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The Mario Avengers

By Jay-Phenrix
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This was a poster i made recently for SOFA 2012 Convention at Bogota, Colombia. Only a few people were able to get a 33x45cm high resolution poster of this :). Anyone interested in a signed print of this, note me. Only 20 in stock.

Hope you liked it :)
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I see the Incredible Wario, Green Luigi, Iron Mario, Captain Toad, Black Daisy, Thorluigi and Pepper Peach. Together they represent the Smash-vengers!

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Mario and Avengers? My 2 favorite things! Nice job
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I'm not a fan of Marvel... But with Mario Bros characters, it's just epic !
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Iron Mario, Green Luigi, Thorluigi, Captain Toad, Black Daisy, The Incredible Wario and Pepper Peach.
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You mean Thor Waluigi. And what's Bowser supposed to be?

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Daisy is looking hot as everything!!
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Awesome. I wonder who can be the Guardians of the Galaxy?
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One word: awesome :love:.
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This was a epic win
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this is like an epic sandwich, I just took a bite out of it.....its delicious X3
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Who's peach supposed to be?
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Waluigi is Thor? Kickass!
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Waluigi as Thor? Waaaaahnerdful XD
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