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Keystrokes v1.3


Keystrokes github 

Keystrokes overlay with mouse accelerometer.

RGB ● CPS ● Mouse ● Reactive ● Full keyboard / WASD

I've always wanted to have the Keystrokes Mod from Minecraft on different games, so I made this skin.

There is 2 hotkeys for this skin: Toggle visibly and toggle dragging. Simple enough
You can customize key colors, pressed modifiers and the layout of the keys. 
By default, the key colors are RGB. You can turn this off in the Core, as usual. 

JaxCore3 (Included)

1.2 - Customization for whole keyboard layout
1.1 - Fixed skin not working for portable installations

Mouse accelerometer might not work for some games which lock mouse movement.
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i'd love having spacebar + mouse added to the fullboard setting.

how do I turn them off?

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From core or Win + K

Can you have keyboard editor with mouse?

Would it be possible to have layout editor with the ability to detect gamepad inputs?

This is actually really cool, but is there any way I can toggle the opacity for the keystrokes? I don't know how.

Can I add more keystrokes? Like the numpad, directional arrows, spacebar, etc

it is compatible for bedrock?

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This works for any game, not limited to Minecraft. though since Minecraft is a mouse-locking game, the mouse part of the skin would fail to function.

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This is the best skin EVER!

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This is what I was searching a long while ago!

Got it now!


what is the font name?

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Takota, customizable though

OwO minecraft gaming lets go

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Simple and Awesome 🔥

Loving the update, thank you so much for letting me know about it! I have one last hope for this which would make it perfect, would be to add functionality for customization of the letters for the gaming version, as well as simply adding the mouse function to the full-board!

The only other thing that would make this unbeatable is the ability to change where the mouse component is! :D

Thanks so much for all your work, the whole system is great!

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Awesome design. :)

can you make windows 11 start menu rainmeter skin that exactly look like windows 11 for windows 10 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee make

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love this sooooooooooooooooooo much, but one problem, it doesnt work in full-screen.

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Sadly you can't do that to fullscreen games, maybe try setting your game's window mode to windowed fullscreen

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ok, ill try it.

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i cant install core 3

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