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Pieces of life, desktopography


It's out!
desktopography 2008, amazing Nature based wallpaper from great designers.

Click download to download more version of the wallpaper, or check out

Have fun!!

Photoshop, No C4D or other 3D shizzle
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wow,.. this is brilliant :) xD i love it... no 3d what so ever? you sir are a genius :) gr8 idea :) x
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wonderful , my favorite wallpaper
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so beautiful, I love it :)
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No C4D or other 3D shizzle

En toch vette fx ;)
Ik heb alleen nog 1 verbeterpuntje:
Dat voorste rode puzzelstukje is net iets te vaag,, het verpest een beetje de diepte ;)
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its so artistics!
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Puzzle pieces are very important to me. I really like this.
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thank you very much i am glad y ou like it!
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ok alot of your work should be on a t shirt or something i'd buy it.
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a lot of my T-shirts are on [link] under the name "jaxe".

mines are:
- Grow up
- pretrified II
- Monsters of Ink
- Swing around the beanstalk.

I also have my latest T-shirt design printed on [link]
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so you do have t-shirts? nice! are any of them in stores or do you buy them of the enternet or something?
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yeah they are on the site i've sended you lately..
it is: [link]

I got like 5 of my own tshirts at home :)
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....Sweet work....Nice 3d effect..... It needs a lil work in terms of the reflections of the shapes on the water. Instead of lookin like they're reflected on it, in most cases they look like there are shapes coming up from underneath the water. Dont kno if thats wat u were goin for, just thought i'd point it out, if rectified would make this work even more superb. but like i said Sick.
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thanks a lot, yeah the reflection was damn difficult, i didnt really know what to do with it.
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thank you very much! i rlly appreciate that!
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I Have this one on my notebook :D
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haha awesome :D thx
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OMFreakinWrd!!!!! I totally didn't realize you only used photoshop and illustrator in this!!!!!! :-O

Your a genius. Nuff said.
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whahaha, well it's true :D :P
thank you!
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