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Zoona TF TG by jaybirdking85
Alexander was in Kira's bedroom, what he did wrong in the past is because he did not understand girls.

Alex: Please, do not do this.
Kira: Sorry brother, but I have to, for your own good. If you were a girl, then you would understand them better. Get me.
Alex: Are you going to gender bend me?
Kira: No! This is not going to be pure TG. You are also going to become a completely different woman.
Zoona TF TG 2 by jaybirdking85
Kira casted a spell so Alexander was in nothing but girls underwear. He was strapped.
Alex: What did you do to me?
Kira: Just repaying you what did you did to me. Making all those negative comments about women. This magical wand will turn you into a new woman. You need to understand that us women need feminism. We are not your housewives. We have women's rights. You men are trying to bring back that old practice. You have to learn the true nature of women. Let me put you on the right side, the feminine side.
Alex: Feminine side?
Kira: Yep, female side, sister.
Alex(Nervously): Sis...ter...?
Zoona TF TG 3 by jaybirdking85
Alexandra's breasts was swelling, along with her behind. Her hips were swelling too. Her hair was turning blue, and was getting longer.
Alex: My hair, It's not brown anymore. It's blue. I'm not just turning into any girl...
Kira: Your mind is still nervous about being a woman. Pretty soon, your hair will be reaching your back and will be blue. Your tits will be big. You won't even like remember being a man. You'll totes be a woman soon.
Alex: Agh, my head! It hurts.
Kira: Your IQ will be lowered too.
Zoona TF TG 4 by jaybirdking85
Alexandra's breasts continued to swell. With each passing second, she understood girls more.
Alex: Please, let me go!!! I rather have small tits than big ones. Like, I now totally understand girls better. Let me-(Was cut off)
Kira: Begging won't help, it's like either you become a woman or I will force you to dress up as a cleaning lady, and do all of the ladies' chores for 5 years.
Alex: You are bad! Why do you have to do this! I'm a man, not a girl.
Kira: You are a woman, you should learn to love your new body.
Zoona TF TG 5 by jaybirdking85
Alexna's breasts grew until they were C cups.  She had a bigger butt too. Her hair was blue, and long.
Alex: What did you do to my body.
Kira: Be a woman and be proud.
Alex: This is not okay!
Kira: It's okay Sister! I am a female counselor. I'll fix your mind to adjust to this new body. Zoona TF TG 6 by jaybirdking85
Zalexna begins wear a pink outfit. She was looking sexy. She was pale skinned too.
Zalex: I'm really hot, and I'm so pale too. I have stereotypical white skin.
Kira: A woman should be looking attractive for men. Where I came from, pale skin was the definition of sexy.
Zalex: Yes, I understand that I am still beautiful. I'm barefooted and I should have shoes on. Can't date barefooted. I must understand girls feelings. I like my new body. Please don't change it no more.
Kira: This is not over, this is punishment for making fun of the opposite gender.
Zoona TF TG 7 by jaybirdking85
Zolexna was still changing, she still thinks the paler she gets, the sexier she gets. She then realizes that she was getting less and less human.
Zolex: I think I'm not a human anymore. My heart is withering away already. Gah!
Kira: Oops, you are becoming a animal monster. Not just any animal, a crane. Cranes are beautiful. You are going to become beautiful, no matter what species you are.
Zolex: I'm still your sibling? Am I?
Kira: No! You are supposed to be my perfect role model. I will have to make your mind change and reprogram you, with magic.Zoona TF TG 8 by jaybirdking85
Zooexna moaned as her memories changed from being Alexander, a man who made fun of girls and made stereotypical comments about them, to a feminist Pizzawinner that thinks pizza is better than bread.
Zooex: I can't remember who I am, or what's going on. Can't even remember my name anymore.
Kira: Your name is Zoona. You are Zoona of the Pizzawinners. You should love yourself now.
Zooex: I need feminism, now. I'm a female, not a man anymore. I'm a Pizzawinner. I'm a feminist. I'm a crane. I'm still beautiful. Bread is lame. Pizza is better than bread.
Kira: Good! I like this TF. Yay!
Any trace of Alex was erased from the physical form, as her soul became corrupt. Alex now ceased to exist.
Zoona TF TG 9 by jaybirdking85
Zoona was crossing arms at Kira, her former sister, now never was a sister. Reality was changed in order for everyone to remember her as a Pizzawinner.
Zoona: I need to deliver pizza, and ruin the bread losers business.
Kira: I need you to start being a feminist. You have to redeem yourself, but I'm not going to change you back. You totes go good as a Pizzawinner.  
Zoona: I'll totes be that woman.
Zoona TF TG final by jaybirdking85

Zoona was now understanding women better than men. She was no longer a man.
Kira: If you would like to borrow my newest woman. Just ask me for my permission.
Zoona: Two hours, and I'm totally done with you.


Alex turned into a girl as punishment.
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UnikittyTheGreat Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student Artist
im a girl and i find this bullshit i hate kira
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016   Artist
Who do you like.
UnikittyTheGreat Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student Artist
alex :P
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016   Artist
Alex was being punished.
Do you think he deserves it?
UnikittyTheGreat Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student Artist
no :(
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016   Artist
I thought he deserved it, you know some men could be Sexist.
UnikittyTheGreat Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student Artist
yea but im kinda sad bout dat Sans : Dude What..?  i mean it aint really his fault
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner May 15, 2016
great work, fitting punishment! you've a new fan..
echic10 Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Professional Photographer
Kinda hard for Alex to learn and change for the better after his mind is altered.
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