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Ever since there's been a huge controversy as to why Mushu is not featured in the live-action version of Mulan, I decided to re-draw a scene featuring this little fella in the original cartoon movie because he was one of my fav characters when I watched it as a kid looong ago. I don't get why they would just scrap him like that....Disney pffff....

Anyway, gotta watch the movie again some day and revive old childhood memories! :)

Mushu (C) Disney
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Probably looking for work else where.
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Mushu thinking: Good luck when this film gets overwhelming reviews. This film is nothing without me, Shang, Cri-kee or songs.

I loved this one.

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Mushu: Too bad that they didn't call me to take part in new remake!

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He looks bored with the ancestors bickering.

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They wasted a great opportunity to have Kevin Hart as Mushu.

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So the live action Mulan didn't go well. Not only is it hated by both American and Chinese audiences but filming in contested areas and thanking Chinese agencies responsible for muslum concentration camps in China in the credits of the movie have caused American media to criticize them, Chinese media to be banned from talking about the movie, American politicians to debate passing laws to punish Disney and stop filming in sensitive areas, and Chinese politicians to be enraged for bringing attention to their unethical practices.

This one movie is hated by people in two different counties literally top to bottom.

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A coincidence that he was in my dream of Oliver and company as a Halloween special
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He is a lovely source of entertainment for sure

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Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!

This single quote destroys 2020 version. Nice job!

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Thank you!

I couldn't have said it any better, it's indeed a shame given what they have done with this gem...

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Right?! They say to make the 2020 version as real as possible and then they put a witch and a phoenix. Pfffft

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Yeah, it's terrible. They deserve the backlash
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They absolutely do!

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