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SnakeSnake TF TG MC by jaybirdking85
Dark rye syndrome potion (Snakesnake TF TG Corruption story)

Amber was scared of bad people. She didn't even knew she'll survive in this bad neighborhood. Amber was a very nice girl with a perfect attitude. She'd then became a damsel in distress of a bad man named Huriko. She couldn't escape. Amber was never gonna get out, she was stuck for weeks. 

Amber wanted to get out of here. She tried to attempt escaping, but it all failed. She looked up the shelf and saw a potion. She can't leave, but she was still able to move around. She drank the potion and collapsed on her knees. Feeling shivers, she was very nervous. Huriko entered the room and saw little innocent Amber on her knees. Amber then started to change. Huriko ignored Amber changing by using his cell phone. Amber noticed her skin get covered with green featherlike scales.  She was getting colder too. "Help me!" She cried as her hair turned from blond to black. She was still afraid of her curiosity's consequences. There were tears in her eyes. Her hair got shorter. Her bangs change into that of Snakesnake's. Her shirt turned into a black, torn V-neck T-shirt. Her long skirt turned into black shorts. Her lips turn into a orange beak. Her teeth sharpen. Her tongue became forked.  She tried to scream but all that came out was an evil laugh. Her gender painfully switched as her bra disappeared and her panties turned into black boxer briefs. His chest was flat and his neck was gone. His socks were gone. His feet morphed into duck feet. His heels turned into flat boots. His eyes grew bigger, rounder, and stuck together as the irises turned black. He was wearing eyeliner. His pupils are slits and the irises were gone. Spiked wristbands materialized on his wrists. His nails were painted black. 

His thoughts were becoming less human and more of a pure malice, wanting to be with a fine lady. He had a desire to do bad stuff. Now he had Snakesnake's mindset. He felt a soul patch under his beak. He felt the hot room to be perfectly fine. He had hands that consist of 4 fingers. "Perfect!" He felt all the changes in his mind. "But there is something missing." He continued in a new voice he was never used to. Snakesnake's voice. A dark blue hat with a skull on it appeared on his hair. Anger was taking him over.

"You know you trapped me in here for a very long time," He maliciously laughed."Don't you know why I'm Ssssnakesnake, the worst, the baddest?" He hissed. He beat up Huriko and got out of this place. "Time to be bad."

Not my first tem using corruption.
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August 16, 2016
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