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The Mario Avengers 2 - Age of Dry Bowser (WIP)

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It was about time! I was running late with this one!

Listening to www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIhX1O…

For newcomers...Who's who?

Mario - Iron Man
Luigi - War Machine (makes more sense!)
Peach - Pepper Pots/Rescue
Daisy - Black Widow
Toad - Captain America
Wario - Hulk
Waluigi - Hawkeye (fits better!)
Toadette - Scarlet Witch
Random toad - Quicksilver (he dies anyway...)
Yoshi - Jarvis Bot (Is he dead?...awesome side story)
Parakarry - Falcon
Rosalina - Thor (makes even MORE sense)
Toadsworth - Nick Fury
Random Female toad - Maria Hill (I was thinking of birdo, but meh...)
Dry Bowser - Ultron
Shy Guy, Piranha Plant, Koopa, Parakoopa and Goomba - Metal minions (random...)
Geno - Vision (yay!)
Donkey Kong - Hulkbuster armor (Not technically a Mario character per se, but makes perfect fit for me)

Its not done yet, however, I loved the sketch quality!
Should it be Age of Dry Bowser? I am open for suggestions!

Hope you all like it!
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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
Lifelight just got Avenger-fied.
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Thomas1171Professional Artist

Love the artwork

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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Get ready for Infinity War. It will be a blast.
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YourClairyGodmotherStudent General Artist
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trashbag-dudsHobbyist Artist
Poor rosalina
trashbag-duds's avatar
trashbag-dudsHobbyist Artist
Never mind I found her!
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Ph03n1x-Warr1or-ZHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonderful Super Mario Bros. interpretation of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  The sketch quality is awesome and full of energy, and the palette is rich and eye-catching.  In my opinion, the "Age of Dry Bowser" title works.  If you're still open to suggestions on changing the title, here are mine:
"Rise of Dry Bowser"
"Birth of Dry Bowser"
"Wrath of Dry Bowser"
"Dry Bowser's Wrath"
"Dry Bowser's Fury"
"Wrath of the Dry Emperor"
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ExxorD Writer
Geno portraying Vision makes perfect sense to me. xD
annonmyous's avatar
By any chance are you going to do one for Civil War?
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Who the hell is luigi
SonicPal's avatar
And who's going to play as Ant-Man, Black Panter and the Spider-Man for the Cival War?
JohnnyWatcher's avatar
I wish Peach was Thor :(

But that's ok :)
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Toadsworth as Nick Fury is too perfect!
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
That's cool stuff 
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Eternal-ApprenticeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... not sure how I feel about Rosalina being Thor. And I still think Mario would be better as Captain America with Luigi as the Winter Soldier. ;P 

Geno as Vision is a pretty rad idea, though! :D 
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I agree about Mario fitting better as Cap. America, and while I wouldn't object to Luigi being the Winter Soldier as it does make sense, I personally would have Luigi be Thor since he mastered the Thunderhand in Superstar Saga, and have Yoshi be the Winter Soldier since he's supposed to be Mario's best friend. As for Rosalina, I feel that she is more fit to be Scarlet Witch since the had somewhat similar powers.
Eternal-Apprentice's avatar
Eternal-ApprenticeHobbyist Traditional Artist
My logic with Luigi being Bucky is that he's the sidekick, then goes bad for a while through brainwashing (Mr. L/Winter Soldier) and then becomes a hero in his own right. In the idea I had, which included franchises present in Smash Bros, Link was Thor, since he better represents the mythology. 

I am not sure about Rosalina. My idea had her present as the Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four, but... eh, I'm not really feeling that idea now. 
Dounuts1998's avatar
I guess it's just the way someone interprets it. I personally never saw Luigi as Mario's side kick, but as his equal, but I can also easily see how other people do.
Eternal-Apprentice's avatar
Eternal-ApprenticeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Luigi was a sidekick at first. Then he became his own hero. That's how I see it, at least. 
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Rosalina as Thor is the best.
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Good lord, this is glorious. O:
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GenoForSmashStudent Artisan Crafter
i feel Smithy would fit as Thor better than Rosalina but it would really awesome if this crossover happened!!!
Jay-Phenrix's avatar
Jay-PhenrixProfessional Digital Artist
I am waiting for the infinity war release characters. Smithy fits perfectly as Thanos in my opinion. Rosalina is that god-like intergalactic character in the Mario series. That is why I believe it is a perfect match, also considering the fact that the new Thor is a female :) Thanks for the comment!
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