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OC-quiz by jay042

1.) Your Oldest OC
 I guess that would be Claudia. Since I can trace the character back to a now defunct Impromanga  site I was doing stuff on at the time.
OSCotM: Neried by jay042 

2.) Your Newest OC
  Rockslab by jay042

3.) Favorite OC
 No doubt that is Gwenna

4.) Any Villain OCs?
 I've had a few bad guys in the comics, but the only recurring one so far is Mitchell  I do like his ugly mug and the chance to knock him around a bit. Mitchell by jay042

5.)  Main Reason for making OCs?
  For my comics.

6.) Describe your Character Creation Process.
Oh, tough one. Some are easier than others. I tend to come up with some idea for a story and kind of develop a character around that most of the time.

7.) Favorite OC Ship?
 I guess by default that would be Kaza and Gwenna, but I had to admit I don't really play up the relationship that much in my stories.

8.) Do you ship your OC's with someone else's?
 The only one off hand was Centennia and young Nula.Beyond that, I could easily see TheCosmicBeholder's Jung-La joining Kaza and Gwenna in a three way relationship. I haven't really explored it in the comics, but I have assumed Kaza and Gwenna were in an open relationship. I always planned the joke was that they had to be with so many Princesses of Lost Cities demanding he father their children.
Centennia and Nula by jay042
9.) Weirdest OC?
My Demon hunting Saint Valentine riding a giant bee is probably the weirdest.

Mature Content

Valentine's Day Exchange by jay042

10.) Favorite OC Design?
 I do like Rodney the giant robot.
  Situation on Earth-N 12 by jay042

11.) Would you consider yourself nice to your OCs?
Yeah, I don't go much into torturing my chracters the way some writers do.

12.) An OC you Killed (if you haven't killed an OC, who would you kill?) 
About the only one that I have killed was Nerlana the Serpent Sorceress, but she was the bad guy in that story so I'm not sure if that really counts.

13.) Are any of your OCs parents?
No, but I have been asked whether Kaza and Gwenna are going to have kids a few times. Over on Comic Fury they did a "Your Characters Ten years later" drawing prompt. And that got me drawing them as parents and their potential daughter.
10 Years by jay042

In fact, I might entertain name ideas for her (of the non-Boaty McBoatface variety)

14.) Is there an OC you find yourself neglecting?
I have a lot of stories I have put asied in the past and have never bothered to return to.

15.) An OC that's Difficult to Write?
I find less a specific issue with writing characters as much as I just suffer from writer's block on occasion and have a bad habit of dropping projects if I can't find anything that works for me.

16.) Tallest? Shortest?
Outside of the big robots, my chracters tend to be of average size and I really haven't bothered to establish measurements.

17.) Oldest? Youngest?
I'm assuming character age in story. Nula and the Commissoner would probably be my oldest characters. I guess Mary from the nudist comic is youngest.

18.) Do you dislike any of your OCs?
Not really.

19.) Self Insert?
Guilty as charged on a few occasions.

20.) An OC regret?
I think throwing in that super hero twist into the Nudist comic was a bad idea.

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burstlion Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic OC facts! :la:

I hope you get lots of good suggestions for the name for the potential daughter of Kazaa and Gwenna!  If I may throw a couple of suggestions into the ring, perhaps Yvette or Randa?
TheCosmicBeholder Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Very cool to hear these insights!
it is always something I need to remind myself that most characters here on DA are not created for comics but for RP and other stuff.
Thank you for the mentions! Nula and Centennia are a great pairing, the only other female that Centennia was together with. And intriguing thought about Jung-La, and I can totally see that she’d be down, as she adores the two.
The young girl looks awfully familiar.
jay042 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah well, I find when I trying to draw young girls they do have a habit of coming out rather identical.
I see.
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January 26, 2018


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