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August 9, 2009
"Never saw a fresh Wallpaper in a while till I saw The Escape by ~JaxeNL . The use of colorful lines and his eye for detail serious makes this a lovely fresh summer looking wallpaper! Also check is whole gallery! Seriously amazing!"
Featured by Destin8x
Suggested by Espador
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The Escape

The Escape.

My piece for

The exhibition of this year is really great in my opinion. lot of great artists who made this look so wonderful!

Go to the desktopography site here, and download it there.

please do not modify or use this work anywhere without my permission.

All stocks from

original photo i've used: [link]
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is beautiful.
ahmedhashish's avatar
SaimGraphics's avatar
Lovely Lovely Lovely.......
Sipper-Paws's avatar
Nice c:

*makes background*
NoorAlfurqan's avatar
K-Melodyx's avatar the wallpaper that i can see more than 10.000 times and i still love it :D good job
Brenna1976's avatar
Awsome view! Looks like ur flying urselves :) well deserved DD!
pepper87's avatar
so amazing man woooow!! much inspiration to my brain!!
MattJayD's avatar
I've used this wallpaper for months now, absolutely in love with it. Just came across your work through a friends favourites, and I'm glad it was you that was the creator of this. Great job and great gallery!
mQN92's avatar
Hy I have used this picture in one of my Youtube videos are you allright with that?
mQN92's avatar
sry skip that "please do not modify or use this work anywhere without my permission." by mistake, will set it as not public till i got your permission.
Gulka001's avatar
wonderful, really nice, i like it
Kebarzivo's avatar
This is just great.
asedefe's avatar
As the brothers look to the design or the next time I will feel relieved that I think I need to go on a vacation: P
zoeymykitty's avatar
Reminds me of St.Thomas Virgin Islands :D
FourMindz's avatar
thats such a lovely work! eveything is perfect about it, DD totally worth!
Mthaa's avatar
this one is damn cool
JaxeNL's avatar
thanks a lot!
eternalrabbit's avatar
this is so incredible :jawdrop:
JaxeNL's avatar
thank you very much!
holyghost42's avatar
JaxeNL's avatar
thanks alot!
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