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Shop Glass

By JayAxer
Axer and Kami who run an alchemy shop along with friends and associates arranged into a stained glass image.

   Getting into who is who; At the top left is Celahn, a young architect and to his right is his girlfriend Christi who is majoring in biochemistry.
In the center left is Axer, alchemist and gas-mask wearer and to his right is his wife Kami, alchemist and part time gas-mass wearer.
    Bottom left in black and grey is Seriso a young history buff along with his friends Dalenco in blue (architect), Zera with the brown curly hair who minds her books and stays out of drama, and Indra who has shoestring braided hair and aside from being an architectural aficionado is also hugging her salamander named  Bartleby.
   Bottom right with the white hair is Teko; a general nuisance and begrudging friend to all and the large female below her in a gas mask and leather jacket is her girlfriend Skye who is a bouncer at the local club. By her feet is F-U a cute box of a robot AI and on F-U's back is Echo a young mimic and protector of useless treasure.
   It sounds like a jumble of characters and professions but as they will be given context it will make more sense.

   Originally this was going to be a picture in the style of the stained glass images from Zelda but it got away from me and became a bit more, which I am happy with.

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The composition is just top notch :clap: The style is just fricking cute :D
PrinceOfFire's avatar
Really love the decorative feel of this piece. Beautiful colours and detail as well.

I like Axer's design. Looking cool in that gas mask.
PrinceOfFire's avatar
You're welcome. :)
Jajna's avatar
OMGOSH! excited! Loving Axer and Kami but its fun seeing more folks ^u^-
JPrimal's avatar
Well I know who I'm addimg to my watch list
JayAxer's avatar
Glad you like it!
JayAxer's avatar
mattaui's avatar
This is really great. So much story going on here, and the details give me so much to focus on.
corivana's avatar
This is amazing!
I adore the stained glass vibe and the little cheebs over all.
The little additives too, like the styling of the books and bottles and that adorable mimic chest all make me so happy!
Color me inspired. :heart:
JayAxer's avatar
Thank you, couldn't ask for more!
Culturedropout's avatar
JayAxer's avatar
Thank you very much!
PhantasmaStriker's avatar
Ah poo monkey, I see a mimic.
JayAxer's avatar
It's an adorable mimic though
PhantasmaStriker's avatar
Yeah at least its small too and wont bite my head/upper torso off lol xD
kat036's avatar
I love alchemy chemistry and so forth there is just a magic to the esoteric and study of substances. 
JayAxer's avatar
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I do recall the dragon fellow in a comic loved the colors and outlines and the way you did the faces he was an alchemist in that one too. I'm quite curious how you would define alchemy and whats your appeal to it.
LeoDragonsWorks's avatar
the style, the colors and the characters... is all so cool!
JayAxer's avatar
Thank you!  I tried to make it work cohesively
LeoDragonsWorks's avatar
sure you achive that!Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
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