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Tossed up a couple more fan art things while dinking around late night. Trying to get my tablet thing going and messing around in painter, which for me is still unfamiliar territory. Makes me wish I was one of those people who grew up with a tablet and painter so I'd be all over it, it's like learning to walk again sometimes since I used the mouse so damn much. I love it, though, it lets go of a lot of the boundaries that the mouse imprisons you in when it comes to colouring on the computer. We'll see what happens. More later.
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TabikatProfessional General Artist
I have to give a "amen" to that, I used to color and draw digitally with a mouse and it really has great limitations in what you can or cannot do, and since I've always been traditionally bound, it's hard to switch from pencil to mouse, that's why I like my tablet so much, because it's just like drawing, only with no eraser marks, well, I still fair better with my hands than on the computer, but I think I always will.

I have a Wacom Graphire 3, what tablet do you own?
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big wacom intuos 3 9x12
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TabikatProfessional General Artist
ouch, mine's only a 6X8, but it does the job
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wow you dont use a tablet! i have to say that surprises me. you have to try though, I started last year and now i dont know where id be without it.
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SquabbitStudent General Artist
I totally agree with you on the learning thing. I'm trying to get the hang of it all myself. Good luck!
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i bet you will catch right onto it! id like to get a tablet someday so i dont have to worry about erasing to get everything clean and such. whats the difference between using your tablet in painter and in photoshop?
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yeah, tablets are great, but they really just make coloring and computer art, like starting a picture on photoshop not even touching paper, just alot easier.

a little bit more convenience with a few other things, and thats really all. for me atleast
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silverwizardmonStudent General Artist
am paintings the hardist thing in the world!!...come to think of it compys pretty hard going away now *walks off in a highly confused state*
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Due to limited money I had to get a 4x5 Graphire3 tablet. At first I thought it was gonna be too small but it seemed to work out fine. Only took me about an hour to get used to it(in Mouse Mode, because Pen Mode makes the cursor jump everywhere on my screen), and I do all of my tablet stuff in Photoshop 7.

I want to try out Painter 7, but all I got is Painter Essentials 2 from the tablet bundle. :P Oh, and for some reason Open Canvas always makes the tablet go in Pen Mode even though I have my tablet set to Mouse Mode.
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Yeah, I'm sure you'll find the tablet much more efficient. =3 The smoothness it offers is amazing! I wish I could learn to use it more. (^_^) Currently I use it more to play Bejeweled 2 on yahoo games then to color with. (^_^;) I can't help it, I'm just a traditional artist.
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starinthegutterProfessional Filmographer
Hehe, I'm sure you'll rock just as much with a tablet as you do with a mouse. Tablets are tricky, but easy to get a hang of. :)
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the convenience of the side buttons in mine are nice. A little touch pad to scroll up or down and zoom in and out, and programmable clones of space bar for movement, alt, shift, and ctrl. I still gotta memorize which is which, though.
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I got a small tablet for my birthday last year and it's good, but nothing beats good ol pencil and paper :P
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Tablets are great ^_^ I love mine. The only thing that boggles me is changing the pen nib.
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I use Adobe Photoshop actually, haven't tried painter. Yeah getting used to the pen is like learning how to walk again but once you get used to it.... Now I feel awkward drawing (Trying to) with my mouse that comes with it :shug: Ahhhh well what can ya do? lol Trust me, you'll catch on quickly.
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I often notice those that used a mouse first actually tend to color better overall. Because they already knew the tricks and focused more on good coloring and not the generic "Wooh hoo look at me I got a tablet!"...kinda like those that learn a stick shift over an automatic.
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Yeah, it seems to be growing on me already. I know when it comes to inking one of the things that helped me was I was using crapass pens on crapass paper when I started, andl earningto deal with that makes inking look pristine on anything better because learning to handle the allotments and pressure and read the paper comes naturally at that point. I guess it works across mediums.
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sampdesignsProfessional Digital Artist
Yikes...I just thought of how LONG it must take you to do your art with a mouse O_O;;

I never 'grew up' with a tablet..must have recieved it in..2003 maybe.
EUAN-THE-ECHIDHOGHobbyist General Artist
Hi there

I got a large A4 tablet...but I still haven't used it yet @~@

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nerdycanuckHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm planning on picking up a tablet eventually; I think it might be nice to have around.
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choveyStudent Digital Artist
wow i can't belive you don't know what openCanvas is it's kinda the equivilent of photoshop but lacks in some areas not as good though
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Don't be surprised - When it comes to graphics programs I am limited in my espozure. beyond paint shop pro, photoshop and a brief argument with illustrator, I haven't touched much aside from painter and that is just recently.
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choveyStudent Digital Artist
ahh i see lol i've noticed youv'e been useing photoshop 4
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You gotta try Open Canvas =D
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