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Super Filly Adventure - Flash Game



NOTICE: Supposedly Adobe Flash will be discontinued in 2020. I'm not 100% sure what that will mean for this game, but if it becomes unplayable, then that will be it for this. Thank you all for enjoying this game.
If you want to support me, I have made a gaming channel called "Moonshadow Replay" where I play/review games, and I use a virtual avatar; it would help me if you subscribe to it. It has nothing to do with MLP, but it's what I'm doing.
Moonshadow Replay: www.youtube.com/channel/UCOqUa…
Jay Moonshadow's Twitter: twitter.com/JayMoonshadow

This is the same version of the game that I posted on Newgrounds a several months ago. I didn't make any changes. Please don't send off to Equestria Daily since it has already been posted there a long time ago (though the post is lost in the sea of 3 months of posts)

I'm posting my game here since, for whatever reason, not everyone likes going on Newgrounds I guess. I also see my game uploaded in dozens of different places (not uploaded by me), so I figured I should have a second official upload my game.

Here's also a copy pasta from my Newgrounds description (now with links that work!):


Super Filly Adventure is a short-length game designed for Equestria Gaming's latest 16-bit Game Contest: www.equestriagaming.com/2011/0… (Before you ask, I still don't know the results of the contest, and it's been about 3 months since it ended)

This is an adventure game staring a new filly in Ponyville, by the name of Jade. She was to meet up with Pinkie Pie once she arrived, and receive a gift that she had for Jade. However, Pinkie Pie wanted to throw a huge party for Jade before giving her that gift. The main objective of the game is to find Jade's cutie mark / special talent. There ARE multiple endings in this game; go find them!
Also, if you're wanting to license my game somewhere else, at least let me know first before you just throw it up somewhere. Official places you can find my game are on Newgrounds, and DeviantART.

Months of life this game took to make: ~2 sleepless months
Design: Jay6
Sprites: Desktop Ponies (There's a lot of names of contributors for them...)
Music used: 16-bit MLP tracks (mentioned in the game credits), Tales of Phantasia, and Secret of Mana music (It somehow works)
Made using Flash CS4
Artwork drawn in: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Art/BG Compression: Fireworks CS4
Graphic creating/editing: Fireworks CS4

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is © Hasbro


I did my own commentary of my game with Hax Mega playing and also commentating. You can check it out here
Part 1 (first 2 endings): www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUFDoK…
Part 2 (blank flank ending): www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyzDHw… [WARNING: Contains graphic imagery of what used to be cute colourful ponies.]

(June 20, 2019) NOTICE: These videos are currently unlisted on my original Youtube channel, as I decided to focus on building up my other channel at Moonshadow Replay. The links here will still work, and I don't have any plans to change that. I mean... they were also my most viewed videos on the channel I had... oh well. lol
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In the Blank Flank ending, why didn't Jade lose her mane and become all black like the other Bloody Hooves if she became "one of them"?