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One of my favorite parts of Comic Fury is all of the exchange events between comics. Playing around with everyone' characters has generated a lot of my favorite work, so I do plan on continuing, but I plan on doing something quite different next year.

I've decided to give myself one rather interesting challenge for the coming year. Not only will I be participating in all of this years various Comic Fury Exchanges, I will be:
  • Draw at least a five page story for each one
  • Have a story continue through all of them :)

There are usually four consistent Exchanges happening during the year for the big holidays (Valentine's Day, Easter, Summer, and Christmas) plus maybe one or two more in between. I have to keep the seasonal theme of the event, while making the story, and then figure out a way to keep this open-ended enough to somehow have it work with whatever is coming next. It shall be a writing challenge just in it's own right, plus factor in the wild card element of having to include characters from various other comics. I'm probably mad just for thinking I can pull this off, but it should be a most interesting year.

Reinder Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
Sounds like fun! I want to take part in more exchanges in 2018, but won't be following the five-page example. That's wayyyyy too ambitious for me at this point.
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Submitted on
December 28, 2017