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Keylaunch 1.45


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Skins like these aren't easy to create - support me by buying me a cup of coffee on kofi!
Hotkey launcher with fancy animations

Increase productivity ● Fancy animations ● Full frames ● Quick setup

Ever wanted to launch apps quickly without having to move your mouse to the taskbar or search for it on your desktop? Well now you can launch apps easily with just a press of a hotkey! The applications list is extremely easy to setup, just click add and use the quick start to autofill all the application details! You can even add custom actions and change the name / icon of the application! There are a total of 4 types of animation, you can choose which one you want to suit your needs.

If you have trouble setting up anything please visit my discord or read the setup guide on the github page

JaxCore 00034 or above (If you already have the Core, please update to the latest version)

1.45 - Moved icons to CoreData. Please re-add your shortcuts for the icons to apply.
1.3 - One additional animation style + option to change names to full capital letters
1.2 - Added screen index selector
1.1 - Fixed admin apps crash / generic crash (TBC)

Please turn on hardware acceleration for rainmeter in order to view the animation smoothly.
© 2021 JaxOriginals
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Pleeese help me!!!

This is the best program I have ever seen and it will change my life forever but unfortunately this problems

happened to me :

Capture dcran (3)
Capture dcran (4)
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Hey there! Middle click the top right icon on the first panel to close it, but I don't know the reason for the 2nd issue. Do you mind heading over to discord and debug it there instead? There's a limit on how efficient the help provided here is, thanks!

hello, so i have 2 monitors, and the animations appear on the secondary monitor, any help?

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Try changing the monitor index in the appearance settings

Is there anyway I can run rainmeter Bangs with this? When I input `["!LoadLayout "mainLayout""]`, it just doesnt get applied.

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It should work if you just enter !LoadLayout "mainlayout".

Make sure you're on the latest version of Core, because if you aren't it might not work.

You're right, I updated core and it works perfectly, thanks!

very nice thanks for sharing 👍

i can’t install jaxcore3 it says Error : failed attempt to launch program or document ):

pls help me i closed the app and i cant open it again and i want to change somthing

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open the rainmeter manage panel and load #JaxCore\Main\Home make sure to add a shortcut in the home page pin icon for easy access

I cant resize the home page of it pls tell how to do it

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try going to `#JaxCore\@Resources\Includes\Window.ini` and change `Set.W` and `Set.H` to desired size. For the scaling go to `#JaxCore\ @Resources\` and change the Formula of `Set.S`

how to open the keylaunch settings back i.e the app to manage stuff

btw nice one i like it so much!!

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Open the #JaxCore\Main skin in the rainmeter manage panel, for future launchers you can add a shortcut on a desktop with the shortcut button on the home page.

oh works thanks!! :]

When i download it,it says it cannot open or one is already installed but it isnt if it was then why would i come here to download again.

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Please provide more details, or join the discord server for additional support.

Omg I absolutely liiiiiike this app !!! Is there any chance you can upload this without trojan inside??

Thank you.

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No idea what that means. The skin contains an ahk.exe file which allows execution of AHK files without the installation of AHK itself.

It shows up on my taskbar but i cant actually get it to appear

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what doesn't appear?

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