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Harvest Tree Games

By JayAxer
When feeling nostalgic it can be fun to look back at the box art or instruction booklets of our favourite games. Here we have the box art for the English Pretendo version of Harvest Tree, noticeably different from the more playful art of the Japanese counterpart called Biodyne on the Fakie Computer cartridge. The simple look of the English version focuses on in-game graphics over artistic flair, preparing you for what you will be staring at for hours as you repeatedly fail to get past that one part in level one. You know the one. yeah, with the wires and all the corpses and you have to do that freaking JUMP by twisting your hands around the controller like they expect you to just...! Ahem. Right, but the Japanese version have a more cartoony and colourful art presented on both cartridge and box which deceives you into thinking you are going to have fun constantly instead of having to deal with that jump!
   Also present is an example from the instruction booklet. We all remember instruction booklets with their plethora of information about the game and backstory. The game and premise were simple yet enjoyable, quoted at the beginning of the booklet as "AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! The facility of Harvest Tree is labyrinthine. Your adventure will begin inside its doors as Kami and Axer are unable to brave the harsh blizzard outside. What does this mean for our heroes? It means that you will have to guide them along through peril by way of many tactics, incredible items and a few calls to your local game counselor! There will be many clues within this booklet to help you guide Kami and Axer through Harvest Tree.
    * Areas will have transition points which require a password. Do not lose this or man will you feel stupid! 
    * Some secrets will randomly appear each time you play. This makes each playthrough unique and some playthroughs impossible to complete!
    * Your adventure will have a lot of slowdown due to memory limitations!"
Man, those were the days. Think I'll go play some RIGHT NOW!!

     Had a cute time making up what it would look like if there had been an old Harvest Tree game and this is what came of it. I am pretty happy with it.
Thanks for taking a look!

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I thought that with the name "Harvest Tree Games" I cannot help but to think of Wisdom Tree.......
JayAxer's avatar
it's actually based on a different story we have where a defunct medical facility is called Harvest Tree Medical. It's a play on harvesting/harvestry, kinda a dark theme.
Drunkenstien's avatar
I get the "Pretendo" reference xD
skifi's avatar
Hahaha, you matched the style perfectly, but... best of all are the characters ^^
PineappleCat25's avatar
Haha I get it!😹
ozzyopolis's avatar
LOVE THIS. The style takes me back to my NES days in the 80s~
JayAxer's avatar
I can't wait for the controller corners to hurt my hands!
DragonBombStudios's avatar
JayAxer's avatar
It's a great system when you don't have to blow on the games for exactly 57 minutes
DragonBombStudios's avatar
truly this is revolutionary technology
PhantasmaStriker's avatar
Damn that is authentic as hell man!
JayAxer's avatar
Thanks, glad it comes across as such
Dude, this is way too awesome.

And, the scuffs and scratches makes this so believable. It's like I can remember playing this in my living room as a kid.
JayAxer's avatar
Haha yeah. I even went as far as to make the backside of the instruction manual pages so you can see the text  slightly through the pages so it would look legit.
RadicalEdward84's avatar
I'd never have noticed, but of course my brain would have noticed if they weren't there.
JayAxer's avatar
That's the trick!
ChromaKei's avatar
<3 this, I was there way back when and didn't even know what this was in context. Japanese <3 fandom spirit storming the shores, though got me good a few years later with underground anime fansubs. XD
JayAxer's avatar
CaseyDecker's avatar
That looks quite impressive and awesome for sure, and I am such a fan of the retro-style game boxes for the NES and Famicom as well! :D
JayAxer's avatar
You mean for Pretendo and Fakie!
Shadowprower30's avatar
ahhhh the classics retro games are the best
JayAxer's avatar
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