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QuickNote - Quick access notepad


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A quick access notepad, which you can use it as a wdiget or summon it by either dragging from the top left corner of the screen or by a hotkey press.

Smooth animations ● Easy row manipulation ● Multiple pages ● Add and remove rows ● Color schemes ● Easy customization

A quick note skin to improve your productivity. QuickNote allows easy row manipulation and comes with some smooth transitional animations included. It also has a built-in checklist feature which you can use to make a to-do list. You have access to 5 different slots for saving your notes. You can also choose between a custom hotkey and dragging from the top-left corner of your screen to summon the skin.

Change log:
1.3 - You can now use number keys to quickly edit rows, Press tab to switch to the next line, Fixed bool buttons not responding
1.15 - fixed widget mode dropdown position
1.1 - You can now use the skin as a widget, making it stay on the desktop!
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can you get checklist function to work? no matter how often I click the circle next to a note it does not get checked (orange).


First time user of Rainmeter today.. setting up some things and when I would activate this notepad it would be on my screen briefly, then it would 'minimize' and disappear.. no matter what I could not get it to stay put.. It also does not allow me to drag it anywhere.

I have had success with other skins you have, but not this one

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This is meant to be a quick access notepad, so it doesn't say on the desktop. you can however make it stay by turning on the widget mode.

I'd honestly really love if I could use this skin like a general notepad. It would help with my workflow a lot if I could, for instance, copy something and paste it into the notepad with just one hand. As it stands I have to copy -> open quicknote -> click a row -> paste -> enter -> click off. I'd prefer something like copy -> open quicknote -> click a row -> paste -> tab (row is saved and auto-closes quicknote), or even better have a mode with no rows and just copy -> open quicknote -> paste -> alt-tab like notepad or something.

there's other notepad skins for rainmeter that work like that but this is the only one I found with the nice auto-hide feature that it has. As it stands, having used it for a bit, notepad is faster to use than this.

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Those are some fantastic suggestions! I'll see what I can do...

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Awesome work! Though I didn't get it to work as it is in your video. The note does not resize, buttons don't do anything. Cannot click on the Lines button for options. Color schemes does not work. If widget is dissabled it disapears. If I am lucky I can write in the to do list. Cannot be colored in/tickmarked either. x.x

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they all seems like to be path problems. Make sure you didn't do anything to the skin path and make sure your username doesn't contain special characters that aren't in unicode

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I dont know how to update pathing or anything. This was the way it was upon installing, raw. Is there a way I can check it manually? (ah and my computer username or any username, has no special characters)

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Amazing work bro,

Pretty sure, Jax is gonna be the best modern Rainmeter Skin making guy!


As what a previous guy said, how would I go about moving this to my second screen?

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You can just drag it to the 2nd screen with widget mode. there isn't a way to do this with the default mode though

How can I put this to my second desktop?

can you make a emoji keyboard like windows 10 but with windows 11 3d emoji

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Unfortunately no. Sorry.

ok but what you are now working on now

IdleStyle I think

Thanks. I really like it. However, most times while trying to highlight a row so I can add an entry, it doesn't click. Any help?

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Do you mind heading over to discord and debug it there instead? There's a limit on how efficient the help provided here is, thanks!

What Version is Jax core @JaxOriginals

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The current latest is v03633

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the skin is incredible I would like it to be fixed on my right side and not only on the left

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Adding this for v1.2! :clap:

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