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ValliStart - Start menu replacement


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A rainmeter skin which replaces the start menu. For real.

Windows search ● Smooth animations ● Fully functional control center ● Customizable hotkeys ● Pinned shortcuts ● Music player

This skin replaces the default windows start menu with an animated, fancy control center. This skin provides 8 different color schemes for you to use, and have 15+ customization options for you to play with! By default the skin overrides the Win hotkey, you can choose to turn this off. This doesn't override the start button though.

Note: Display configuration doesn't sync between users. States are stored locally.

Change log:
2.95 - Fixed desync issue with the start button and added custom position options
2.9 - Modules should no longer clip the bottom section of the skin, Revoked taskbar shower to preserve performance, Shortcuts are now stored as code.
2.8 - You can now customize up to 3 modules to be shown
2.75 - You can now use the windows button to activate ValliStart, but this is limited by how the taskbar is configurated. Autohidden taskbars and centered start buttons are not supported for now. Sorry.
2.7 - Fixed weather module not responding, added mute action to volume icon
2.6 - Features update. Read the patch notes or join the discord server for update notifications. The weather module uses AJ-Dekkers's weather measure code, credits to him!
2.4 - Fixed inconsistency with Type to search
2.3 - Type to search + Hide monitors layout
2.1 - Fixed missing plugins
© 2021 JaxOriginals
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Install RainMeter because it probally requires it

Dude. When i download it it becomes a rmskin file. What should i do?

what you have to do is install the rainmeter and it will appear to open with, and the new rainmeter will appear, you click on the icon and that's it.

Добрый вечер, Так будет всегда. Его нужно установить через Rainmeter / SkinInstaller, который лежит в папке с программой. После чего расширение .rmskin зарегистрируется в системе и станет узнаваемым. В описании к скину вверху есть видео, там есть несколько подсказок и ссылки под видео на Rainmeter. Если нужно я сниму для тебя видео сам.

Добрый вечер. Это самое потрясающее и неповторимое меню пуск что я видел. Отдельное спасибо за смену аудио устройств по умолчанию. Работает супер, есть пару вопросов и пожеланий. У меня иногда слетает тема акриловая и он становится полупрозрачным как на None. Но это не так страшно. Будут ли добавляться второй ряд приложений? Хотелось бы изменять громкость колесом мыши, добавление шкалы громкости микрофона с таким же переключением: микшер — микрофон. И если я использую два модуля то внизу остается пустое место можно ли его сделать ещё меньше? И вопрос по кнопке LOGOUT что она должна делать? Прошу прощения если повторюсь за кем-то или слишком много или я чего-то не понимаю, но надеюсь мои пожелания найдут отклик. Спасибо большое)


hey i got this error. the screen keep stopping at this and it wont continue

Is it possible to make the start menu have a way for media control for youtube, such as skipping tracks and pausing?

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Choose Spotify for the music player and install the webnowplaying plugin for your browser.

ometimes, whenever I open it and start searching, the first letter doesn't actually register in the search mean, so if I search "settings" it actually comes up as "ettings"

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There's a delay between the initialisation of the start menu, don't press 2 keys together and it should work

how to download this

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Hey, man. I love this skin so much! Thank you!

Btw is there a way to make the skin stay on left top when using the "corner" start location? I use my taskbar location on the top of the screen. I tried to drag the skin but it's gonna back to the original place when i refresh the skin

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There are currently no ways for custom location. Ill add that in the future!

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Thank you! Can't wait!

Also, is there a way to make "WebPlayNow" and "NowPlaying" plugins runs simultaneously? I mean 1 more media module to show on the skin. Because i use "WebPlayNow" on my browser and "NowPlaying" for my MusicBee player

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There is a way, but I don't plan on adding that in favour of performance. SideNote, a skin called unplayed has that feature!

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I see. I use WebNowPlaying and NowPlaying plugins for my song details grabber. But the only thing i did just put the scripts in 1 ".ini" file, copy-paste for each player and then change the"Plugin=..."

Here's how they look when i played different music both on my browser and MusicBee at the same time

It's not pretty but it works lol

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I have a question, does this skin remove de Start Menu?

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It replaces it, it doesn't remove it completely

I run my laptop on 1440p with 150% scaling and the start menu is very blurry and big, it's fine when I switch too 100% scaling though. Is there any fix to this?

where do I add the shortcuts to when I go to core data and then Valli start file I have 2 folders in there called Icon cashe and another called if I try add anything in there it doesn't work. The folder doesn't have Config and jaxcore in it

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