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BFDI Descendants by jaybirdking85 BFDI Descendants by jaybirdking85
There are 10 descendants of the 20 contestants of BFDI. All of them are 21 years old.

Red Flower (Son of Blocky and Flower)/Flocky Offspring
Gender: Male
Race: Red Flower with 4 petals/Part Building Block
Persona: Self-Centered (from Flower), Mean (Both from Flower and Blocky), and Prankster (From Blocky)
Friends: Matraser (Fr-enemies), Frost Bubble (Friend), and Mechanical Pen-Cil (Sometimes)
Enemies: Everyone Else
Mother: Flower
Father: Blocky

Sponge Pin (Daughter of Pin and Spongy)/Spongpin Offspring
Gender: Female
Race: Pin-Sponge Hybrid
Persona: Combination of Pin and Spongy's
Friends: Ice Rock (Friend)
Enemies: Frost Bubble, Matraser, Mechanical Pen-Cil and Red Flower (Polar Opposite)
Mother: Pin
Father: Spongy (No Choice)

Water Wood (Son of Woody and Teardrop)/Wooddrop Offspring
Gender: Male
Race: Teardrop/Balsa Wood Hybrid
Persona: Cowardly (From Woody) and Silent (From Teardrop)
Friends: Sharp Coin (Friend, despite being a sharp thing)
Enemies: Anything that scares him, especially Ice Rock.
Mother: Teardrop
Father: Woody

Sharp Coin (Daughter of Coiny and Needle)/Coineedle Offspring
Gender: Female
Race: Needle/Penny Hybrid
Persona: Fairly Nice (Like Coiny), Straightforward (From Needle), and Quick (Also Needle's)
Friends: Water Wood (Friend), Sponge-Pin (Could Relate to since they are both sharp objects), Red Flower, Frost Bubble, Matraser and Mechanical Pen-Cil.
Enemies: Anyone who calls her "Sharpy", and Maple Leaf (Arch Enemy)
Mother: Needle
Father: Coiny

Ten-Golf Ball (Son of TB and GB)/Tengolf Offspring
Gender: Male
Race: Tennis/Golf Ball Hybrid.
Persona: Smart (Both Tennis Ball, and Golf Ball), Clumsy (TB), and Bossy (GB).
Friends: Ice Rock, and Water Wood.
Enemies: Frost Bubble (Arch Enemies), and Mechanical Pen-Cil, Etc.
Mother: Golf Ball
Father: Tennis Ball

Frost Bubble (Daughter of Bubble and Snowball)/Snowubble Offspring
Gender: Female
Race: Bubble/Snowball Hybrid
Persona: Combination of Snowball's and Bubble's
Friends: Red Flower, Mechanical Pen-Cil (Her Side), Sharp Coin, and Matraser
Enemies: Ten-Golf Ball, and Sponge-Pin
Mother: Bubble
Father: Snowball

Matraser (Son of Match and Eraser)/Eratch Offspring
Gender: Male
Race: Match/Eraser Hybrid
Persona: Arrogant, Unenthusiastic, Harsh, and Judgemental.
Friends: Mechanical Pen-Cil (Best Friend and Love interest), Maple Leaf (Another Love interest), and Red Flower.
Enemies: Sponge-Pin, Ten-Golf Ball, Water Wood (Matraser thinks him as a wimp), and Sharp Coin.
Mother: Match
Father: Eraser

Mechanical Pen-Cil (Daughter of Pencil and Pen)/Pen-Cil Offspring
Gender: Female
Race: Mechanical Pen/Pencil Hybrid
Persona: Cool (Pen), Leader-Like/Bossy (Pencil), Optimistic(Pen), Rude(Pencil). 
Friends: Matraser (Best Friend, Love Interest), Maple Leaf (Friend), and Red Flower (Sometimes).
Enemies: Frost Bubble (Her side), Ice Rock, Red Flower (Most Times), Sponge Pin, Ten-Golf Ball, and Water Wood.
Mother: Pencil
Father: Pen

Ice Rock (Son of Rocky and Ice Cube)/RockCube Offspring
Gender: Male
Race: Ice/Rock Hybrid
Persona: Quiet (Ice Cube), Vengeful (Ice Cube), Derpy (Rocky), Cute (Rocky) , and Random (Rocky).
Friends: Sponge Pin (Friend), Water Wood (Ice Rock's Side), Ten-Golf Ball (Friend), and Maple Leaf (Friend).
Enemies: Water Wood (His side), Red Flower, Matraser, Frost Bubble, and Mechanical Pen-Cil, and Sharp Coin.
Mother: Ice Cube
Father: Rocky

Maple Leaf (Daughter of Firey and Leafy)/Fireafy Offspring
Gender: Female
Race: Heated Maple Leaf
Persona: Kind-Hearted (Leafy), Caring (Leafy), and Some of Firey's Personality.
Friends: Firey Jr. (Half Brother), and Everyone Else but enemies.
Enemies: Sharp Coin (Arch Nemesis), etc.
Mother: Leafy
Father: Firey

See, Those are my fan children for Battle for Dream Island.
Battle for Dream Island is owned by Micheal and Cary Huang.
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