The feelings of a boy came in and I felt it. I couldn't hit a girl. I also now had Lincoln Loud's interests. The vine released my foot and I was free. Now my old self, Christina, ceased to exist.
I looked up at Simonette, she towered over me.
"W-what's... going... on..." I asked her.
"Ready to go back, Lincoln?" She asked me. I said yes. I was ready. I closed my eyes, as Simonette used her magic, and I faded from her presence.
I woke up in my bed, It was Lincoln's bed, and I am him. I walked out of my bed, ready see what suprise awaits me. I saw all 10 of my sisters. I know what was going on, I was now offically one of them. I was glad to be back from the dead. I'm ready to start my new life and break the 4th wall.
And they stayed like that for all eternity. The Loud siblings revival got so much love, that the once fabled Union Protector 11 were forever forgotten, they were now called "The Loud 11". They caused chaos everywhere by fighting in public, over anything. Paige, a young 21 year old depressed girl, never getting over the loss of her 11 idols, but the one she worried for most is her beloved Thomas. You'll get more information on her another story. It was hard for the West Virginia government to maintain order ever since our heroes had fallen over the dark forces of Simonette and joined the LOUD side. The citizens of both Huntington and Royal Woods shook in fear of both Simonette, and the Loud kids.

Note for readers: I hoped you enjoy this story, and thank you for playing along. Never assume a innocent Loud House visit to be a very good thing. It'll be too good to be true, since there is traps. Plus, don't touch anyone else's stuff or else you might become the owner. Don't judge a book by its cover, or you might find traps. Those people found Royal Woods, but accidentally found traps. They are now submitting to the power of Simonette, and The Louds. With no magical powers nor willpower,they wouldn't change back.

A new show targeted, put on IDEOLOGICALLY sensitive Tag on there since some people dislike this stuff, especially when it comes to Loud House TFs.
They are reborn.
The Loud House - Lori Loud Icon The Loud House - Leni Loud Icon Luna Has Left The Building Loud House - Luan please Loud House - Lynn Loud House - Lincoln's Idea tLH: Vampire Lucy Loud House - Lana Loud The Loud House - Lola Loud Icon The Loud House: Lisa shocked emote Loud House - Lily 

Title: In The Loud House...

Changed Character(s): The Union Protector 11 ------> The Loud Kids

Original Series (if any): N/A

Show that they (transform into) is from: Nickelodeon's The Loud House

Method of transformation: Item/Magic/Hypnosis (They Don't Realize that they are becoming Louds.)

Description: Grieved from their children's death, Mr. and Mrs. Loud ordered Simonette, a 2000 year old lady who looks 20, to bring their children back to life. Simonette granted their wish in a very strange way. instead of resurrecting the kids directly, she had set 11 people in a intricate maze for their "prizes". One-by-one, each of them became a "Loud Kid". Simonette had made the parents' day by transforming others into the Loud children. They were enjoying their new lives.

Link to bonus (if any): N/A

Links to other required resources (wiki pages, OC references, etc):……………………………

See ya' next time... and happy Halloween.

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Thank you.
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016   Artist
I tried not to fit the transformed with the Loud kids.
They are polar opposites of the Louds.
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How did the Loud kids die?
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Long story
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