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I showed off my three contributions for the Comic Fury Collaboration Comic a while back.

And today we get to see the first page she appears in! She's teaming up with the Green Dove again.

22595a1540064826f1286684476 by jay042

I've got the first page posted here Wednesday and it will be showing up on Comic Fury early tomorrow. I have the first eight pages completed and queued up on Comic Fury. I think I'll keep posting the new pages here on the Wednesday before. As I promised, this story is a return to more straightforward jungle adventures, though I do think I'm providing something different in this story, which you'll find out as it progresses. I teased a few bits in my last journal post, but I can add a few more details, such as Wimberley having a small appearance, and I've decided Nula will be appearing as well.

With once a week updates, I have pages ready up through the middle of September. I know the story will keep running through October, but I'm not sure yet how much longer it might be.

Okay, a bit of brain storming has given me a good idea for my next story. Here are a few tidbits of info to tease you with.

  • Kaza and Gwenna are back in the jungle.
  • The villain is derived from a public domain source.
    • The character isn't currently listed on the PDSH wiki.
    • The character comes from a 1952 American Comics Group (ACG) title.
  • Several of the supporting characters I've used before are appearing again.
    • The Commissioner is of course back
    • Duke and Sammy, the lounge act duo from my unfinished 24 Hour comic from 2017 will be making a cameo.
    • Captain Noranga, who made a small appearance in The Phantom Ape, will be playing a role in the story.
    • Nula will probably not be turning up, but I have been thinking about some ideas with her.
In a more general sense, I've decided to establish a bit of fictional geography in my comic. I have decided on the Republic of Buranda as the name of the country this is all happening in. I've used the name Buranda before in the comic, in reference to a small village in the area. I think I may have subconsciously lifted the name from Yes, Minister since they featured an African nation of that name in a few episodes. Which is a good enough reason to for using it.

Furthermore, I have decided Buranda's closest neighbor will be the Kingdom of Zamunda, another fictitious African nation. I'm still developing some details of the history and geography.
I just finished the last page for Epilogue. It ended up being 12 pages long and will wrap up in the next two weeks. Which means it's time for me to start working on the next story. But right now I'm the indecisive donkey between two bales of hay. I have a bunch of ideas for stories, but I just don't know what I want to do.

As a mental organization method, I sat down and listed all of my story ideas that I have floating around. Some are little more than some scribblings in a note book, some have solid outlines, and few others already have some pages done, but are nowhere near complete. All together, I have 15 distinct ideas floating about that are in various stages of development. Mind you, that doesn't mean 15 stories. Some of these ideas will just sit on the back burner for ever and a day, and end up getting dumped in with some others (like how Earth-N ended up seguing into the Halloween Cameo Caper.)

Right now, I just need to figure out where to start.

Remember Tharia of Mars? My daughter of John Carter who went to Earth to fight Nazis?  Well, MCRE1201 liked the idea so much he did this awesome cover piece.

OSCotM:Tharia of Mars by jay042Tharia of Mars by MCRE1201

The character of Tharia of Mars is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Tharia of Mars, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed
Over on ComicFury, I signed up in a few "I'll draw your characters" threads and got some cool fan art out of the deal.

Spelledeg of Now Hiring did this awesome pic of Gwenna in a loincloth ensemble. If I had reason to dress her up, I might use this outfit.
Spelldeg Pinup by jay042

Escha of Lust Storm did this really sexy pose of Gwenna

Escha-Pinup by jay042

Milk of Essoin did this sketch of Nula

nula by Milk by jay042
Honestly TheCosmicBeholder  has been doing more with Kaza and Gwenna lately than I have! After I finished up the Christmas Special story, he did this group shot of everyone after the robot was stopped.
Kaza and Gwenna Christmas Special by TheCosmicBeholder

He also seemed to like my character Rockslab and did this tribute to Marvel's classic team-up book featuring the Thing. Plus he included Kaza and Gwenna in the book!
FF Team-In-One by TheCosmicBeholderKaza and Gwenna Team-In-One by TheCosmicBeholder

Since he was also playing around with some scenes from the Section P "Animated Series" he included Kaza and Gwenna for good measure!

Kaza and Gwenna Animated Series style by TheCosmicBeholderHe
New Holder by jay042

I got crafty this morning and made this clipboard holder for the tablet. It's four layers of craft foam glued together with a cut out for the tablet. With a tablet as small as this I found it was useful to have some extra area to rest my hand. Plus it should help deal with some issues I have been experiencing with this machine.

The Huion 420 tablet  I use for drawing has one distinct design flaw. It's USB cable is not integrated into the design, you just plug in a standard small port USB cable into the tablet. The problem arises as you use it and that connector faces a lot of wear from being moved about. I've noticed it's gotten a bit loose lately and can loose conection to the computer. That leads to some glitchy responses from the tablet if it gets jostled too much, such as the hotkeys not responding properly and skips in the lines. Hopefully this arrangement will keep the connector seated better.
OC-quiz by jay042

1.) Your Oldest OC
 I guess that would be Claudia. Since I can trace the character back to a now defunct Impromanga  site I was doing stuff on at the time.
OSCotM: Neried by jay042 

2.) Your Newest OC
  Rockslab by jay042

3.) Favorite OC
 No doubt that is Gwenna

4.) Any Villain OCs?
 I've had a few bad guys in the comics, but the only recurring one so far is Mitchell  I do like his ugly mug and the chance to knock him around a bit. Mitchell by jay042

5.)  Main Reason for making OCs?
  For my comics.

6.) Describe your Character Creation Process.
Oh, tough one. Some are easier than others. I tend to come up with some idea for a story and kind of develop a character around that most of the time.

7.) Favorite OC Ship?
 I guess by default that would be Kaza and Gwenna, but I had to admit I don't really play up the relationship that much in my stories.

8.) Do you ship your OC's with someone else's?
 The only one off hand was Centennia and young Nula.Beyond that, I could easily see TheCosmicBeholder's Jung-La joining Kaza and Gwenna in a three way relationship. I haven't really explored it in the comics, but I have assumed Kaza and Gwenna were in an open relationship. I always planned the joke was that they had to be with so many Princesses of Lost Cities demanding he father their children.
Centennia and Nula by jay042
9.) Weirdest OC?
My Demon hunting Saint Valentine riding a giant bee is probably the weirdest.

Mature Content

Valentine's Day Exchange by jay042

10.) Favorite OC Design?
 I do like Rodney the giant robot.
  Situation on Earth-N 12 by jay042

11.) Would you consider yourself nice to your OCs?
Yeah, I don't go much into torturing my chracters the way some writers do.

12.) An OC you Killed (if you haven't killed an OC, who would you kill?) 
About the only one that I have killed was Nerlana the Serpent Sorceress, but she was the bad guy in that story so I'm not sure if that really counts.

13.) Are any of your OCs parents?
No, but I have been asked whether Kaza and Gwenna are going to have kids a few times. Over on Comic Fury they did a "Your Characters Ten years later" drawing prompt. And that got me drawing them as parents and their potential daughter.
10 Years by jay042

In fact, I might entertain name ideas for her (of the non-Boaty McBoatface variety)

14.) Is there an OC you find yourself neglecting?
I have a lot of stories I have put asied in the past and have never bothered to return to.

15.) An OC that's Difficult to Write?
I find less a specific issue with writing characters as much as I just suffer from writer's block on occasion and have a bad habit of dropping projects if I can't find anything that works for me.

16.) Tallest? Shortest?
Outside of the big robots, my chracters tend to be of average size and I really haven't bothered to establish measurements.

17.) Oldest? Youngest?
I'm assuming character age in story. Nula and the Commissoner would probably be my oldest characters. I guess Mary from the nudist comic is youngest.

18.) Do you dislike any of your OCs?
Not really.

19.) Self Insert?
Guilty as charged on a few occasions.

20.) An OC regret?
I think throwing in that super hero twist into the Nudist comic was a bad idea.

I found out about this upcoming French TV series called Nu. It's a crime drama set in a near future France where the rise of terrorism mandates a "Transparency Act" which requires everyone to be nude while in public. The series follows a cop and his partner as they investigate the murder of the political figure responsible for the act. It's set to begin airing in April, you can see some footage from the series in this news clip, about the first five minutes seem to be about the show.
One of my favorite parts of Comic Fury is all of the exchange events between comics. Playing around with everyone' characters has generated a lot of my favorite work, so I do plan on continuing, but I plan on doing something quite different next year.

I've decided to give myself one rather interesting challenge for the coming year. Not only will I be participating in all of this years various Comic Fury Exchanges, I will be:
  • Draw at least a five page story for each one
  • Have a story continue through all of them :)

There are usually four consistent Exchanges happening during the year for the big holidays (Valentine's Day, Easter, Summer, and Christmas) plus maybe one or two more in between. I have to keep the seasonal theme of the event, while making the story, and then figure out a way to keep this open-ended enough to somehow have it work with whatever is coming next. It shall be a writing challenge just in it's own right, plus factor in the wild card element of having to include characters from various other comics. I'm probably mad just for thinking I can pull this off, but it should be a most interesting year.

It's become clear to me I need to switch back to only updating once a week. I haven't been that productive with the comic lately and my queue is dwindling down. So starting in November the comic will only be updating on Saturday.
This challenge to top my previous submission count is going along better than expected. I'm sitting at 75 submissions for the month so far, and now I'm seriously looking at trying to break 100. So tomorrow I have another six items I'm planning on submitting.
Now that I have Mother is Visiting fully loaded up here, that means all three of my stories from my old Webcomics Nation Sargasso Soul site are finally together again. The other two stories, Fishbowl and Tuurngaq have been here for a while.

I guess if I wanted to be artistically  pretentious, I could call this my mermaid period. I'd drawn a bit here and there for years, but after I discovered a webcomic site called improcomics, I started drawing comics quite regularly. Improcomics worked on an ongoing comic jam idea. One person started a comic, got it to some kind of cliffhanger, and then afterwards people signed up and continued the story. I did a lot of stuff on the site under the name Skippy the Klingon, and the big thing I did the most for was a comic called One's Wish about a girl with a human mother and a merman father. Only bits and pieces of it still exist on the internet archive (and a good argument for regularly backing up your stuff!) though some of the material I did for it is there.

After a while, I'd drifted away from the site, and set up a comic on Keenspace (now Comic Genesis) and I had decided to do a kind of prequel to One's Wish, focusing on the parents and how they came together. I think I made 80 pages before giving it up. I had lost access to my Keenspace site (change of email) and that lead me to setting up on the new defunct Webcomics Nation and I started up Sargasso Soul, once a again things started well when I began the comic I now call Mother is Visiting, but eventually it went off the rails, which lead me to try something different, and I tried turning the comic into an anthology, and I did the short comic Fishbowl and then found myself drawn into another long story I found I couldn't complete with Tuurngaq.  I guess I got frustrated with myself and abandoned the comic completely. It was also around that time I was playing around with a silly little jungle adventure comic, which ended up taking over my interests and putting an end to my mermaid period.
Well, it's happened. I've beat my record for last year already, and the rest of this month will set the bar higher.

Screenshot-2017-10-12 jay042 on DeviantArt by jay042
While my efforts with this year's 24 Hour comic book day had not been as productive as I'd hoped, my other challenge for October is progressing quite well.

Back on Day 2,
I already had 16 pages uploaded. Since then I have added 18 pages of Mother is Visiting, plus two pages of updated for Kaza's Mate Gwenna, and now the seven pages of the Duke and Sammy story. So it's 43 pages so far this month, and it's not even the 15th. The rest of my Mother is Visiting pages should put me over the top, and the Kaza's Mate Gwenna pages I have planned should set the bar higher for me if I try doing this again.
Later this evening I'll be starting my 24 hour comic project. Unlike last year's project I'm planning on doing it all digital. I'm hoping that will help speed up the process, and maybe keep the art quality a bit higher. I thought my art last year was pretty sloppy since I was pushing myself so much trying to meet the deadline. This time around I want to try and stay a bit more relaxed, and hopefully the comic will come out better. If nothing else, it means I won't have to try and letter by hand. The comic will be in black and white, it's just easier than color under these time constraints. At least by doing it digitally it will be easier to color later down the line if I am inclined.

The general rules of the challenge are that you don't write or draw anything down until you officially start, but I've never taken that to mean you can't start thinking about your project. I have been mulling over what to do all week, so I've got a good idea of what I am doing. No real spoilers for this but I will give you a few hints:

  • It will be set in The Jungle, but Kaza and Gwenna are not going to be the focus.
  • There won't be that much nudity in this story, I am shooting for something a bit more PG-13 this time.
  • Some of the supporting characters I showed off before may be turning up.
  • I'm shooting for something a bit more humorous this time.

If everything goes to plan, I'll have 24 pages to post, and I'll probably get them posted some time Sunday afternoon.

Sunday I got seven pieces submitted, and so far today I have another nine I have put in, giving me a total of 16 for these two days.

Random Badguy team by jay042 Lady Satan by jay042 Doctor Nikola by jay042

Mature Content

Kaza and Gwenna Christmas Choir by jay042

Christmas 2015 by jay042 Loganforce Barbra the Barbarian by jay042 Haloween 2015 Cover by jay042 Dwarf Woman by jay042
Swordcat Princess Easter Exchange (First version) by jay042

I expect tomorrow I'll be adding the next Kaza's Mate Gwenna page, and most likely Friday I'll add the second update for the week. This weekend is the 24 Hour comic day, and I was going to give it another go this year, so that should provide another 24 pages towards my goal.
As I had stated previously, I intend to try and break my record for monthly submissions for October. So I'm starting off with five submissions today.

About The Artist by jay042

Mature Content

KMG Incintive Wallpaper by jay042

Dick Briefer's Frankenstien by jay042 Cupcacke by jay042 Admiral Naismith and Sergeant Taura by jay042
Orc by jay042 The Furies by jay042
Last year, October was listed as my busiest month ever because I submitted 61 deviations. So I got it in my head to try and break that record and make October of this year my busiest with at least 62 deviations. It seems rather daunting at first glance, but once I break it down by the numbers it's not that hard.

  • First off, I know I will be adding 8 pages for Kaza's Mate Gwenna over the month, they are all ready and queued up at Comic Fury and I'll be dropping them here at DA around the same time.
  • I looked back through my files for some stuff I hadn't published here yet, and found 12 pieces to include. Mostly it's some random character sketches I've done that I've had no reason to put up yet.
  • Right at this time I'm working on project for the Comic Fury Halloween Crossover, it's shaping up to be a five page story.

So that gives me 25 items to post here right from the start! Since it's October, I was planning on participating in the 24 Hour comic day. And since I was successful with it last year, I hope I can duplicate that and end up with another 24 page story.

If everything goes well, that will mean I'll have close to 50 pages by the end of the first week of October. That will make the task of setting the new record a lot more manageable.
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper