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Frisk the monster by jaybirdking85 Frisk the monster by jaybirdking85
For all her life, Frisk was always called weak. She was not good at monster sports, and she gets beaten by Undyne every time. That all changed one day when she saw Alphys make a potion...
Frisk: What are you making, Alphys.
Alphys: ...Potion... that makes you strong...
Frisk: I need this to fight and keep my HP 20/20.
Alphys gives frisk the potion and frisk drinks it, she could feel herself getting stronger already. She started to do well in monster gym class, and fight better. Toriel was worried that Frisk was dropping out of pacifist route and going into the genocide route. Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Asriel, Asgore, Undyne, Muffet, Monster Kid, MTT ex, and Alphys were sitting in the living room of Toriel's House, planning to have a talk with Frisk.
Papyrus: Halt human, I, the great Papyrus has something to say, your life is going down a dangerous path!
Toriel: My Child, I think we should settle down all the fights in the Underground.
Frisk: I don't need this! I'm strong thanks to Alphys' drink! I'm DONE WITH YOUR GAMES, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Frisk storms off to her room, as she walked through the halls, she got angrier and angrier. She start to notice her red soul become upside down and white, as her eyes become yellow and red, which opened. She starts to grow horns and spikes, as she turned green.
Frisk: nnnngGAAAAH!
The Friendly Monsters came across the hall, just to see what Frisk was screaming about...
Muffet: Frisk what's wrong!?
Frisks turns forward to the monsters and Growled at them.
MTT: OMG, what happened to you, Frisk!
All monsters: RUNNN!
Alphys: My... G-god... W-what... I-I've... Do-done...?
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and her cloths get torn that she changed into some kind of beast!
Perithefox10 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
does the potion wear off
WC-Green Potion ?
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