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Street Fighter's USSR rep. Never been able to use him efficiently, though a friend of mine can do proper damage. Zangief is always good for a laugh with his over the top expressions and always has a hug for his friends.
Pencil and ink on cheap typing paper, tossed into Painter IX. Much love.
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Amazing. My favorite character.
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Did that a long time ago, glad it holds up!
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Excellent rendition of Zangief here...You don't find too many these days...Love the cape...Nice way of drawing his signature red boots...Very crazy way you drew his expession, pose, and all-around appearance, but with all that apparent that what makes him look wicked cool...Thankx for this and please keep drawing.
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I love this face and this expression :love:
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I have the same chesthair. 8D
love the style...the definition in the face is drawn like afro samurai character...what style is that called? i know a local graff artist who does pieces with characters like that...dope design on my favorite character...
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Nicelly done! I never like too much this goofy style that Capcom gave to him. He is a killing machine...ont the right hands, he can kill the opponent in seconds.

How many heads I'd nailed on the floor with ScrewPilerDriver
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looks like zangief from the alpha movie... i dig it.
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I particularly love the details you put into his muscles!!

Nice work :thumbsup:
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awsome!!! luv zangief ;)
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I loved him in the movie, so silly! My brother liked to use him in the game. I used cammy and kicked his butt though.

Great posing and colouring.

BittyKitty :kitty:
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Harrasho!!!!! :jarkorig:
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Harrasho!!!!! :jarkorig:
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The muscular structure looks quite awesome! The skin rendering is quite wicked as well!
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There is nothing better than mastering a Lv. 3 Final Atomic Buster without jumping and wipe out your opponents MWAHAHAHA....

Oh, back to the main thing, it looks a mix between the original and the Pocket Fighter character. Very well done and smooth body lines. Great work!
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kick ass work man!
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ZANGIEF!! yay! ^___^
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XD Dood! Zangief is adorable, and only because he tries to make himself seem so serious and yet will always remain the noval character that he is. He tries, bless - but i've seen him used really well in the games, so never underestimate him, me thinks :D

Excellent, by the way - I love his cape and his expression. The colouring is really groovy, as well as the anatomy.
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Awesome! Zangief remains one of my favorite Street Fighter characters. I loved that a lot of people thought he sucked until they ran into someone who really knows how to use him. If he was such a bad character, why did they keep restricting his abilities in every version? anyway this is a great pic and not just because I love the character.
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Heh, I haven't seen this guy around for a long while. I've never been able to use him, either. =D
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Now that's the stuff... :XD: I love Street Fighter! This is beyond awsome but I don't have you tell you that... :+fav:
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