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I've got the first page posted here Wednesday and it will be showing up on Comic Fury early tomorrow. I have the first eight pages completed and queued up on Comic Fury. I think I'll keep posting the new pages here on the Wednesday before. As I promised, this story is a return to more straightforward jungle adventures, though I do think I'm providing something different in this story, which you'll find out as it progresses. I teased a few bits in my last journal post, but I can add a few more details, such as Wimberley having a small appearance, and I've decided Nula will be appearing as well.

With once a week updates, I have pages ready up through the middle of September. I know the story will keep running through October, but I'm not sure yet how much longer it might be.

Ultramichelle Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018
Very nice! 
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