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Darkstalkers Tribute image

By JayAxer
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I was invited to contribute to the DarkstalkersTribute Book by Udon, and this is what I did. As with the Street Fighter image, I opted for subtlety over intense action. Perhaps if I get asked to do another I will go the action route sometime. Originally I was going to have Talbain and another character, but went with Felicia to get the whole cats and dogs thing going on.
I can make a limited 200 print run of this, which I might, but haven't yet. I'll let you know if I do.

mechanical pencil on bristol, inked with a techpen, coloured in Painter IX.
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One cool scene for sure. :)
X-Showcat-Felicia-X's avatar
Words cannot describe the awesomness.
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How are they able to grasp such tiny objects with these huge hands/paws we'll never know...
fan4battle's avatar
Ha, this is great!
H-Falcon's avatar
Very nice. Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the group. :)
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The whole thing ROCKs, but I must say-BEST Felicia EVAH!!!
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Felicia: Brains over brawn - Checkmate ! :D
J.Talbain: =( Fine,you're one smart kitty...
Felicia: :blush: :D
J.Talbain: :nod:

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Come to think of it, its questionable if Jon actually went to school at all.......
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Well, judging by his backstory, I don't think so.
The only school he's been in, is just the dojo.
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Felicia: Told you chess makes lousy foreplay...
killjoySG's avatar
Jon: Screw internet...
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Great to see these two getting along.
killjoySG's avatar
If you look REAL closely...Talbain lost way more pieces than Felicia?
joethehero2's avatar
What? She may be a ditz, but that doesn't mean she's stupid...
killjoySG's avatar
I know, just sayin'
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lol I love this. Great work Jay.
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love this. lol
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lol and does felecia even know how to play lol
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