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New Holder by jay042

I got crafty this morning and made this clipboard holder for the tablet. It's four layers of craft foam glued together with a cut out for the tablet. With a tablet as small as this I found it was useful to have some extra area to rest my hand. Plus it should help deal with some issues I have been experiencing with this machine.

The Huion 420 tablet  I use for drawing has one distinct design flaw. It's USB cable is not integrated into the design, you just plug in a standard small port USB cable into the tablet. The problem arises as you use it and that connector faces a lot of wear from being moved about. I've noticed it's gotten a bit loose lately and can loose conection to the computer. That leads to some glitchy responses from the tablet if it gets jostled too much, such as the hotkeys not responding properly and skips in the lines. Hopefully this arrangement will keep the connector seated better.
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right on!
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This is a good solution!
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