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I've just been on hiatus for a while, just cuhs I never had anything new to upload D:

Well anyways, I'm back now :3
I'll try and upload more stuff more often, hm? :3

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Well. I'm incredibly bored, so I might aswell post up something new here xD

Photography class is awesome >:3
Expect me to be adding a whole lot more stuff here 8D

...that is all.
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Well, I finally finished all my exams today. I'm so relieved, it's not even funny o_o;

Well, here's a sort of synopsis of my week thus far.

Monday - ENG3U1 [English]: The exam was surprisingly easy, but I didn't finish the essay AGAIN. u_u;; And the essay questions were confusing at best. Ohwell. At least I'm finally done with that horrid class. I'm so taking grade 12 English in summer school. Just to get it all over with.

Tuesday - AWS3M1 [Computer Arts]: OMG. EASIEST EXAM EVAR. It was just 40 multiple choice and a storyboard drawing, with accompanying story. Easiest shet evar. For grade 11s like myself, exams are two hours long, from 9:00-11:00. I FINISHED AT 9:57 WHUT. LOL. That, and I was first to finish. I swear, I'ma ace that class >:3

Wednesday - HRT3M1 [World Religion]: Meh. The exam was easy, but there was a lot of writing involved. And on the essay writing part at the end, I mostly just BS'd it. Not hard at all.

Thursday - SPH3U1 [Physics]: THE FINAL BOSS OF EXAMS. It was the last exam AND the hardest. All that was needed was the epic boss battle music. Ohwell. Started the exam at 9:15. Ended at 11:15. In between, the exam was surprisingly easy, for the most part. I was somehow able to remember some of the things that I was never able to do back when we first learned it. But one thing I can never get is ACOUSTIC RESONANCE. I JUST DON'T GET IT. x-x Thankfully, there was only one acoustic resonance question on the exam, for which I only wrote the givens. u-u;

Aah, well. At least my exams are over. I can finally look forward to Photography class every morning in first period. Which I'ma probably own in, considering how well I'm hoping I did in Computer Arts class, and considering that my teacher for Photography class is the SAME AS COMPUTER ARTS CLASS. whut. >:3

Tomorrow, I may or may not go to Dude-DewlsCenter's house with a buncha other people. I dunno. It depends on whether I feel like it or not.
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I just got my 1111th pageview LOL.
uhm. who did it D:

...well, whoever it was, thank you! C:

...That will be all.
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o-o woah, i havn't written a journal entry here before...

i guess i'll make one now, just for the hell of it when i'm supposed to be doing homework right now >>.

hm. so i'm actually considering submitting some of my pictures here as prints.
To this, I ask any of you reading:

How many of you would actually buy prints by me?

Depending on how many answers I get, I'll try and be more active on here, as much as I can, anyway.

soo anyways~ i think i'm done here for now C:

EDIT: ...LOL 11:11. wow, what nice timing 8D;

EDIT #2: Well, I'll just put up one picture as a kind of... "trial run" for my prints...

Just Music is now up for sale! C:

and omg. i just realized i passed 1000 pageviews. THANK YOU SO MUCH, WHOEVER IT WAS : DDD