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Download by jaybirdking85The Loud House Lincoln Nickelodeon 3 by jaybirdking85

Frisk (Undertale) to Lincoln Loud (The Loud House) TG MC

 Frisk, a human who set the monsters free from the underground, was walking down the streets of her hometown. Setting the monsters free was 3 years ago. Frisk is now 11 years of age. Frisk chose to go to the places where she wanted to go. Frisk suddenly found herself in an alleyway.

"(Dead end... But I'll stay determined.)" Frisk thought. A man in a hood called out Frisk's name. How did he know her name. Frisk found out that the man in the hood, he is in fact a warlock. Frisk decided to buy something that'll change her life for eternity.  Frisk was given a warning that there'll be unforeseen consequences.

When she returned home, Frisk decided to not abide the warning, because she got curiosity the best of her. This is the pivot point where she starts to change. Frisk falls down to the floor of her bedroom. Her short, brown hair becomes snow white as it becomes shorter. Her yellow skin becomes a normal shade of Caucasian skin. Soon, her developing breasts dissolved, but it did not take long. Frisk soon felt her seemingly closed eyes open up, only to reveal that her eyes turned from brown to black. Frisk felt her hair restyle itself, just to resemble Lincoln Loud's. Her hands dropped from 5 fingers to 4. Her developed curves were gone too. Her front teeth merged, and grew. As soon as the new bucktooth finished developing, it became chipped. Frisk felt her face become less feminine, and more boyish. She felt freckles appear on the side of her cheeks. 

The changes creep up to her gender. Her womanhood disappears, never to be seen again. Her reproductive system gets replaced by a male set of reproductive organs. Completing her, now his transition from female to male was a manhood. An Adam's apple formed in his throat, giving him a boy's voice. His clothes were the next to change. His boots shortened as it gained laces, turned white, and gained red stripes. His blue shorts lengthened until they were considered pants, darkened slightly, and became jeans. His blue sweater with purple stripes starts to change. First, the sleeves got shorter, until they were short sleeves. Then, the stripes and the main color went from purple and blue to orange, as there was no stripes left. After that, the sweater thinned out, making into more of a shirt than a sweater. Finally, the shirt became a polo shirt. Grey socks with red and blue stripes materialized on his feet. His bra vanished as his panties turned into white briefs. 
"(Lincoln?)" Frisk thought again.

His brain begun to alter. Soon all those memories of befriending and freeing the monsters from the underground, were replaced by Lincoln Loud's memories. All thoughts shifted from the underground to reading comics in his underwear, playing video games, and more. Frisk blacked out as he ceased to exist, as Lincoln Loud, a boy who lived with 10 sisters, took his place. His red soul turned orange.

When Lincoln woke up, he found himself in his room, lying on his bed. It was morning as sun rose from the sky. Looks like it's gonna be a long day for Lincoln.
Frisk becomes Lincoln Loud. And yes I know frisk is genderless but I claim frisk as a she. I'm not gonna hate you for being the different from me. I put Mature content in there for this reason.
BunBun-The-Bunny Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting and unique!
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February 22, 2017
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