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Barefootliam, Brushed Twice

These images are from scans of "The Earth" by Bona Dea, a public-domain piece that's freaking ANCIENT... and very zodiacal. It's a nifty. * barefootliam provided the imagery, go thank him.

If you use these brushes, please put credit and a link to either * barefootliam or I. If he protests, link to him twice! *giggles evilly, an impressive feat*
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not working would love
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hey, cool, this is a really fun idea! :-)

Original image at [link]
Actually the original scan is over 9 MBytes in PNG, at 1600x2800 pixels (400dpi) and is not on the Web, but I'll gladly share it on request. I found a text description in the book, and transcribed it (linked from above link). I also linked to this page from the image.


PS: if you're going to kick me, please take off your boots first.
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But, but BOOTS!

*pouts muchly... takes off her boots... puts 'em back on* Bah. Leather GOOD.
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but you can't beat the submissiveness of kneeling barefoot :-)

(er... beat</>?)