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Disclaimer: Breadwinners (Swaysway and Buhdeuce) and the Pizzawinners (Zoona and Roni) are owned by Nickelodeon.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinners(Swaysway/Buhdeuce to Zoona/Roni TF TG Corruption)

Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 1 by jaybirdking85
Swaysway and Buhdeuce's wanted to tell off the Pizzawinners, Zoona and Roni, but the Pizzawinners decided to make the Breadwinners them instead.
Swaysway: Alright Pizzawinners, do you want to see what we are going to do to you?
Zoona: Not if we do whatever you are going to do to us first.
Roni: Yeah, not if we do it first.
Buhdeuce: We are going to change you girls into us.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 2 by jaybirdking85
The Breadwinners tried to do what was planned, but the Pizzawinners got them first.
Buhdeuce: Buh, Sway. What is happening to you.
Swaysway: Bap, don't worry about it. Everything is going to be...
Pizzawinners(In unison): No, it is not going to be fine.
The Breadwinners started to notice the changes...
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 3 by jaybirdking85
The Breadwinners started to notice the changes had just begun.
Swaysway: What the bap is this? Is this your wristbands... and my feathers, they are pale. My hair feels longer.
Buhdeuce: Oh my bap! My feathers, they are pale. Is my hair getting longer? Are we monsters?
Zoona: No! You are becoming us. We are you.
Roni: Yeah, yeah... and you are us.
Breadwinners did not knew what was going on.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 4 by jaybirdking85
They were now paler than before. Buhdeuce's shirt is now a dress. SwaySway's shirt is now perfectly fit. Their sneakers were now black boots. The Breadwinners did not stand a chance against the Pizzawinners.  SwaySway's hair was turning blue just like Buhdeuce's hair was turning blue too. By now, SwaySway's hair was reaching his back. Buhdeuce's hair had bangs now.
Buhdeuce: Our hats are changing
Swaysway: My Hat!!! It's changing.
Zoona: You are becoming US.
Roni: Yeah, soon you'll be no longer boys and flat chested.
The Breadwinners will soon no longer have blonde hair. They'll soon be girls.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 5 by jaybirdking85
Swaysway(Zoona?) and Buhdeuce(Roni?) were questioning who they are now, and who they used to be.
Swaysway: My uniform! What's happening to it?
Zoona: It's changing into a Pizzawinners uniform.
Buhdeuce: Um, same with mine.
Roni: Yeah, your uniform is changing.
The Breadwinners(Pizzawinners?) were losing their memories also.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 6 by jaybirdking85
The now Pizzawinners were almost identical to the real Pizzawinners.
Pizzawinners' Clones: What is going on!
Pizzawinners: You guys look like us now.
They did now have to reprogram the former Breadwinners' minds.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 7 by jaybirdking85
The former Breadwinners' mind was being reprogramed.
Zoona 2.0: Why did I ever be that featherbrain named Swaysway? That was just so dumb. I'm not Swaysway, I'm Zoona of the Pizzawinners. I'm was never that featherbrain
Roni 2.0: Yeah, me too. I was never meant to be that featherbrain named Buhdunce. It was the dumbest decision of my life to even think about being him. I do not like bread, I hate it!
Zoona: Bread is lame.
Roni: Yeah, bread is lame.
The Breadwinners ceased to exist.
Breadwinners go Pizzawinner (Twinning) 8 by jaybirdking85
The Pizzawinners 2.0 are finished. No more Breadwinners.
Thus the pizzawinners have clones of themselves.

The end.

This is Based off...
the Breadwinners are now corrupted. This has transformation and TG too. This also has corruption and twinning.

The Breadwinners - SwaySway and Buduece Icon  ----> The Pizzawinners  
This is not hate art.
Kissasheep Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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