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November 24, 2011
Gargoyle Lookout is by *JayAxer
Featured by KovoWolf
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Gargoyle Lookout

This one was done quite some time ago and featured in my section of Udon's VENT art book, which as a lot of cool stuff in it and I recommend checking out.
This here is a gargoyle scouting from a high rock with some dramatic clouds. I painted it off a sketch I had done on a post-it note. It ended up getting a lot tighter than I had intended but that is because I am usually afraid of painting loosely, something I am trying to remedy.
Rocks got over detailed and noisy but I still like this one.
Also, since I tend to give everything spears, I changed his spear to a hammer when I painted it!
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these clouds,,,,
kaze-fox's avatar
I like this. lots. So crisp. which program did you use? how did you get such crisp edges?
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Used Painter, crisp edges due to high DPI when painting and using hard edge brushes
kaze-fox's avatar
painter? ill look that program up. what dpi did you use? also were there any vector or pen tools used? thanks for answering my question.
JayAxer's avatar
no vector or pen, just oil brush on different opacity.
single layer in painter.
dpi was 300.
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You need to do more art like this because this is like the only good piece of art in your gallery.
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I will endeavor.
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Why doesn't he have a neck?
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I love your sky. It's awesome
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That is impressive musculature modeling.
NineTailsChaosFox's avatar
Nice, looks rather professional.
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This is so well done... I have to comment just to say how smooth and pretty it is... I love the clouds, and the rocks... the metal spearhead is perfect... I really like the shading on his body... with all the intricate textures on everything else, his smoothness really stands out... you have a way with light that reminds me of of the Old Masters... this is the guy who got left off the Sistine Chapel ceiling 'cause he was too bad @ss.
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Rock: Stop rubbin' ur balls on me!
Gargoyle: Ur just gonna have to put up with it for the picture.
Rock: *sigh*
JayAxer's avatar
what are rocks for if not rubbing balls on
sphinx-face's avatar
Those are some nice muscles!
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Remembers me of Bartimeus... :heart:
FREAKKATT's avatar
I love that scrunching muzzle. You did very well here, especially on the rocky surface.
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