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Black Unicorn

By jaxxblackfox
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Inturpritation of a gothic style unicorn. I hate the new-age kind of unicorns, big white horse with a horn... that's SO a 20th century perversion of the mythology. Unicorns historically represented a lot of things including sodomy, death, distruction, wickedness, and the vices. They weren't always smiles and sunshine.

So, in honor of that long and sometimes dark history. Here's a black Uni'. My desperate attempt to break the mental and creative block I've been suffering for the last two weeks.

Art and character ©Tina Leyk. No touchie.
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© 2004 - 2020 jaxxblackfox
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Wonderful picture! I love It!!! Congratulation5   Stock Image by Alimera
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Amazing,really amazing!
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Is it okay if I use this as a reference pic for my character? I'll credit you in the description.
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This piece looks very familiar to another artist on DA.
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Neon Dragon has a Deviant Art account too. It just looks very close if tilted a bit.
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I know Neon Dragon. They drew that image a year after I drew mine. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some inspiration there given we know each other's work.
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cool. maybe Neon will comment one day.
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I really like the Gothic interpretation, but I can get behind a noble, powerful creature too. Just not the sunshine and rainbows version. If it gives you cavities by its presence, you're doing it wrong.
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Gorgeous - I love the elegance of the pose, and the way you've made it more like a deer than a horse in some ways :) The tail design is also wonderful - amazing work :clap:
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Kind of reminds me of Taiki, from Twelve Kingdoms... I really like this though, it's beautiful..
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I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is...
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Once the most beautiful picture of a unicorn I've ever sen  
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SO COOL!!! Would make an awesome tattoo
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I love him, can't help but be reminded of all the other mythological creatures who have been warped through time. He's amazing I hope he did help with your creative block because he's just too good.
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I feel you on the whole horse with a horn crap with pwetty rainbows.
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Hello! - I would like to feature your beautiful image in an article about unicorns on this blog: [link] - The article is scheduled to appear on Wednesday 20 February.
I will credit you of course, and link back to your DA gallery.

Please let me know if this is *not* ok with you! cheers, frodo-lives
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Your image has been featured here: [link] -- thank you! :flowerpot:
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I really wanna be this beautiful creature now..:)
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i love your unicorn and every time i look at it i feel so inspired
to draw a unicorn.
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This is wow... Just amazing! I agree, the unicorns that are simply a horse with a horn is, well, the word that comes to my mind is corny. Keep up the great work! (do you do commissions?)
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Unfortunately, no. I don't take commissions currently.
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