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Wow. I've never seen DA fuck up so much in one go. It crashed the browser out 3 times and made the journal post blanks. Sorry for filling up boxes with useless shit. (now it is time for more useless shit).
New computer being set up and getting loaded, etc. It always feels like a miniature version of moving residences. Should be back on track again soon.

    When that time comes I will be running the afore mentioned talent search for people who would like to do some work with my friends at Angry Viking Press. I will also do art uploads, etc etc.

  A while back I mentioned I'd answer a few questions regarding characters or whatever, but only a few. So I will do so now. The answers will be short so if you want long answers yer in the wrong place, bub. Also, if you don't care, then don't read it. It's a shame I would have to say this... you'd figure it obvious.

"My question is about whether the stories are ganna' be viewable online, via DA or Axerindust.? or will we have to purchase 'em?"
  The answer to this is they will be purchased. The stories that I am aiming to have in comic format will be in print and available for purchase as books. That is the plan and I'm stickin' to it. There will be small previews available online an such, though.

"where did you come up with the idea for Leigh? "
   Well it was some time ago, around '04 or so. I was sitting around and thinking about making a newer character to offset the others I had. The general idea was that since I had so many characters with problems and excess drama and what-have-you, I wanted a character tha twas more centered and happy. When it came to what it would be, I figured I like dragons (hurrrr) why not make a dragon. I made it a girl because that was just cooler than making it a guy. She's a bunch of things I like. Since I was trying to keep things simpler I kept her design simple...that is why she has no crazy markings or anything really out there. Simple skin pattern, etc. Cooler coloursrather than warm because I like cool colours. It was pretty much that simple from the start. Story surrounding her evolved from there but I was basically sitting down doing something little different. Nothing really interesting, sorry.

"If it's not too much information or trouble, I think everyone else, including myself would like to see a profile for some of your more characters, Leigh especially. I don't expect a backstory, but I'd like to finally see some stats. You know, height, weight, bust size, waist size, hip size, dress size, shoe size, etc.
Also, perhaps some personality traits listed and some likes and dislikes (ie- likes icecream, hates mustard, etc.) Maybe a talent (useless or otherwise) they have would be nice to know too."

  Why you wanna know how big them boobies are, HUH? I do aim to put some stats stuff out there but I always end up focusing on projects so I never put online a lot of what I actually aim to. Down the line I will make a characters section to give this information about various characters (including Leigh) all organized-like. I'll start by telling you Leigh is 6'7". Her wings are too small to work thus they are ornamental only (product of evolution over time for her race). She hates hot sauce and highway cruiser bikes. She loves DDR, comic books and Asian costumed heroes like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. THAT'S ALL YOU GET! What an asshole, right? Seriously I'll set that shit up later on an get it out there for a good amount of the characters so curiosity can be satisfied for those who care.

"Where does all the mad badass clothes designs' inspiration come from? probably today it's just the non-stop practice you do, but was there a trigger to it"
I actually started doing more detailed clothing and general design as a byproduct of doing the opposite first. I used to draw everything overly simplified. Clothes wouldn't have pockets let alone seams of any kind.  Characters were carbon copies of each-other.
I started taking an interest at some point in incorporating seams and different design styles into clothing..and then went from there. A lot of the clothing designs start (at their base) as clothes I would like to wear or see people wear. Usually they get tweaked from there but I like adding modern stylings to outfits and such. When I design an overlay outfit i always have what is underneath designed..and when it gets complex it is still actually based on something that makes sense (even when it may seem otherwise at first). I just began to employ a lot of things I enjoyed such as military style clothing into everyday outfits. As a lot of my work has been in design it came more naturally after a while to consider where seams go, what holds what, how something would stay closed or open ,etc..then ornamentation follows.
Blah blah long winded answer.

"Your Kangaroo Character, Kori Grayborn. She has a brother, am I correct? Have you ever drawn him before? And what are the siblings interests other than running their railroad company. (I think it was a railroad company.) ie: Do they enjoy sports, martial arts, collecting, shopping. Things of that sort.

Kori does have a brother, yes. Kyle is his name. He has been drawn but never coloured nor posted online. He is fairly tall, has short blond hair combed back, is relatively skinny but tall and generally wears a long black overcoat. I will put a picture of him online sometime. Kori and Kyle run an underground arms shipping service by way of the railroad they bought out. They label it a shipping business but their business is fairly shady. Kori is intelligent and charismatic. She has a heavy interest in business finance. Kyle does as well but not to the degree his sister does. His interest lies more in just having the profits flow his direction. Kori does like trains in general (she owns several model train sets as a hobbyist). She enjoys quiet country areas along with her brother as she finds that excessive company can be a headache. She owns a country house which she vacations at on occasion. Neither enjoy sports or martial arts, though Kyle is a big of a handgun nut.

That is about it for questions I am answering at the moment. Perhaps more later if there is any interest.

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All I can say is I wish you were a fashion designer.
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Er, meaning that your clothing is awesome, whereas the current fashions suck. I didn't mean I wish you were designer instead of a fine artist.
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ladyz0eProfessional Digital Artist
I have a question about this upcoming artist/writer search for viking press. I am a little curious about it, but I wonder what sort of things they'd look in a portfolio? A self contained comic? A few pages from a story I did? Or would just single image illustrations be good? Questions questions questions~ I thank you for any answers you can provide, and if you're waiting to release the info about it I understand that too.
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YAY! One that isn't blank. I think I had 7 in my inbox.
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Prince-of-LachkeysHobbyist Digital Artist
well where are the books damn it. i want to read what happens next
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RashoniHobbyist General Artist
i would have asked how you get your coloring and shading so dam PERFECT =P

but ah well :XD:

good tah know youre still out there ^.=.^
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I thought that was the reason why you draw the clothing designs that you do. The answer you gave didn't surprise me at all.

I guess regarding the characters, I would have liked it more if I would believed what I wanted to believe about everyone's characters. Strikes a little bit of the imagination regarding dialogue and such.

Glad that stuff is getting itself together for you. It's more than I can say for myself at the moment.
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MassoHobbyist Filmographer
I don't have a question at the moment about your characters. But I do ask if you're using Firefox 3 on your new computer.

I stuck to FF2 when I kept reading about how much FF3 keeps on crashing on occasion.
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hehehe... welcome back. ^^

Wow... I didn't expected Leigh would be so tall. O.O
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BoneitisProfessional Digital Artist
Whoah, answers that aren't "Yes" or "no", plus stuff about your projects that not layered in Axerian mysticism. This is all actually pretty cool to see in print.

Seriously, I had no idea what Leigh was up until now...I always figured she was just some sort of imaginative postulation of sorts.
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Thesis-DHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, my question was actually one of the ones answered here. Thanks! :) Leigh is taller than I thought she would be.
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It's cool to get a look into your mind. (:
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dragonheart07Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to hear from ya, man.:D Seeing character profiles for most of your characters is the one thing that will interest the viewers to learn more of them including Kori and this that you didn't mention in your journal which is Tayce. ^^
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Changes are nice but while their going on DA is Glitchy.

Welcome back :D.

You know could sell an artbook called "Everything you wanted to know about Jay Axer's characters and you were too afraid to ask" =P.
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Damn blank rounds lol. Oh well, just another one of DAs hiccups. Wish I could come up with a character and keep doing different variations like your Leigh, then again all I draw is mechs and weapons and can never decide to stick to a particular one XD.
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How you came up with Leigh sounds a lot like how I came up with my Character Batty. He was basically a product of things I liked. Like how he's a purple bat because of my favorite animal/color at the time.

Knowing Leigh likes comic books and DDR makes her all the more lovable and since she likes Power Rangers a drawing of her in the Pink Ranger costume must be made!

I look forward to more stuff about your characters and their world.
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Rofl. I caught this when I was checking my journals. dA does some weird stuff sometimes.
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BJPentecostProfessional Digital Artist
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BJPentecostProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, and what is your definition of 'talent' exactly? Just curious.
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How do you mean
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BJPentecostProfessional Digital Artist
I'm asking what you would consider good enough. Are there guidelines or standards you would employ to decipher such? (aside from the obvious i.e. understanding of anatomy, good compositional skills, etc.)
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Ah. Well they are looking for someone that would be good enough to be seen in print and viably purchased. That can vary depending on subject matter etc etc, I suppose...but the general idea is of something youd want to see on a comic shelf as opposed to something that looks like itd be good enough to be in a comic years from now with a lot of work.
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