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Undercover Reporter - Hearthstone

Undercover Reporter that I painted for the Boomsday Project expansion of Hearthstone~
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Good day! I hope you won't mind a critique on this piece in occasion of Critmas. Let's begin, shall we?

The first thing that struck me about your work was your detective's expression and stance - which is exactly wnat you wanted me to see. This is a half-panicked, half-determined stance, which tells us just how much the setting is dangerous for your protagonist.

Moreover, the depiction of a sneaking, nosy character meddling where she doesn't belong is excellent, and the menacing camera with its blood-red LED draws the gaze just as much as the detective, helping to piece together this work's overall vibe.

This is completed by the scattered papers stamped as "top secret" - which initially gave me the impression your character is in fact a thief, rather than a reporter. A thief on the run, too.

Her leather-looking cuirass adds to the mood as well - I've yet to see such an armored reporter, myself. Half-hoping her bosses pay her enough for the risk.

Lastly, the perspective you picked for this piece is possibly the aspect that mist of all hints at you being adept at digital art. The intent is to underline the arm that's pinning the papers against the wall and you achieve that flawlessly - I've seen people mess that angle up more than I can count.

We're now to the nitpicking part, where I pretend to find a flaw in your piece. While there's nothing really tragic to highlight, I'm of the opinion that darkening the environmental tints could've boosted the feeling of mystery and danger all the more.

That, though, is a matter of personal taste.

Keep up the great work!

This critique brought to you by We Three Pirate Kings, Merry Critmas!

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Amazing! The pose, facial expressions, the perspective and of course the color! :love:
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I am glad it came across well!
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didn't know that reporter was such a cool job
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I think this goes a bit beyond her job description
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This is so much fun
JayAxer's avatar
Hurray! I'm glad it comes across that way
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1st 0-0 the coloring and texutre is amaizng

2nd and the feel is wow
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1st_ thank you, I am happy you like it!

2nd - huzzah!
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Can't stop the signal.
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The world needs to hear this scoop
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Just barely out of the camera's view!
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Make an invisibility potion!
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this pic it's so amazing, i really dig the energy it have, aslo the eyefish kinda perspective help it no to look static.

the "combat" journalist armor it so cool!

and love the contrast lighting of the pic, truly a mastework.
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 This character existed on a previous card and I had to interpret it. Glad you think it turned out okay!
 I had to kinda rush it a bit when I did it because we were moving at the time.
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i see the daring reporter.

still i like you version more, i don't think it turned out okay... i think it turned out amazing.

and rushed or not, it's a hell of a job.
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Still dig the colors on this one
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