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Hey everybody!

Its been a really long time, i know i know!
Haven't upload anything for a whiiiiilee.

Since january 2011 im working at mediamonks >
Been working on really cool online campaigns!

Yesterday i was working on some experimental stuff and i thought it would be nice to share it with you.

I posted it on dribbble and will also upload it here on deviantart (tomorrow probablly)

Check it out:

I wanted to create a hyper realistic painting effect.

Hope u guys like it!
Been a long time!


I've been so busy last months, it was really insane, my final project took almost all the time and inspiration I had in me.
On wednesday the 7th of april I have to hand in all the work I did for this project and then I'm as good as done!
I wasn't be able to work for clients or do personal work. which really sucks because thats one of the main things I love to do!

I'd like to thank all the people who supported me and gave me these awesome llama badges!!!
Recently I also reached the 200.000 pageviews! It went so fast.

Thanks everybody!! I hope to get back on the track soon.


Luuk -
Hey guys!

Last wednesday (3rd of february) was my birthday, it wasn't that special but i'd like to thank everybody who thought about me!
Tonight I'll have a birthday party and go to another party, so it will be a good weekend.

I'd like to thank everybody who commented and viewed my microsoft work. It was viewed 4600 times in just one day!! I had 50 new watchers in one day.. Which is insane. Thanks for the support!!!

Check out the new canvas work I have In my room! :

Thanks people! havea great time!!

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I would love to thank everybody for the amazing support last years, they've been really great.
Without you I wouldnt be this far, and no its not cliché.

Because of you, people still come to my page, they see my work in your favourites and they take a look.

This week I reached the 3000th watchers, which are 3006 now.
It's just amazing how many people added me to their watch list, and im thankful for that!

Now I'm having vacation im still pretty busy with freelance work, Im working on a flyer for a party, a website and 2 illustrations for a magazine.

Last week I had my assessment, I had to show my school-file, A teacher who doesnt even know me said I have to do something else then my style. He say I can only do one thing, which is non-sense because I did also a lot of corporate stuff.
He also told me: You think you're the king.. but only of a really small kingdom, It really had me laughing.
It was quiet fun, I thought I would learn something since this is my examn year, but I guess not haha.

I wish y'all the best!! have a nice and warm christmas! I know I will:hug:
Keep it up! And a fresh start for 2010!!

Best wishes,

Luuk Vermeyden

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Hey people!

I made some photos of my school file! You can check them on my flickr account:…

YOU can check it out on this website</u>
Simply click on "Preview book!". you can also buy it. (all the text is dutch)


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New piece! call for votes.

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2009, 3:29 AM
Hey everybody!

Yesterday I've uploaded a new piece, i made it for the eyeka contest.
I hope you all could check it out and maybe vote for it.
I'll get exposure and adidas gear, the deadline is 24th of november.

You can view the deviation here:
Be unstoppable by JaxeNL

And be sure to check it out on the eyeka website too!
Be Unstoppable on

This site is really cool and maybe also interesting for you!



My Work
Golden Ratio by JaxeNL Forgotten Ideas by JaxeNL
Cameras don't lie by JaxeNL Poetry in Motion by JaxeNL
Gold Dust by JaxeNL Rotterdam 2009 by JaxeNL
La gear ad by JaxeNL Overdose Art by JaxeNL

180.000 pageviews, school file done!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 18, 2009, 1:23 AM
Hey everybody!

I just want to thank you all for the support, ive been really busy last months with school and internship.
Recently I've reached the 180.000 pageviews, which is great! I also got almost 3000 watchers, I need 76 more people.

My school "internship" file got 182 pages and I've sended it to and I hope to have it next week.. It has a hardcover imagewrap, and 1st of december i have a presentation about my file.

I hope you all are good,



My Work
Golden Ratio by JaxeNL Forgotten Ideas by JaxeNL
Cameras don't lie by JaxeNL Poetry in Motion by JaxeNL
Gold Dust by JaxeNL Rotterdam 2009 by JaxeNL
La gear ad by JaxeNL Overdose Art by JaxeNL

Hey people!!

Sorry for letting you all wait so long, but its coming close!!
Here are some previews for you guys! :D
This work is 64x47 cm 300DPI, so lovely as a print!

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

So keep an eye on your deviant watch list!!

Just finishing some latest touches and effects :D
Coming up with a "case studie" on behance and wallpaper sizes!


Luuk / Jaxe
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Hey people!
Recently i've been pretty busy with internship, im now intern at Mediamonks in Hilversum (yes, where Msch was too)
Im working on a few pieces and hopefully I can finish them soon and upload them here..
I recently made an album digipack design, and I might upload it here soon too!

Whats up with you guys? anything new?
I hope all good!

Keep it  up!

Luuk, jaxe
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Hellooooooooooooo everybody!!
Im still in croatia on some sucky computer with slow internet.
The weather is so great but after 3 long weeks its getting a bit boring, most of my friends left already.. so thats a pitty..

I just see after 3 weeks I have a subscription..
WHO BOUGHT ME ONE?? LOL because I have only 4 days left so i cant even enjoy it :P

Anyway, im coming home next friday and I really miss my girlfriend! :(

check out
I got 2 works in it.
hope you all like! ;D

cya guys!! have fun!
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Sorry guys, I'm leaving...

Croatia is waiting for me, im going on holiday for 4 weeks.. so I won't be online.
Too bad I couldn't upload that much! I got lot of amazing client work that I can't upload yet :(

Also Desktopography is coming up soon!
I made 2 pieces for your lovely desktop! :D
So I can't upload it on the release.. DA should make an upload "Timer" so you can submit something while you're not at home haha.

Im going to miss my baby.. :heart:

Everybody have a great summer!

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Subscription over

And today my subscription will be gone.
So i'll be unsubscribed, which isnt that bad, since no one bought my prints anyway.

- Sorry for not updating much, my internship just finished, had to do lot of stuff, and its my 3rd day at work.
It's going pretty good at the moment, can't wait for the summer vacation, too bad I won't see my gf for 4 weeks! :|

It's almost her Birthday!
Her Birthday is 26th of June.

peace guys&girls!

:iconbombshelll: bombshelll

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FR advanced photoshop! subscription! internship!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2009, 1:13 AM
French advanced photoshop

My work overdose Art is on the cover of the french advanced photoshop! :D
Advanced on FACEBOOK
Check it out! and become a fan! :D

Subscription almost over.

Been subscribed for one year! thanks to jk3y for buying my last one!

I will not Buy a subscription now, since its almost vacation and im going away for 4 weeks.

Last internship day

Wooow! today is my last official internship day @ ARA!! BUT I'll be working here for 3 more weeks :D to finish some projects :D


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Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2009, 11:03 AM
150,000 pageviews

I didn't checked out my pageviews for a while, and I just log in to deviantart and see I got exact 150,000 pageviews!
I would like to thank everybody who support & watch me!
Just thanks!!


Updates and microsoft

Been pretty busy lately, finished a clients website
I had a lot of trouble with their hosting since it was a windows server.. all my php codes were fucked up.

My new client at internship is Microsoft, and the works im making are gonna be lovely! Hopefully I can show something to you all soon!

cover french advanced photoshop

The dutch advanced photoshop was already a blast! had a lot of great replies from people!

but NOW My work "overdose Art" will be the new cover of the french advanced photoshop!
Overdose Art by JaxeNL

so for all the french people, get them when its in the stores!!


I had a exhibition here in rotterdam, 5 of my works were printed on canvas! 2 works on 70x100 cm
and 3works on 50x70 cm! and they came out lovely!
Check them out:

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Twitter, sick

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 28, 2009, 8:16 AM
Twitter and stuff

To everybody who use Twitter and who would like to add me,
I just try to update it now and then, No I don't have a fancy iPhone.

I've been really sick since last monday (20th), Had a Flu, lol hopefully not the pig flu! untill today, i feel kinda better, and hopefully i can go to work tomorrow.

You like fishsticks?

Have fun in Poland baby! cya in a week.
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Thanks! new work, favourites, art rage

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2009, 6:45 AM

140,000 pageviews!!

Hey everybody!
I want to thank you all for your support, views, watching, comments!
My work "poetry in motion" received over 83,000 views, 3000 favs and 850 comments!
Poetry in Motion by JaxeNL

As most of you have seen I uploaded a new artwork "Camera's dont lie"
Cameras don't lie by JaxeNL

Recently ive been working with ArtRage! and its so awesome :D
Im definitly going to use it more in the future!
if you dont know what im talking about, check:…
(please dont use it)

Thanks to my lady who always supports me!

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Sorry sorry!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2009, 6:46 AM

Sorry guys, been really really busy last weeks with internship and freelance work.
BUT!! good news, theres some new work coming up ;) so keep an eye on your deviations!!

How have you all been?

WE ARE TOMORROW, but today we rule..

My baby


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2009, 10:08 AM

Anyone likes guitar hero??
Here is Jam legend! an online guitar hero simulator, you can invite, duel and challenge friends 1 on 1 or join a group to beat others :D
Its really fun!!
Join it! and add me as a friend :D

peace out!

My baby

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My work in Advanced photoshop 54

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2009, 7:33 AM
Advanced photoshop 54

In december I got contacted by image publishing with an urgent request for a feature page.
So I was already sitting on the top of my chair while reading that. I was really excited!

So, if you live in the UK or do you know an shop that sells the ENGLISH advanced photoshop.. BUY BUY BUY!
You can also buy it through their website…

New work soon (hopefully)

Just bought a new stock, so hopefully i can do something with it soon!

My baby

Thanks, DD, Gold dust print.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2009, 7:37 AM


today I got a DD on GOLD DUST:
Gold Dust by JaxeNL

I would like to thank :iconerikshoemaker: for the suggestion, and :iconsander-seto: for the Feature!
And thanks to everybody for the favs, I just cant comment on them now, since im at internship and really busy :(

peace out!

Check out some of ErikShoemaker's work:
20th Century Feast by ErikShoemaker Blackout by ErikShoemaker SlashTHREE Dynamite by ErikShoemaker

Mature Content

An Odd World: Rebirth by ErikShoemaker

My baby

Loving Pink by bombshelll K.I.K. by bombshelll
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