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Girls to Objects (Pen and Eraser FTM TF TG MC) 
By jaybirdking85.

Have you ever heard of Battle for Dream Island? Then you can... join us...!

Once there were 2 human girls, named Penelope and Erica. Penelope​ was a brunette​ girl who was 18 years old. Erica was 18, but is a blonde. Both of the poor young adults are willing to experience life as a Object. The two girls had bought potions online, which had came today. They are going to wait until it is the right time, but a lady got the potions and injected it to the girl's food and served it on the table. The two girls sat down on the table
and the lady hid in the kitchen. 

"So, how was your day, Penny?" Erica asked Penelope, eating her first bite of her meat.
"It was amazing and something cool happened today." Penelope replied, taking her first bite of her salad, not noticing that her face started paling.
"Penelope, are you pale? I think the food has been poisoned." Erica asked Penelope, not noticing that she is turning pink. 
"Erica, have you look in the mirror recently? You are turning pink!" Penelope responded, not noticing her brown hair had started to turn blue. 
"Um, Penelope, your hair is turning blue" Stated Erica, not noticing her blonde hair is shrinking. "Is my hair shrinking?" She asked herself. Both of their arms had started to turn black as their legs did the same. Their fingers had started to recede back into their palms, and then their palms become more ball shaped. Their toes merged together, making their shoes and socks slip off. Their bodies get less curvy and busty, which meant there were no reason for breasts to exist, making their clothing loose.
"Do you think that we are turning into objects?" Penelope asked Erica.
"Yes we are!" Erica freaked out. Their bras snapped and fell to the floor and their underwear felt like they did not fit any more. Their butts shrank down too.

Suddenly, Penelope's blood feels a chemical reaction, turning into  blue ink in the process. Suddenly her hair finished becoming blue as it starts to become a pen cap. Her head starts to form a pen tip. Her neck disappears as her voice starts to change, until it became masculine enough to be nothing but male. She, now a he finally was becoming aware of what he was becoming.

"P-pen from BFDI? I knew it!" He stated, hearing Pen's voice. His body fuses with his head, as the body and head forms into a slender cylinder shape, becoming white in the process. His bones were cracking, fitting the organs in his new body. His eyes turned black as his nose, ears, and eyelashes were gone. He starts to get out of the unnecessary clothes, since he'll never need them anyway. 

"Penelope, I need... Your help..." Erica distressfully cried. Her body finished turning pink, as her body starts taking on a shape of an eraser, her hair was gone soon. Her eyes started to turn black and her nose and ears begin to become less discernable. Her pupils and irises were getting darker as they and the reflection started to become more difficult to discern from the scelerae​. 
"Make it stop!" Erica cried, as her voice starts to take on a lower pitched and unenthusiastic tone, sounding nothing more than a male. 

"No! No! I'm not Eraser." She, now a he stated, not realizing that he is wearing unnecessary clothes. 
"Well, well, well, I guess you don't need these garments anymore. You are not a human being no more, you are a object." The lady walked up, with an innocent smile.
"Why are you smiling like that? What did you put in the food!" Erica (In Eraser's body) asked the lady.
"Ahuhuhu! Likely question. You see, I put the potion in your food." The lady responded.
"Why would you ever do that?" Penelope (in Pen's body) asked.
"You see, you should not have asked to become an object. This is what you want? Right!?" The lady responded. Both of the former girls get a throbbing headache, it was starting to indicate that their memories were starting to change. They both passed out. During their time unconscious, their memories reworked themselves to match Eraser and Pen's. Penelope ceased to exist as Pen from BFDI took his place, and Erica ceased to exist as Eraser took his place. 

When they woke up, they were at the dimension of Battle for Dream Island, instead of that home that once belonged to these girls, although they don't remember being there. Pen and Eraser are back. 

"When we say that you'll become an Object..." The lady started to peel "her" disguise off, as she, actually he reveals himself as another object. "We mean it!"
 And that was it, they stayed like that forever. The girls' loved ones searched 4 years for the girls but they gave up and declaimed them dead. Penelope's mom committed suicide, and her father had to take long shots of therapy and take a lot of pills. Erica's dad killed himself while Erica's Mom grieved herself, before she died. The friends cried until they became a life of crime. The boyfriends did the same. The lady, Erica, and Penelope had affected the lives of many by one stupid decision of ordering the potion. God only knows why this happened.
The end.
The other object in question is Blocky.
The lady in question is unknown.
Not suitable for younger readers.

Pen and Eraser © Battle for Dream Island © Jacknjellify.
faedonrocks Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny how both Pen and Eraser are in the TLC right now.
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017   Artist
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