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'Apoxalypz' Main Team (Full Info in desciption) by jaybirdking85 'Apoxalypz' Main Team (Full Info in desciption) by jaybirdking85
Here's an intro on The series, "Apoxalypz".

Series Information: "Apoxalypz" is a franchise that centers around a gang of 4 people (Paulie, Shy Rat, Mavibird, and Ducillineo) who fight for their people in the 5 towns. They fight against evil white haired clones,  servants, and worse of all, the mastermind, who is called "Antagonist-Kun". They have to cure the virus, that turned countless innocent people into white haired clones. Go through the story of Paulie and friends as they discover many secrets, learn who is hunting them down, go down with the romance, and fight their enemies. Although there is some heartwarming moments, there will be sad ones too, such as people who the protagonists really care about being found either changed or dead. With most of the great people now gone, and "Antagonist-Kun" in control of the world, the fate of humanity is in the hands of the 4 protagonists. If they ever fail, then the world will fall into despair.

Now the character introduction (From Left to Right).

Shyenne Raticulus "Shy Rat"
Gender: Female
Age: 22 (As in 2020)
Birth Date: June 25, 1998. (2017 Age: 19)
Species: Anthropomorphic Harmless Rat Humanoid
Family: Unnamed Father, Harriet Ratticulus (Mother), Auntie Rat (Aunt).
Friends: Paulie (Teammate, her Superior), Mavibird (Teammate, her Superior, Possible Love Interest), Ducillineo (Teammate, her Superior), Zeria (Her Boss), Mivilana (Co-worker), Terriana (Co-worker), Tetra (Possible Future Sister-In-Law), Happ-Mouse (2nd Love interest), Fresca Kianna (Formerly, now neutral),  and more (But enemies)
Enemies: "Antagonist-Kun" (Nemesis), Axina (Minor Enemies), and etc.
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Yellow
Persona: Shy, Bookworm, Introvert, Merciful, Calm, Intelligent.
Likes: Books, Swords, Mavibird, Family, friends, veggies, her job, etc.
Dislikes: Being transformed, being yelled at, being rejected by her love interests, corpses (Mild), etc.
Backstory: Shy Rat is known for her shyness, she is one of the smartest members of this generation of Zeria's Agency, Being Agent 2 (After Arpalite's Retirement), she could use a sword, and read books. She is the almost opposite of Mavibird, who tends to have a short temper. Unlike Mavi, she is quiet, as opposed to Mavi's loud and outgoing personality, and calm, as Mavi is easily angered. Shy Rat tends to be more forgiving than her teammates, as two tend to yell at their enemies, and the other one (Paulie) does not care about her enemies. Although her weakness and shyness are with her, the intelligence makes up for all that.
Powers/Abilites: Excellent sword fighting skills, Intelligence, and extra biting power.
Height: 5'2"

MaviBird Hyraisa
Gender: Female
Age: 22 (2020)
DOB: December 8, 1998 (2017: 19)
Species: Humanoid Bird
Family: Unknown Parents, Tetra (Sister)
Friends: Shy Rat, Paulie, Ducillineo, Zeria, Mivilana, Terriana, etc.
Enemies: "Antagonist-Kun", Axina, etc.
Hair color: Blonde, reddish-brown, brown.
Eyes: Yellow
Persona: Outgoing, short-tempered, Merciless, loud
Likes: Working out, flying, her whip, family, Shy Rat, friends, her job, life.
Dislikes: Being picked on, fires, being transformed, being killed, being arrested, wimps, Axina.
Backstory: Mavibird is known for her wing-like sleeves. She is one of the strongest female members of her gang. She is also known as Agent 3 (After Mivilana's Retirement). She uses a whip, nice choice. She is usually seen flying. She is the opposite of Shy Rat, who is shy and calm, while Mavi is short-tempered and more extroverted than Shy Rat. She tends to be a bit unintelligent too. While her unintelligence is what is with her, the strength makes up for that lack of intelligence.
Powers/Abilities: Excellent whip skills, strength, flight, and speed. 
Height: 5'5"
Ducillineo Reid
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (2020)
DOB: October 11, 1995 (2017: 22)
Species: Half-Human
Family: Zeria (Mother, Boss), Arpalite (Possible Aunt)
Friends: Paulie (Girlfriend), Shy Rat, Mavibird, etc.
Enemies: "Antagonist-Kun", etc.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blue
Persona: Tough, short-tempered
Likes: His mom, Paulie, friends, family, Arpalite, working out, rock music
Dislikes: Being transformed, Axina, etc.
Backstory: Ducillineo, the son of the original Agent 1, Zeria, now holds the title Agent 1, due to his mother retiring. He is basically the spawn of a supernatural being. He is the strongest, the leader, and the only male member of this generation. He is in a relationship with the main protagonist, Paulie. He is the toughest member too. Raised by his mother, due to his father dying in 2002, due to old age. His mother is 2000 years old, looking around 20. Ducillineo is also the eldest member of the group. He is shown to have a very short-temper, you better not get on his bad side, it is not pretty. As half-human, he would have to overcome is supernatural abilities.
Powers/Abilities: Excellent Gun skills, strength, extensive self defense training, and immortality.
Height: 5'9"
Paulie McClain
Gender: Female
Age: 21
DOB: April 24. 1999 (2017: 18)
Species: Humanoid
Family: Mr. McClain (Father), Amelie McClain (Mother), Joe McClain (Brother).
Friends: Ducillineo (Boyfriend), Mavibird, Shyrat, Arpalite, etc.
Enemies: Antagonist-Kun, etc.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Green
Persona: Emotionless, Strong, slightly optimistic.
Likes: Eyepatch, family, friends, boyfriend, shield, humanity, her job.
Dislikes: Being revealed her dark side, being transformed, witnessing her loved ones die/change, Axina, etc.
Backstory: She was born in one of the five towns, she moved to Royal Woods, just as a kid, when she found out that people are vanishing, she escaped back to somewhere near her birthplace. She met all of her teammates, and future mother-in-law. She is Agent 4 (After Terriana), nothing is going to stop this girl from saving the world. She is not calm or short-tempered, she is in between. She wears an eyepatched because she has a red eye underneath that, something that is called "The other side of me". It is not pretty once you see her other, dark side, the side that is strong enough to defeat the mastermind, for good. Will Paulie ever overcome her stressful problems and fight back for what is her's? Find out in this franchise.
Powers/Abilites: Extensive self-defense training, speed, strength, knowledge of current situations, extra slashing skills, shooting skill, and knowledge of people.
Height: 5'3"

This is it, more characters coming soon.
All Characters owned by :iconjaybirdking85:
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