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Francis felt very hot, he started to heat up. He was out of the class room and decided to head to the school's outer courtyard. His mental state is worried that he is going to catch on fire. He notices his clothes disappear, which had consisted of a Grey fire shirt, blue jeans, and black Nikes. There is no worry about ruining his clothes anymore, by fire. His hair starts to turn into flames.
"Aah! My hair is on fire! Somebody, anybody help!" He screams as he hears his voice change.

Meanwhile at the class 401, the students can hear Francis screaming on top of his lungs. The 19 students made up a excuse, just to rescue their classmate. They ran down the stairs, and they went to the outer courtyard, they saw their friend catching on fire.
"Oh...God...why...?" Paris and Eric said in unison. Francis' limbs start turning black.
"Are you okay Francis...?" Flora Miyu asked Francis Ruto.
"I feel... Like I'm burning up!" Francis replied.
Francis' eyes turned pitch black. His height shrank from 6'0" to 5'. His bones cracked. His body, excluding limbs, was fully engulfed in flames. His neck is gone, and his body had merged with his head. His nose, ears, and hair is gone. Soon he is immune to lava. He is now Firey from BFDI.
"Firey?" Lyn said.
"Hi, Firey." Bree said
"Mother of pearl, is that Firey?" Flora said
"Oh..." Sam said
"...God..." Rockey said
"Why...?" Irene said
"Why does this have to happen!" Penni said.
"Why? Why him?" Tyler said
"No way." Brian, Paris, Eric, and Seth said in unison.
"No! It's me, Francis." Francis (Now Firey) did confess who he really is.
"Wait I know how to get our friend back." Brian said, grabbing a water bucket, and pouring it on Firey. Firey gets extinguished. The fire was out and a body regenerates from the ashes. The figure was no other than Francis. Francis was in his underwear.
"Eek I'm in my underwear!" Francis said.
"You could head to the boy's locker room, and grab your spare clothes. They all head to the locker room and Francis got his red shirt and grey shorts on. He is wearing grey sandals too. They went back to classroom 401 and they all realize that it was period 1. Lyn Lynch starts to feel odd, her chest was starting to turn green.
"I feel weird." Lyn said, while she was walking to her first period class. "Good thing that I brought a scarf." She puts on her grey scarf. 
"Lyn, you should do that, because we should keep our secret lives to ourselves." Paige said.
"I would keep this in between our class, we don't want to get anyone else involved." Lyn said. So this is just a start of a secret life, and of hiding their inner objects, the classmates from homeroom 401 try to continue live their normal lives.
Warning: The characters in this story is depicted as 18 or Older, despite the fact being otherwise specified. This is rated 13+ because it has screwed up events. You should not take fictional events like it happened in real life.…
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June 1, 2017
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