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Programata Magazine



Programata Magazine Illustration - Change your program.
A double page illustration project developed in collaboration between myself, Luuk Vermeyden and Rodrigo Francisco from Brazil, and Bulgaria's Nikolay Vanchev, for the Programata Magazine, baded in Bulgaria.

This is not new work, it's done in february.

This is just one version I worked most on, the second illustration got elements and the background from me in it.

Stock from:

This was an unknown collab haha, we didnt even knew that we both worked on it

~typefunk // ~dremDDl // =JaxeNL
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Layout wise: Every thing drives me to the middle point layout kind of style, like the internal perspective of one point. So I will trace the elements based on eye movement, which always attached to these strong lines goes to the middle. The music notes needs to look more interesting to please the eye while it surf them, a poor grediant wouldn't do it, cause these music tones are taking bigger space in compare to other elements around him, I think the mic which is attached to a very dynamic line needs to look more interesting too.
If we divide the visual to 2 equal spaces vertically, and see the balance between your elements, I find the knife makes a non balanced feel to my eye, in compare to that element which throws orange liquid, it is curvy, and it has a high contrast in tonal values and dynamic lines. while the knife is sharp edged, static and poor in color, i think it has taken too important placement to what it really deserves.. Also the wires attached to 2 mics are drawing a very dynamic shape, which is helping them to come to front by contrasting with the solid lines at backgrounds which we agreed the eye would feel them any one because of the composition layout, this knife doesn't break the sharp lines with them.. and it looks like a piece of background came to front.

the interesting liquid moving 3 visual elements which are giving me a feel they float around him, are well rendered and having a strong color, I wished for the music notes to has the same quality in render.

In general the dynamic strong lines which are pink and orange sometimes, and black ( as the mic wires ) are giving a strong dynamic feel and look to the image and it brings these elements to stand out and frame the guy in a way that is not less than pleasing to the eyes, but the render managment of these lines needs from you to double think about it.. for an example I wished if they mess with that cinema box near the right hand of the guy more than just 2 lines.. and I wished for them to play a little more with the pop corn. and it plays good with the vinyl by the way.