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JaxCore - Season 2


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Skins like these aren't easy to create - support me by buying me a cup of coffee on kofi!
The long wait is over - Core Season 2 is now available to public! :happybounce: 
Built completely with Rainmeter, JaxCore is an advanced hub for my skins. Core provides easy access to configuration, updates and new releases. Start your adventure of customization and fanciness right here in the Core!

Season 2 marks a new beginning - I've redesigned the core to further space out things and make it easier to navigate, added spotlights to highlight the most interesting skins, and added suites to allow users to easily choose between setups.

Credit to these awesome people who made these plugins and scripts!
© 2021 JaxOriginals
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When I launch it, the JaxOriginals Logo Thing stays on the screen:

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Seems to be an older version of other skins, not Core. Try downloading that skin's latest version. If you still encountered problems, please head over to discord.

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When I trying to download JaxCore home.ini, appears empty window like post at bottom. Log spamming by this: Script: LuaTween/Main.lua:79: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'prevTime' (a nil value)

That's my fault or server-client? Previous version of Jax Core loading normally. Ver. of Rainmeter: 4.5.4, Win 11.


download jaxcore

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middle click the top right icon to skip this.

it didnt work. when i midle click it shows wararining and nothing happens

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What is the warning?

'ActionList3' is currently running (#JaxCore\Accessories\Tour\Main.ini - [LoadActions])

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Launch the skin `#Jaxcore\Accessories\Tour\Skip\Main.ini, if there isn't such skin, make sure youre on latest.

it is lauched and it doesntt work

i updated my rainmeter yesterday

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yeah, mine too :(

Unable to create skin, but why?

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If you are unable to install the skin, you might have folders protected which prevents rainmeter from installing any skin.

Is there a possibility you could make this work on Windows 8.1?

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Yes. I'll push an update later.

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amazing ! 😍

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This is Huge!

Amazing work dude :la:

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This is amazing! The work you've put into it is phenomenal. :wow:

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