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Okay, a bit of brain storming has given me a good idea for my next story. Here are a few tidbits of info to tease you with.

  • Kaza and Gwenna are back in the jungle.
  • The villain is derived from a public domain source.
    • The character isn't currently listed on the PDSH wiki.
    • The character comes from a 1952 American Comics Group (ACG) title.
  • Several of the supporting characters I've used before are appearing again.
    • The Commissioner is of course back
    • Duke and Sammy, the lounge act duo from my unfinished 24 Hour comic from 2017 will be making a cameo.
    • Captain Noranga, who made a small appearance in The Phantom Ape, will be playing a role in the story.
    • Nula will probably not be turning up, but I have been thinking about some ideas with her.
In a more general sense, I've decided to establish a bit of fictional geography in my comic. I have decided on the Republic of Buranda as the name of the country this is all happening in. I've used the name Buranda before in the comic, in reference to a small village in the area. I think I may have subconsciously lifted the name from Yes, Minister since they featured an African nation of that name in a few episodes. Which is a good enough reason to for using it.

Furthermore, I have decided Buranda's closest neighbor will be the Kingdom of Zamunda, another fictitious African nation. I'm still developing some details of the history and geography.
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Submitted on
July 1, 2018