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Now that I have Mother is Visiting fully loaded up here, that means all three of my stories from my old Webcomics Nation Sargasso Soul site are finally together again. The other two stories, Fishbowl and Tuurngaq have been here for a while.

I guess if I wanted to be artistically  pretentious, I could call this my mermaid period. I'd drawn a bit here and there for years, but after I discovered a webcomic site called improcomics, I started drawing comics quite regularly. Improcomics worked on an ongoing comic jam idea. One person started a comic, got it to some kind of cliffhanger, and then afterwards people signed up and continued the story. I did a lot of stuff on the site under the name Skippy the Klingon, and the big thing I did the most for was a comic called One's Wish about a girl with a human mother and a merman father. Only bits and pieces of it still exist on the internet archive (and a good argument for regularly backing up your stuff!) though some of the material I did for it is there.

After a while, I'd drifted away from the site, and set up a comic on Keenspace (now Comic Genesis) and I had decided to do a kind of prequel to One's Wish, focusing on the parents and how they came together. I think I made 80 pages before giving it up. I had lost access to my Keenspace site (change of email) and that lead me to setting up on the new defunct Webcomics Nation and I started up Sargasso Soul, once a again things started well when I began the comic I now call Mother is Visiting, but eventually it went off the rails, which lead me to try something different, and I tried turning the comic into an anthology, and I did the short comic Fishbowl and then found myself drawn into another long story I found I couldn't complete with Tuurngaq.  I guess I got frustrated with myself and abandoned the comic completely. It was also around that time I was playing around with a silly little jungle adventure comic, which ended up taking over my interests and putting an end to my mermaid period.
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October 13, 2017


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