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Firefall Thumper Tree Concept

By JayAxer
I do a lot of concept work for the game Firefall. Not able to release a lot of things, but here is something I had done about a year and a half ago. It is an old tree that grew around a crashed mobile mining drill called a thumper which in Firefall get airdropped in. This is at the center of the Blackwater Swamp area.

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does the thumper still work?
detectivewarton's avatar
Really really cool...
therealarien's avatar
Oh cool.  Such detail.  I applied for a position at Red5!  I'm way under qualified but it looks like a fantastic place to work
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based on the convenient scale made by jayaxer, the thumper embedded onto the tree is a squad thumper IV, which means that this tree is freaking enormous, very well done and amazing amount of detail on the model, r5 uses some of the concept art of players for the game so pls help them make a great game :)
RAVENsyte's avatar
Oh man- shame this didn't get used. Would LOVE to see things like this more often! (I noticed a thumper through the raised roads in the melding tornado portal and stopped to observe a while : D)
owyang's avatar
Interesting. The reference 3D model made by me 3years ago when I was in Red5 Shanghai.Good Jobs of your concepts.I wish to work with you telent guys again.
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Wow, lol this is suddenly making me pretty interested in this game. . .
QuesoGr7's avatar
Environmental stuff is HARD. So to me, the amount of detail you put into it is redonkulous xD
Fantastic job sir
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Wow impressive study. Love the tree. :heart:
DarkEcoKat's avatar
i need to seriously play firefall. i've been excited about it for a while now, but got discouraged when they couldnt come to RTX! :(
Mechogama's avatar
HAHA thats so evil! LOL
Hare-Bo's avatar
very inspiring concept and progress... :)
FREAKKATT's avatar
Wow, your concept work is like... amazing ;u;.
Aceved-0's avatar
I have to say, your work really comes through in the game man. I play it a few days a week, and the the visuals in the game and game play are really coming together.
gokhanproject's avatar
Excellent work good job.
luna777's avatar
really love the coloring and all the details there
great work
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
This looks like it could be a realy fun game.
BenHickling's avatar
Will I be able to stand on the shoulders of other players to reach the top of the tree AS IS ILLUSTRATED? :O
DreamPen's avatar
Either that Thumper was deployed many years ago, or that tree grew around it very, very quickly.
JollySage's avatar
More likely the Melding got ahold of it.
Kostja08's avatar
why dat sooooo awesome??
Jin-Ghi-Lives's avatar
Damn you are amazing man.
Skylore-Vegh's avatar
Dat Tree... XD This is an awesome work and I like how you show your reference and what you used it for.
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